A guide to the best restaurants in Pelekas

Pelekas is an authentic Corfiot village located on the side of a mountain. The streets climb higher and higher towards the Throne, a lookout at the summit, and each is blessed with its very own traditional taverna. Here are some of the best restaurants in Pelekas.

Join the family at Jimmy's

For regular visitors to Pelekas, Jimmy’s is the place you just can’t wait to eat at. Every time it’s familiar, friendly and everyone who works there is an absolute joy to talk to. The menu consists of fresh fish and Greek village dishes unlike any you’ve tasted.

Pizza at Pink Panther

A short walk out of the centre of Pelekas is Pink Panther, an understated restaurant which clings to the edge of a mountain road, offering a staggering view of the horizon. The food is Italian and Greek, with fresh stone baked pizzas leading the show.

A breath of fresh air at Ambelonas

You won’t find anywhere else like Ambelonas – guaranteed. The restaurant happens to be a working vineyard, and guests are invited to dine under a tunnel of jasmine surrounded by groves of grapes. If it’s cold, sit opposite an open fire and enjoy the cosy atmosphere.

Rest and rejuvenate at Spyros Bar & Restaurant

Down on the shores of Pelekas you’ll find Spyros, a charming seafront taverna with a beautiful view across the bay. This is number one for beachside dining, with light mains and salads to hydrate you in the summer sunshine.

You won't believe your eyes at Sunset Restaurant

The Hotel Levant lies next to Kaiser’s Throne above Pelekas. The hotel’s restaurant – Sunset – is one of the most friendly places in all of Corfu, whose dedicated managers, Dandis and Spyros, will find you a front row seat for the most impressive sunsets you will ever see.

Hang out at Nagual Beach Bar

Another of the seafront crew, Nagual Beach Bar is one of the most stylish hangouts in Pelekas, compete with hammocks, comfy sofas and, best of all, a long list of cocktails for you to sit and sip throughout the day. So, grab a light lunch here and watch the world go by.

You can't get enough at To Stavrodromi Taverna

Sheltered by pine and olive groves, To Stavrodromi pleases all the senses. Whether its the fresh woody scents from the landscape, the taste of perfectly-grilled prawns or the sounds of happily chatting customers, you’ll be back for more in no time.

A one of a kind ambience at Antoni's Taverna

Antoni’s Taverna is in the heart of the village, and is a great place to go for alfresco terraced dining. The menu is long and full of local specialities, and you can enjoy them all under a cover of vines, with a view out to sea.

Pitstop at Alexandros

If you’re coming down from Kaiser’s Throne, Alexandros is the first restaurant you’ll come across. The road splits the dining area through the middle, with one side overlooking the cliff and the other sheltered under the restaurant. Alexandros has great value food, prepared to perfection and fresh every time.

The whole package at Hawaii Restaurant and Grill

Hawaii is a quiet little complex, with bar, restaurant and rooms to rent. The food is gorgeous, and will do you nicely if you’re looking for breakfast or lunch. While you’re at it, there’s a swimming pool open to customers, so you can take a dip.

Say good morning at Kalimera Bakery

If it’s a fresh breakfast of Greek pastries you’re after then look no further, Kalimera Bakery will do away with those morning tummy rumbles. Grab a tiropita, cheese pastry or some donuts and take them with you whatever you choose to do with your day.