Corfu Town Holidays 2024/2025

Corfu Town is the versatile capital of Corfu. Restaurants, bars, clubs, markets, high-end shops and historical sites all sit side by side in this city of many faces. It’s home to two beautiful beaches, a huge central park, a towering fortress and modern shopping and eating district. The capital of Corfu, this beautiful city is divided into many different parts. There’s an old fortified town with ancient winding streets, a bustling market area, a luxurious commercial area, a romantic marina and, by night, a fantastic party scene.

Corfu Town Holiday Deals

A fortified city

The Old Fortress that sits high above Corfu Town is famous for having withstood three Ottoman sieges. Today it stands proud and tall, and is open to visitors of the city daily.

If you’re lucky, you may even get to join in with one of the many great events now held in the fort, including live music, dances, banquets and public speeches. This makes a great spot to watch the sunset from, with views high over both the old and new districts of Corfu Town.

Below the Old Fortress lie the many winding streets of Old Corfu Town. Here you’ll find excellent photo opportunities, as well as the buzzing atmosphere of the central market.

The market in Corfu Town is famous. Loved by locals and visitors alike, here you can buy a whole range of Greek delicacies, homeware, hardware and clothing to take back home with you. You can also stop for a bite to eat at one of the fantastic local tavernas open daily around the market.

A beach or two nearby

Corfu Town’s coastline is mostly taken up by the city’s harbour. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to dip your toes on sandy shores when you’re on holidays to Corfu here though – there are two beaches to choose from in Corfu Town.

The first, Halikounas, is a strip of sand with ocean on both sides. This beach is a natural phenomenon, with its peninsular sands stretching narrowly out into the Ionian Sea. There’s not a sun lounger in sight so this is truly a strip of paradise free from the tourist trade.

Issos is the second beach, with narrow but long shingle as far as the eye can see. The shores are shallow and easy-going, so it’s safe for families with small children. There’s always a beach hut or two serving refreshments and plenty of sun loungers for everyone.

With Corfu Town being at the centre of the island, trips to other beaches around Corfu are easy. Details of public transport are on display at the central bus station and these trips never cost more than a couple of euros. If you’re planning on booking cheap All Inclusive holidays to Greece, you may find that your hotel offers a free shuttle to the beach or nearby attractions, so it’s always worth asking ahead.

A huge public park

The Liston is Corfu Town’s famous park. Surrounded by cool bars and cafes, many games are played on its sprawling green grass. The park is so big it divides Corfu Town in two.

On one side of the park is the luxurious commercial district of the city, with marble stone floors and designer brand stores open for visitors to browse and buy that special souvenir. There are also brilliant restaurants in the mix here, which serve both international and local cuisine. Some even fuse the two, making unique culinary creations that you won’t find anywhere else.

On the other side of The Liston is the stone-walled marina. This is very popular with those looking for a romantic walk before or after dinner during their Corfu holidays. The seafront is lit up beautifully, and you’ll undoubtedly catch one of Corfu’s famous sunsets at least once during your holiday.

If you’re visiting during the day, there is a swimming point along the marina where many people take a dip. You’ll see towels dotted along the hot tiles and people bobbing up and down in the waters. If you don’t want to wander round to one of the beaches, then here’s your very own bathing spot to cool down in.


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