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Egypt and Red Sea Holidays 2017/2018

Though the sun, sea and sand is enough to keep you in a sedated state of relaxation for the entirety of your stay, Egypt holidays offer so much. Explore the beauty of the Mediterranean and move throughout the historical landmarks of this great country by taking advantage of our Red Sea package holiday deals.

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Modern tourism in an ancient country

Though the pyramids, tombs and statues are the first things that come to mind when you think about Egypt, the holiday resorts found along the coast of the Red Sea have been built to cater for the modern tourist.

Sharm el Sheikh, Marsa Alam and Hurghada all provide great beachside settings to enjoy the coastal surroundings while Luxor offers the opportunity to experience the history by the River Nile.

Whether you're on the hunt for the cultural settings of Luxor, scuba opportunities in the Red Sea or beach bliss on golden sands, holidays to Egypt can offer it all under temperatures that stay hot throughout the year.

Where to stay in Egypt

HurghadaView on Map

Everything you need to enjoy a holiday in the sunshine is provided by the beach city of Hurghada. With a terrific portfolio of hotels, an array of phenomenal beaches and plenty of activities to choose from both on and off land, this resort has it all.

Between the marina, town centre and the old town further north there are terrific options when it comes to dining and shopping. Enjoy local delights or international favourites as tourists are offered both.

The nightlife here is no slouch either as many bars and lounges host casual entertainment while there are also major nightclubs that keep the party going into the early morning.

LuxorView on Map

World-famous and for good reason, Luxor is home to some of Egypt's most iconic and historical attractions. With dozens of tombs hidden throughout the Valley of the Kings, ancient temples surrounding the city, and the River Nile, you'll struggle to see it all in one holiday.

You can give it your best shot though thanks to tour guides who can show you some of the highlights. You can be driven around, you can sail down the Nile or you can even take a hot air balloon ride to gain unparalleled views.

The city is also filled with terrific shopping and dining opportunities both day and night.

Marsa Alam
Marsa AlamView on Map

The newcomer to holidays along the Red Sea coastline, for the time being Marsa Alam is quieter than other beach resorts in Egypt. Experts predict that will change in the coming years as more people hear about the beauty and facilities on offer here.

There is a spectacular array of golden beaches to choose from and the majority of hotel complexes offer ideal positions right by the sands. Snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities are recommended here too as the waters hide stunning views beneath.

Outside of the hotels, this is a dry town but there are some hidden areas where tourists are encouraged to let loose.

Sharm el Sheikh
Sharm el SheikhView on Map

Located on an eastern Egyptian peninsula, Sharm el Sheikh features three fantastic tourist-centric resorts. Each of the towns host beautiful beaches, great shopping opportunities as well as beautiful locations in the Red Sea that are perfect for scuba diving.

The shops and markets provide plenty of opportunities to browse handmade souvenirs or brand names within the large malls.

Nightlife is a big part of holidays to Sharm el Sheikh too with the Naama Bay clubs, Sharks Bay's SOHO Square and the family friendly entertainment of Nabq Bay. Everyone is sure to find fun both day and night in this location.


Quick Tips

  • Islam
  • Egyptian Pound
  • Arabic
  • Approx 85.5 million
  • GMT +2

Sandy landscapes

Each of the coastal resorts presents the opportunity to stay in perfectly placed beachside hotels, with some even hosting private beach spaces especially for the use of their guests. Both Hurghada and Marsa Alam have a great selection of smooth golden beaches to choose from.

Sharm el Sheikh's resorts offer a mix of sandy and pebbly beaches but they all feel the same when you're reclining on your rented sunlounger. Nabq Bay is a unique area where by the beach there is a kilometre long area of ankle deep water to paddle in before it drops off into the Red Sea.

Of course holidays to Egypt aren't all about relaxing on the beaches. Luxor is a modern city with a historical and natural landscape surrounding it. Both here and in the other resorts you can take camel rides, land windsurfing boards or quadbikes across sandy dunes.

One of the best preserved ancient civilisations

If you don't choose to stay in Luxor, you can visit the historically significant city via a four hour drive from Marsa Alam and Hurghada. On either side of the Nile by Luxor there are dozens of sites, relics and monuments to see that remain from thousands of years ago. Six temples surround the city while the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens both hide dozens of tombs created for the burial of pharaohs and queens.

By the modern holidays resorts on the Red Sea there are some cultural sites to visit too. Three hours from Sharm el Sheikh you can visit the impressively large Saint Catherine's Monastery by Mount Sinai.

Lounges, bars and clubs

Egypt is a dry country when it comes to alcohol but the tourism industry provides exceptions to this rule within holiday districts. This means that whichever resort you stay in, you'll be able to find opportunities to enjoy a well-deserved beer or wine in a lounge or under the stars.

Naama Bay and Sharks Bay in Sharm el Sheikh provide opportunities to enjoy lively nights out at their clubs and bars. Naama Bay has its own Pascha club while Hurghada has the world's only Hed Kandi beach bar.

Egyptian cuisine

Egypt has much more to offer gastronomically than just hummus. The country's cuisine borrows flavours from neighbouring Arab countries and serves delicious meals with tasty herbs and spices.

Falafels, kebabs and baba ghanoush are served within the Middle Eastern restaurants while Mediterranean styled dishes like shakshouka, shawarma and moussaka is served too.

Whichever town or city you choose to visit, our Red Sea deals make it easy to explore all that Egyption cuisine has to offer. You're sure to find international options for tourists who are craving the familiar taste of home, too.

Modern shopping and classic markets

Each of the resorts offer the chance to experience modern shopping facilities in malls filled with brand names and fashionable clothing but most tourists come to experience the souks and bazaars of Egypt. And with Holiday Hypermarket offering some of the cheapest Red Sea holidays around, you're sure to have a little extra spending money.

Many resorts offer Bedouin styled market places which are used by tourists and locals. Luxor has a large souk-styled market place where pottery, ornaments and jewellery is sold amongst other products. The market sellers are famous for haggling and bartering so come prepared to negotiate.

Getting there

Flight time to these parts of Egypt will take around five and a half hours from take-off to landing. If you want to book a Red Sea cheap holiday, be sure to check for long haul flight deals, to get the best bargain. Each resort has a nearby airport so the transfers will take less than half an hour. The only exception is Marsa Alam Airport which is an hour away from the namesake resort.

Most tourists tend not to hire a car due to the unspoken rules local drivers use here. Instead, visitors mostly use taxis to get around as well as cheap micro busses or pre-booked transfer operators. The latter is the best way to see the landmarks which lie outside of the resorts.