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Sidari Holidays

A resort famous for its terrific beaches on Corfu's northern coastline, Sidari holidays also offer great restaurants and shops to browse underneath the superb Mediterranean sunshine.

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Fun for all

You couldn't wish for a better combination of sun, sea and sand than Sidari's summer offering. As well as idyllic days spent bronzing under the clear skies, the nights provide a fun offering of entertainment, bars and restaurants to sample.

Relaxing days and vibrant, sociable evenings make holidays to Sidari an ideal choice for couples. With the selection of music bars and clubs on offer, it is also a great place for young single people to come and party. Families can also enjoy a holiday here and kids will love a day out at the Sidari Waterpark.

Quick Tips

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Water activities

For a great family day out in this resort head towards the Sidari Water and Fun Park. It's free to hang out by the pool and it is just €5 extra for those wanting to enjoy the several slides here. Parents can laze in the sun while the kids tire themselves out chuting down the slides all day long.

Sidari is a popular area with experienced scuba divers and it is also an ideal place for beginners to learn the basics. The Blue Paradise Scuba Diving Centre offers equipment and classes taking you out to the ocean or to the underwater caves of the Canal D'Amour.

Cocktails on the Main Strip

Nightlife in Sidari is a surprisingly lively affair when compared with the tranquil daytime atmosphere. There is a main narrow strip running through the town where you'll see the bright signs of bars and clubs tempting you into staying out well past midnight. The entertainment here isn't just restricted to karaoke and tribute acts with DJs, local bands, magicians and hypnotists often seen performing.

Head down side streets to find Greek tavernas where you're likely to be treated to more traditional entertainment with live music or Bouzouki dancers.

The Main Strip curves alongside the beach and this coastal setting is an ideal place to sit out underneath the stars and enjoy a fruity cocktail. Madison Bar and Mojitos are two places happy to serve you while Sugar Nightclub encourages you to stay up later than you should.

Sidari Shopping Centre

Sidari has an effective selection of gift shops and supermarkets to browse and fortunately they stay open until after dark. You're welcome to go night shopping for upmarket jewellery or for handmade crafts and embroidery.

There is a 2-tier shopping centre by the coastline that is filled with souvenir opportunities like olive oil made products or clothes and accessories.

Greek and seafood dishes

There is a large selection of eateries in Sidari with many different themes covered across all of the cafes, restaurants and tavernas. Of course Greek is the presiding cuisine that is offered in most of the venues but international favourites like Italian, American and Indian food is served too.

The town is a former fishing village and some restaurants celebrate these roots with delicious offerings of seafood by the beach. Check out Aquarius, Madisons and The Rock for some of the best fish based meals.

Walk or cycle around town

The journey to Sidari from Corfu Airport will take just less than an hour. There is one car hire company is Sidari so if you want to shop for the best price on a rental car then book before you travel and pick up from the airport.

There is a bus service that runs through the northern resorts of Corfu and Sidari is included in this service. There are private transfer and Sidecar taxi services in operation too.

Much of the town is easy to traverse by foot but you can also hire a bicycle to get around here and to other resorts.

Best time of year to visit

Canal d'Amour, the Canal of Love, shines gloriously under the summer sun that reaches an average high of 31C in July and August. The evening temperatures drop to just 20C during these summer months so it is shorts and t-shirt weather on your nights out too.

The summer holidays are the peak seasons for tourists but following this the weather remains glorious and the resort has fewer families in September. On the 14th of that month the town holds a big celebration for the Feast of the Holy Cross.