Egypt Holidays 2024/2025

Known by many as the land of pharaohs, pyramids and the Sphinx, Egypt remains a fascinating country. But that’s not all this place has to offer, when you dig a little deeper there’s so much more to see, do and learn. 

Holidays in Egypt cater for all holidaymakers with delicious cuisine, exquisite climate and incredible sights. In particular, its resort towns along the Red Sea grab attention for their diving opportunities, where the water hides reefs and adventures that are just waiting for you.

Egypt Holiday Deals 2024/2025

A land of mysteries and glorious sunny shores

Egypt needs little introduction, stretching back into what was one of the most advanced civilisations in history. The country’s popularity continues to grow and it all comes down to its good selection of modern resorts that are ideally designed with tourists in mind. And that doesn’t just apply to cities like Cairo or major sites like the Great Pyramids of Giza. In fact, it’s the Red Sea Coast that’s drawing the crowds.

Nowadays, Egypt’s east coast is peppered with beautiful communities like Marsa Alam, Sharm el Sheikh, Luxor and Hurghada. Each brings something different to the table to offer a plethora of holidays to Egypt for all, but they all have something in common, and that’s seaside relaxation and local culture.

Egypt has much to explore on the ground and below sea level, it certainly deserves to be at the top of your travel list.

Holidays in Egypt


Love beaches? Love Egypt

Egypt holidays offer temperatures of over 30°C in the peak summer months, an all-year-round great climate the rest of the year. This means basking under the sun on gorgeous stretches of sand is certainly an option whenever you travel. 

If you thought all the best beaches would be tourist traps, think again. A journey to Marsa Alam or Luxor could be all it takes to change your mind. While some of Egypt’s Red Sea resorts are more developed than others, they have one similarity – sublime beaches with gently sloping shores.

Abu Dabbab Beach, close to Marsa Alam in the south, is one example of a perfect connection between established tourism and natural beauty. While the usual amenities are readily at hand, including food, drink and a handful of shops, the untouched coastline is pure enough to coax marine life up to the surface. So, don’t be surprised if you come across giant sea turtles!

Closer to Hurghada you’ll find the more developed but no less appealing Old Vic’s Beach, Makadi Bay and more. It’s here you’ll find loungers, parasols and cocktails, together with access to watersports and diving opportunities. Tailor your Egypt holiday to how you like it – after all, Egypt does have it all!

The beauty of the deep

Once tiny communities, many of Egypt’s towns flourished due to the appeal of the Red Sea and affordable Egypt holidays. It’s the promise of protected, unspoilt reefs and marine life that lures in the visitors. Steeped in history, with shipwrecks and fables waiting beneath the waves, you can understand why.

Clownfish, turtles and the odd octopus are just a few of the marine life you’ll find under the water here. That said, people adore the Red Sea, some even choosing it as their top diving spot every year. In Marsa Alam, they’ve got a rare group of visitors in a family of dugong marine mammals. While, shipwrecks further north have gone from creepy, dilapidated relics of yesteryear’s failed voyages to colourful coral epicentres of sea life. An underwater camera will certainly be worth it on holiday in Egypt!

The cradle of civilisation

It would be impossible to spend a holiday in Egypt without delving into its enticing, advanced ancient history. Whether you’re taking your holiday by the sea or actively seeking the pyramids and mysteries, rest assured there’s plenty to enjoy with a trip here.

Luxor is particularly popular with those looking to visit Egypt’s sites of antiquity. The magnificent Valley of the Kings is just a stone’s throw away, and with it come the legends of pharaohs and Gods such as the famous Tutankhamun. 

Within each town and city, mosques and monoliths stand testament to the lore of Egypt’s unique and astonishing heritage, so make sure you take the opportunity to explore those legends for yourself.

Food and drink aplenty

Cuisine in Egypt is a big part of the culture, so whether you’re sampling the seafood on offer or sitting in the middle of the big city’s most well-reviewed restaurant, there’s a good range of options to choose from – and they’re all delicious!

Egyptian cuisine takes classics like falafel, zingy pasta sauce and bundles like kushari and mixes them with delicious sweets like Umm Ali (a sticky dessert) as well as baklava and rice pudding. But these options are just the start of what you’ll find in the town’s that line the Red Sea coast – expect everything from European dishes to international favourites and fast food joints.

As with all holidays you should always try the local dishes to fully explore and immerse yourself into their culture, but don’t worry, on holiday in Egypt you’ll still find your home favourites.


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Frequently asked questions about holidays to Egypt

The best time to visit Egypt is dependent on your plans – what do you want out of your holiday to Egypt?

During autumn, winter or even early spring you’ll find the most consistent weather but not the hottest temperatures. For guaranteed sunshine and scorching temperatures the summer is your best bet, giving you the opportunity to soak in the sun while taking in the sights and sounds.

If you’re planning on visiting the popular tourist sites then keep in mind the busier periods if you’d like to avoid the crowds.

A cheap holiday to Egypt is perfectly doable for those with a budget. All budget travellers are in luck as Egypt holidays offer sights, sun and sand for less. 

Flexibility is key when it comes to getting the best prices, that’s why we suggest looking at different dates, durations and airports for the very best prices. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for deals and discount codes too.

Egypt’s beaches are increasingly popular with surfers and those who love water sport activities. Giftun island in Hurghada boasts white sandy beaches and beautiful reefs teeming with colour and life. If you’re looking for the picture perfect sandy beach then head to Hurghada and treat yourself to some sun on the sand.

July and August are the hottest months in Egypt with temperatures averaging out at around 34 degrees. Highs of around 39 can be seen in Hurghada and Marsa Alam during these months and with an average rainfall of 0mm you’re guaranteed sun without the stress of rain.

Whether it’s Hurghada, Luxor, Marsa Alam, Taba or the ever popular Sharm El Sheikh, every resort in Egypt is designed with holiday goers in mind. 

Luxor will give you a blast from the past, Marsa Alam is a beautiful traditional seaside town, and Hurghada offers the best of both worlds with beaches and history.

Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada are the more popular, tourist designed resorts if you’re looking for the hustle and bustle holiday feeling, and on the other hand Taba is an up and coming resort with not so much development. 

There’s so much to do for singles, couples and families; those looking for a bit of luxury or those hoping to bag a bargain. Holidays to Egypt guarantee you the experience of a lifetime – no matter who you’re travelling with.

As with all holidays you should do your research first regarding any travel restrictions and health warnings to ensure your holiday will go off without any mishaps. You can find out more about safety when on holiday in Egypt here.