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Greece Holidays

Countless beautiful beaches, thousands of years of history and some of the world's most delicious dishes, Greece holidays provide a fantastic selection of resorts that all share a fantastic Mediterranean climate.

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World renowned destinations

Famous for its white-washed buildings that are decorated with colourful floral displays, the hospitable people of Greece welcome tourists to their shores with open arms. Between the towns and cities of the mainland and the beautiful collection of islands, you're guaranteed to find the perfect holiday destination.

It is hard to find two resorts that are the same across the dozens of places to choose from. You have the volcanically formed island of Santorini, the bohemian styles of Mykonos, the ancient ruins in Rhodes as well as plenty of tourist ready resorts elsewhere.

Holidays to Greece can be enjoyed by absolutely anyone; they just have to pick the resort to suit them. Families can take it slow in Zante or enjoy the cities and attractions in Crete. Corfu and Santorini are romantic choices for couples while 18-30s will want to experience the frantic nightlife found in certain resorts of Crete, Kos and Zante.

Where to stay in Greece

CorfuView on Map

The best known of Greece's Ionian Islands, Corfu is a beautifully natural holiday destination. Known as the Emerald Isle due to the lush green terrain, there are also 57 beaches lining the coastline.

There are examples of ancient Greek structures still standing around the island. The capital features two large fortresses lying off the coast as well as many other notable structures.

Kavos is the party central of this island but the majority of other resorts host romantic evenings spent underneath a warm summer climate.

CreteView on Map

The largest Greek Island packs in a lot of features, attractions and historic sights. This is a great destination for families as well as young tourists who want to stay up late and party.

Malia provides the wildest nights in all of Greece with a long strip of bars and clubs, the lively resort also features an array of beaches to choose from. There are also waterparks, hiking trails and ancient ruins to explore.

Crete is also home to some major cities where there is a fantastic collection of shops and restaurants.

KosView on Map

Although Kos is a small island, it manages to cram in a range of resorts that are filled with beautiful beaches, fascinating history and miles of dense forests.

Many of the resorts provide beaches that are so spacious you can easily find your own private patch on the sand. Along the coastline and between the beaches there is also a popular natural hot spring.

There is plenty of fun to be had here with the Aquatica Water Park, many boat trips and beach activities too. The capital is a great place to shop and dine within Eleftherias Square.

RhodesView on Map

Rhodes is a cultural phenomenon and has played a major part in the history of Greece. There are so many fascinating structures from ancient times as well as a modern nightlife in some of the resorts.

European Blue Flags fly above many of Rhodes' beaches and there are plenty of water sports and scuba diving opportunities. From the north facing beaches you can see mainland Turkey clearly in the distance.

The capital of Rhodes is teeming with historical landmarks and structures which are a real treat to tour. There are a great number of shops and restaurants in the capital too.

SantoriniView on Map

This beautiful crescent island was formed by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. Santorini has a unique landscape with the menacing caldera cliffs on the west side and beaches with black volcanic sands in the east.

Most of the tourist resorts are in the east while scenic towns built along the cliff edge are found on the west coast. It is easy to travel between the two regions to enjoy the best of both worlds.

There are fun activities for families to enjoy and an array of water sports by the beaches. The Megalochori resort is famous for its wine production and you can enjoy a tour and a taste if you spend time in the town.

ZanteView on Map

This sunny island features some terrific beaches and beautiful inland terrain. It is one of the best destinations to take it slow and enjoy the Mediterranean climate.

On the south coast Kalami and Lagana's beaches are famous for being habituated by loggerhead turtles that lay their eggs here. The beaches along the north coast are better known for their great offering of water sports and activities.

Many of the resorts feature great family attractions like go-karting, bowling and mini-golf while Laganas is a famous party resort. Zante is a small but versatile island that welcomes all tourists.


Quick Tips

  • Greek Orthodox
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  • Approx 10.5 million
  • GMT +2

An array of landscapes

Many of the Greek Islands feature varied terrain with surroundings that are special to each island but a recurring theme to each is the presence of beautiful beaches. Every island and much of the Greek mainland is lined with spacious sandy beaches that are brushed by the waves of the Ionian or the Aegean Sea.

There are unique trademarks to each of the Greek territories. On the north east of the mainland are the peninsulas that make up the three fingers of Halkidiki. Corfu's surroundings are so vibrant with greenery it has been dubbed the Emerald Isle. And Santorini's cliffs and black beaches are the result of a dramatic volcanic explosion which sunk the former centre of the island.

Immortal history

Greek mythology has inspired countless retellings of amazing stories across the years. It seems that every part of Greece claims to have some link to the Greek Gods and many feature ruins of former temples that were dedicated to the deities.

Often you'll find that areas of great beauty have associations with the Gods. Off the coast of Parga you'll find Aphrodite's Caves as well as Hades' Gate along the Acheron River. The Cretan Mountains were the birthplace of Zeuss while both he and Hercules were said to have had battles in Mykonos. There are many other stories and myths told across the Greek Islands with several temples and ruins to explore as well.

Family fun

Greece isn't all ruins and ancient artefacts. Some of the resorts have made an effort to keep up with modern times by featuring attractions that are fun for all ages.

Tourists who visit Halkidiki can travel an hour to reach the Waterworld aqua park by Thessaloniki, there are two major water parks to choose from in Crete while Zante offers a small but excellent selection of family fun activities.

Quiet nights and wild parties

Nightlife in Greece can be anything you want it to be. No matter where you visit you'll always find the opportunity to settle into a traditional taverna for the evening, enjoying a peaceful ambience with a glass of Greek wine or some local ouzo.

Others will want to head towards the notorious party destinations where bars and clubs only close when the sun starts to rise, and sometimes not even then. Malia in Crete, Faliraki in Rhodes and Laganas in Zante are just three resorts that feature mega summer parties with flowing drinks and pumping music.

Greek cuisine

Absolutely every resort in Greece and its islands allows the opportunity to taste genuine Greek dishes. The menus feature an extensive selection of specialties and everything from the starters through to the deserts can treat you to a new but delicious dish.

Feta, kasseri and kefalotyri cheese are some of the options for starters. Many meat dishes are favourites for the main meal with pork, lamb, beef and sometimes even rabbit served in a variety of ways. For desert there is a long list of sweet pastry options that always taste great when accompanied by ice cream.

Shop through the narrow streets

When it comes to shopping on a Greek Island, you'll find that the capitals are the best place to go. The common trend for the layout of these cosmopolitan towns is restaurants by the harbour or beach and shops within the narrow streets of the old town.

The majority of souvenir products within the shops provide items with distinct Greek flare. Handmade crafts are usually locally made and each region of Greece or each island usually specialises in the production of a certain item or material. Many places sell locally made wines as well as other foods and alcohols.

Getting there

Flight time from the UK to Greek airports usually takes between 3-4 hours.

Usually you can find yourself unpacking in your accommodation within half an hour but in some cases it may take you an hour. Thassos is slightly different as there is no major airport and you'll have to take a ferry from the mainland.

Car hire is available from all destinations and the majority of resorts are well serviced by public busses. Taxis and even water taxis are also on hand to help you get around.