St Lucia Holidays 2022/2023

An island of intense beauty, you can choose to explore the rainforests or stick to the sandy shores when on holiday in St Lucia. Beaches are either volcanic black or pure white sand and the ocean is amazingly clear for spotting sea creatures, while there are luxury resorts where people love to get married, party and wander the tranquil villages.

St Lucia Holiday Deals 2022/2023

Picture-perfect beauty

A serene and stunning eastern Caribbean island, St Lucia’s lush landscape is punctuated by a pair of dramatically tapered volcanic mountains peeking out of the tropical jungle, called the Pitons. Amid the trees are botanical gardens, banana and cocoa plantations, rainforest trails, ziplines and waterfalls to discover.

With a mix of fishing villages and luxury resorts, you can enjoy chilled-out package holidays to St Lucia or experience the celebration of a lifetime, as many people choose to marry and honeymoon on the island. St Lucia has both volcanic black-sand beaches and perfectly white ones, with exotic sea life swimming around the shores and dive sites where you see them up-close.

Currency: East Caribbean Dollar

Language: English

Time Difference: GMT -4

Population: 175,000

Religion: Christianity



Any holiday to St Lucia will be sublime – but Soufriere takes it to another level. This sleepy fishing village combines the three most popular areas on the island: the imposing mountains, the lush tropical rainforest and the deserted beaches. From this town, you have access to nearly all of St Lucia's top attractions – from swimming under waterfalls to trekking up the volcanic spires called Pitons. Soufriere holidays are quietly incredible. There are no busy crowds of tourists – instead, you have the freedom to explore this striking area on your own terms. Soufriere is the heart and soul of St Lucia, and one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Smugglers Cove

Holidays to St Lucia take you to an island paradise where rainforest-covered mountains look down on turquoise seas kissing unspoilt sandy shores. On the northernmost point of the island, you'll find idyllic Smugglers Cove. A peaceful resort nestled between lively Rodney Bay and the nature reserve of Pigeon Island, Smugglers Cove is the perfect spot for your Caribbean holiday. Here you can party till dawn after relaxing on the beach all day. Or take a boat trip to see whales and dolphins before splashing your cash on duty-free shopping. The choice is yours.


St Lucia is a small, beautifully formed island that lies in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Its landscapes are ripe for exploration and include long coastlines punctuated with volcanic beaches and a heart full of thick rainforests. Holidays to St Lucia aren't just about relaxing and taking it easy as you soak up the tropical atmosphere, they're also about excitement and adventure. The island's capital, Castries, is a dynamic port city and has plenty of the charm that St Lucia is famous for. There's lots to enjoy in the city itself and it's also a great base for exploring the wider area.


The Caribbean island of St Lucia features a rich patchwork of landscapes. The centre is covered with lush rainforest and characterised by mountains that open out to a coast with volcanic beaches. This means that holidays to St Lucia have something to suit anyone! Corinth holidays are ideal for those looking for a totally chilled-out time. The small town of Corinth lies on St Lucia's north-west coast, between Rodney Bay and Castries. It's close enough to the capital of Castries for lively days and nights out, but has enough distance for peaceful relaxation.

Rodney Bay

Located around 6 miles (10km) north of Castries, Rodney Bay is tucked away in the north-west corner of St Lucia. Horseshoe-shaped, it contains a man-made lagoon and provides the perfect blend of stunning tropical scenery and exciting entertainment. Due to its idyllic location, breath-taking views and unspoilt beauty, it's no wonder why holidays to Rodney Bay St Lucia have become so popular with travellers in recent years. While a white-sand beach sweeps the length of its coastline, the resort is also surrounded by rugged mountains and a tempting tropical rainforest. With so much to see, do and explore, holidays to St Lucia should always contain a trip to the magnificent Rodney Bay.

Natural beaches

St Lucia’s beaches, be they light or dark sand, all have the same things in common – they’re unspoilt, uncrowded and backed by tropical scenery. Many hotels offering St Lucia All Inclusive holidays to St Lucia boast their own private cove, or you could choose to relax on a secluded strip backed by coastal mangroves with tropical birds for friends.

Reduit Beach is cited as one of St Lucia’s best beaches and is also one of the more lively, where you’ll find quite a few bars. Its two-kilometre length is backed by low rise hotels and dotted with beach bars like Spinnaker’s at the northern end where you can get a cold drink and some delicious grilled fish or a jerk chicken sandwich.

On the other side of the island, to the east, Grande Anse beach is a similar size but with a completely different feel. It’s peaceful and secluded, which makes it the perfect nesting ground for huge leatherback turtles and iguanas.

In the water

When the lure of St Lucia’s uber-clear water tempts you, there are spectacular diving and snorkelling opportunities as well as sports to try like windsurfing and kayaking. Windsurfing conditions are particularly good on the east coast, with Sandy Beach on the southeast getting some of the very best winds. As well as natural coral reefs and sponge beds to dive around, there are a number of artificial reefs that have formed around shipwrecks.

A stunning black-sand beach on the west coast, Anse Chastanet Beach has a marine reserve off its shores, which is known for excellent scuba diving and snorkelling conditions. Another top snorkelling spot is Jalouise, also known as Sugar Beach, where one minute you can be looking down at unusual sargassum trigger fish in the warm water and the next up at the towering Gros Piton mountain.

Exploring nature

There are numerous options for getting among nature and exploring the green interior of St Lucia. A popular rainforest trail is the one leading to the 15-metre-high Toraille waterfall that pours over a cliff into a botanical garden.

If you’ve brought your walking boots, the Pitons on the southwest coast are prime territory for hiking. Gros Piton is less steep and rewards your climb with scenic vantage points across the water and much of the island.

Or in the northwest, Pigeon Island National Park is a tranquil area with a remote beach and a museum where you can learn of St Lucia’s history. As well as hilltop views, visiting the underground rum bar beneath the ruins of a fort is a must.

For an unusual day out, head to the mud baths and sulphur springs at the inactive Soufriere Volcano. It’s the only volcano in the world you can drive into. On the way to the summit you can take a dip in the hot mud baths, said to have therapeutic qualities for your skin due to the mineral content.

Mixing music and food

The area around Gros Islet and Rodney Bay is the liveliest spot in St Lucia to spend an evening. Near Reduit Beach are bars serving rum and the local Piton beer, plus you can visit Treasure Bay Casino for cocktails and roulette from 11am. Or GLO Nightlife in Gros Islet, a small but busy club to dance alongside the locals and try out salsa dancing.

Around the island you’ll find steakhouses, seafood restaurants and lots of places serving spicy Caribbean classics plus mac and cheese – something of a traditional dish in St Lucia. As the island’s geared up to honeymooners, there are plenty of top class places to eat offering romantic settings, such as The Cliff at Cap with sensational clifftop sea views. You’ll also come across Indian, Asian and Italian flavours among much more.

If you like some jazz with your food, visit in May and you can sample some of the free and paid for events that take place during the St Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival. There are 15 venues including a large outdoor stage in Rodney Bay, plus street parties and celebrations of food from gourmet chefs.