Corfu Holidays 2024/2025

Corfu is an intriguing island on the west side of Greece. Sharing a climate with the Italians, but a culture with the Greeks, holidays to Corfu have a unique atmosphere that combines humid green landscapes, luscious forests and golden beaches with backgammon, ouzo and a slow-paced lifestyle.

Corfu Holiday Deals

A historic island

The island of Corfu is one of the most loved in Greece, possibly because it really is one of a kind. Situated so close to Italy that it shares a climate with them, many Greeks joke that it isn’t really a Hellenic island at all. However, the culture is true to its homeland with the same laid-back attitude, strong sense of hospitality and incredible culinary traditions.

Historical Corfu has quite a story behind it. Once occupied by the Venetians, the fortified capital city withstood three Ottoman Empire sieges, and throughout the island the pride in their regional heritage is clear. You’ll see all sorts of beautiful chapels, castles and ruins on your way between beaches and pools, cities and villages. If you’re looking for a Greek holiday on a budget, consider going to Corfu All Inclusive for all the beauty, history and culture you could want without breaking the bank.

Holidays in Corfu


Eating out the Corfiot way

Corfu’s fertile landscape has harnessed the warm climate to grow bigger, juicier and tastier ingredients than other Greek islands and sharing the weather of neighbouring Italy provides incredible fruit and veg. However, the tavernas in Corfu stick to their traditional Greek recipes, and the results are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. On holiday to Corfu, be sure to try new flavours and new dishes to get the full experience.

Every single resort on the island has its own selection of Corfiot restaurants to choose from, and authentic, family-owned establishments welcome you in with great local wines and tasty specials. Gouvia and Pelekas undoubtedly lead the way, however, with Pelekas’ Sunset Restaurant atop Kaiser’s Throne considered by many to be the best restaurant on the island.

If it’s international cuisine you’re looking for then Corfu TownKavos and Aghios Georgios North are your best bets. The capital city has the higher class affairs, with fusion food, pizzerias and reputable chefs. Whereas the more tourist-heavy resorts will do you all the home comforts – a Sunday roast or full English – as well as a curry or even a Chinese takeaway.

Bronzing on the beaches

As one of the larger Greek islands, Corfu has more beaches than many of its neighbours. A trip around the island will take you from busy Blue Flag award-winners to cosy secret coves or nudist havens. However you like to enjoy the seaside, it’s guaranteed to be covered on this island.

For those who love an exciting beachside getaway with water sports, Aghios Georgios North is one of the largest strips of sand, and has water-skiing opportunities and para-sailing up for grabs. Kavos too, as the home of young clubbing culture in Corfu, has plenty of opportunities to speed across the surface of deep blue.

If you’re a more laid-back type then Corfu holidays may still be the one for you. If you just want to settle down with your book and sun yourself, then Nissaki should be top of your list. Its white pebbled beach is small and understated, with an accompanying village and handful of tavernas that serve excellent local dishes.

How to party on the island

For nightlife in Corfu you’ll find that every village, town and resort has its own offerings, from karaoke to traditional Greek dances. However, if you’re looking for a real blow-out then there are two main contenders. Kavos is the first, which is the crazy youth festival that rages all summer long. For cheap drinks, clubs and boat parties, Kavos can’t be beaten.

If you’re looking for a night out with more style, Corfu Town is the place. The bars here are modern and fashionable, with hundreds of people from all over gathering to enjoy cocktails and live music. You’ll find anything from jazz to electro, swing to metal, and the bars often don’t close until the last customer calls it a night. Corfu holidays hold plenty of options all day long and all throughout the night.

Where to buy your souvenirs

Depending on what you’re looking for, there are plenty of excellent opportunities to shop until you drop on holiday in Corfu. For the high-end jewellers and fashion boutique stores it’s got to be Corfu Town, the trendy capital. The marble and granite streets are lined with shiny window fronts selling watches, figure-hugging clothes and state-of-the-art electronics. If you’ve spent your Corfu holiday tanning on the beach this could be a whole new side of the island to see before you head home.

However, if it’s authentic, handmade Greek goods you’re after, head to the Old Town district of the capital, and browse the many market stalls. From here, visit one of the traditional little Corfiot villages. Every one of these will have their own silversmith or sandal-maker, and you really can’t beat the real deal if you’re looking for leather goods.


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