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Lapland Holidays

Santa Claus is waiting for you in this breath-taking winter palace. Enjoy a Christmas you'll never forget on holidays to Lapland.

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Getaway during the holiday season

Wrap up warm as you travel to northern Finland where the winters drop to double minus figures but the trip out to this winter arctic tundra is definitely worth it. Family holidays to Lapland let kids experience the full wonder of Santa's workshop complete with elves and reindeer.

The Christmas themes are just some of perks of visiting this snowy spectacle. You can take shelter in accommodation of bed and breakfast hotels or peaceful log cabins, try out a range of winter sports or look up at the shimmering lights of the aurora borealis.

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Santa’s Workshop

Father Christmas himself is waiting for your arrival in his grotto by Rovaniemi. Travel to Santa Claus Village where there is plenty of seasonal excitement to be found.

The whole family are invited to meet the jolly gift-giver but his helpers are also around to enhance the fun. Feed carrots to Rudolph and his friends or get into a snowball fight with the cheeky elves.

The village cuts right through the Arctic Circle and there are markings on the ground to let you know when you've stepped over into the chilly zone. The larger area of Santa Park is filled with other opportunities to play, ride and watch with some great attractions on offer.

Snowy landscape

There are plenty of other reasons to visit Lapland away from the Christmas themes. The land remains wintery from October until May making this the best time to try out a range of snowy activities.

Big and small slopes are easily found for skiing and sledging. You can head out on a dogsled ride where huskies pull you through a beautiful winter landscape complete with snow-kissed trees and miles of hills that look like a blank canvas.

During the winter, daylight in Lapland can last as long as four hours from 10am-2pm. This won't be a disappointment though as the extended dark gives you a better chance to witness the aurora borealis, more commonly known as the Northern Lights. The amazing and natural light show sees glimmering greens dance across the night sky. You can find your own natural area to view it or take a Northern Lights tour where guides will take you to some of the best spots.

Rovaniemi city centre

There are fun activities for families to enjoy around Lapland at night with reindeer pulled sleigh rides being a true winter wonderland experience.

Lapland encompasses a number of small towns within and the city of Rovaniemi is Lapland's capital. This town offers nightspots for families to settle into and others where adults can unwind.

Within the capital there is a range of terrific restaurants as well as pubs and bars. Club Life and Karaoke Bar, Oliver's Corner & Nightclub and the Doris Nightclub invite in all 18 an over visitors in from the cold to the warmth of their respective dancefloors.

Sápmi souvenirs

There are plenty of opportunities to pick up a Christmas souvenir or two while on holiday in Lapland. The Finnish baubles, lights and crackers make great decorations that can be used for Christmases to come.

Lapland is the English name for this region, it is locally known as Sápmi and there are opportunities to take home some Sami culture with you. Locally made rugs and bags are sold in SusiVilla while the Sampokeskus Shopping Centre is filled with a range of clothing options.

Lappish cuisine

Each of the restaurants across Lapland hold a warm, cosy atmosphere inside, tempting you in from the cold. Places like Santa's Salmon Place are found in small snow covered huts with a crackling fire burning by the tables inside.

Scandinavian cuisine often presents seafood on the menu - a result of the popularity of ice-fishing in the region. There is a range of international flavours available though at restaurants, cafes and bars across Lapland. Wooden cabin surroundings at the Arctic Boulevard, Kotahovi and Santamus provide delicious local foods as well as traditional choices.

Getting there

Direct flights from the UK to Lapland will take around three and a half hours with layovers in Scandinavian countries increasing the time considerably.

The capital Rovaniemi is just a 10 minute drive away from Santa Claus Village so it is easy to travel between the two by taxi. There is also the option to hire a car here.

There are a couple of popular bus services that run through the towns and snow resorts of Finland. They are regular and reliable so can also help you get around to see the sites.

Best time of year to visit

Lapland remains whitewashed each year between October and early May. This is the time to fly here and experience the Christmas themes and enjoy the range of snowy activities. The average temperatures here can be challengingly cold so remember to wrap up in multiple layers.

Starting at 0°C from October, the temperatures plummet to -12°C in January. The daylight is restricted to around four or five hours a day in the winter too but does present fantastic opportunities to witness the Northern Lights.