Seychelles Holidays 2022/2023

Mother Nature worked her magic when it came to Seychelles, if you can imagine a Maldives inspired paradise of exquisite islands scattered across the Indian Ocean, you’re already halfway there. Holidays in Seychelles promise spellbinding beaches, made up of the most powder white soft sands, lapped by the clearest turquoise waters and backed by lush greenery of hills, and clusters of palm trees.

More than Sun, Sea and Sand

Seychelles holidays are bundled with so much beauty! The archipelago’s 115 islands are for the most part unspoilt, idyllically isolated and rarely crowded – highly favoured among honeymooners. Fulfil your wanderlust with a hike around the Valle de Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site often described as a “Garden of Eden”, thanks to its secluded and mystical nature. Marvel over the sea turtles and tortoises on boat trips and spot rare black parrots among the treetops. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to a holiday in Seychelles, ideal for the sun seeker, adventurer and nature lovers alike!

Currency: Seychellois Rupee

Language: French, Seychellois Creole and English

Flight Time: Approx 10hrs

Time Difference: GMT +3

Population: 96,000

Religion: Catholic


Silhouette Island

Can you even imagine a place without roads or cars, holidays to Silhouette Island will open your eyes to a whole new world! The most beautiful views of white sandy beaches surrounded by lush green landscapes bundled with palms, replace those of built up highways. 90% of this isle is designated as a national park and it’s impossible to not fall in love with its beauty. The third largest of the archipelagos and one of the most secluded, Silhouette and its resident 125-year-old tortoises provide one of the world’s most stunning pieces of paradise.

Praslin Island

Bundles of soft white shores and lush tropical forests set the scene for Praslin Island holidays. Floating in the middle of the Indian Ocean, is an island that’s so beautiful it’s often dubbed as “paradise on Earth”. With a sleepy nature and laid-back vibe, Praslin is still largely undeveloped and therefore perfect for relaxing! Spend your days sunbathing on some of the world’s best beaches and exploring the depths of a thriving UNESCO listed forest - one of only two World Heritage Sites throughout the whole archipelago.

Mahe Island

Holidays to Mahe Island put you in the heart of what can only be described as paradise. Insta-worthy from every angle, these islands are famous for their powder soft beaches and mountainous jungle backdrop. Seychelles holidays are all about relaxation, whether that’s chilling out by the sea, squishing your toes in the sugar-white sands, hiking through dense forests in national parks or picking up some local goodies at the market. If you like to mix your beach holiday with a touch of exploration and a pinch of adventure, go on holiday to Mahe Island!

Beyond the beach

Go beyond the sand and into the blue during your holiday to Seychelles! The waters surrounding Silhouette island are part of a Marine National Park, meaning life beneath the surface is vibrant and thriving! It’s healthy coral reef attracts bundles of marine life including Angelfish, Lionfish, Barracudas and Grey snappers.

For those who like to stay close to the shore, you’ll spot many snorkelling not far from the beach and for those who are feeling more adventurous, there are dive sites waiting to be explored! Every fancied swimming among sharks? A Seychelles holiday could have you sharing waters with White-tips – don’t worry they’re harmless! The island’s warm waters also attract eagle rays and hawksbill turtles which are both beauty’s to behold.

Enjoy a taste of Seychelles Gastronomy

The Seychelles islands may well be known for their stunning beach setting, but their food also makes the travel worthwhile! From freshly caught fish to the juiciest local grown fruit, flavoursome spicy curries and sweet fried bananas. No matter your taste bud preference, there’s something here for every palate.

Get out and about and delve into an abundance of the local cuisine. No matter your board-basis. If you’re on a Seychelles All Inclusive holiday or self-catering, make an effort to eat out and sample what’s on offer. Seafood may be the go-to in Seychelles but for those who prefer meat, do not forget to taste the local delicacy of Rougail Saucisse (sausage and lentils with a spicy condiment made of tomatoes, garlic, ginger and chilli), you’ll find this listed throughout many restaurants across the islands!

Travel when it’s hot

Holidays in Seychelles are perfect for those seeking constant warm weather and the opportunity for a year-round tan. If your idea of a holiday includes constant blue skies and blazing sunshine, Seychelles could be perfect. Boasting a tropical climate, the temperature never drops much below 30°C!

The best time of year to visit is normally considered to be the dry season between June to September. Although if you’re after that much desired tropical heat, you’ll want to travel in either April or May. You may still be subject to a shower or two, however rainfall reduces in April compared to the winter months and you may also benefit from a cheaper holiday cost, with the summertime high season yet to begin.