Best nightlife in Corfu

Corfu is one of the liveliest islands in Greece, with hundreds of nightlife spots for you to visit, each offering its own unique way of going out on the town. Whether you’re into live music or clubbing until the early hours, relaxed drinks with mates or romantic dinners until late, holidays to Corfu are sure to show you a good time.

The Art Cafe, Corfu Town

A truly exclusive destination, The Art Cafe in Corfu Town is a hidden gem in the island’s capital city. To get there you need to follow the signs to the palace at the Liston, and in the corner you’ll see a sign saying Pinacoteca. When you do find it you’ll be blown away by its petite charm and eccentricity that are accentuated as it’s still so unknown.

Snobs Bar, Kavos

For lovers of rap, R’n’B, hip hop and grime, Snobs Bar in Kavos is top of the list. The bar plays the best in underground urban music until the early hours of the morning when the party spills out into the street and mixes with the clubs on the strip for one massive blowout.

B52, Ipsos

For the nostalgic party-goer, Ipsos favourite B52 plays disco hits and rock’n’roll, with the occasional classic ballad thrown in for good measure. This bar is all personality, with friendly owners, a great taste in pop and an even better knowledge of how to mix a good drink. They’re pretty strong mixes, so the party really rages after dark.

Dizi Bar, Ermones

It’s hidden away, looking like nothing but a row of closed shops in the daytime. Make no mistake though, as at night, Dizi Bar is where it’s all happening, and a must-see during your Corfu holidays. Located in Ermones, the windows come to life with dancing revellers and friendly chatter. The drinks here are super affordable, with the most expensive cocktail barely exceeding €10.

Buzz Bar, Kavos

This club is all strobe lights and Jagermeister shots, and is perfect for lads’ holidays and parties with the girls. Kavos is known for its vitality and all-summer-long festival of boozing, and Buzz is one of the most visited bars on the strip. With chart bangers pumping from the sound system night after night, this could quickly become your favourite club in Corfu.

Whispers, Gouvia

Whispers is covered with Hawaiian-style palm leaves, and has comfortable seating on the outside. Inside is the banging club, which has foam parties, Greek pop music and chart toppers too. This is a disco location that locals and tourists frequent to enjoy the summer vibes of Gouvia.

Dreamy Nights, Corfu Town

Fridays and Saturdays are the most lively nights for Corfu Town, and Dreamy Nights too, which opened in 2013. Despite the name, the nights are anything but dreamy, they’re an extravagant fiesta of Greek pop and hip hop music, so you can hear what the locals dance to.

Lagoon, Ipsos

Said to have the best beer on the strip, Lagoon bar is made for calm evenings out with your buddies putting the world to rights. Or you could start here and get some tips from the friendly staff on where to go next.

Villa Mercedes, Corfu Town

The Villa Mercedes bar is nestled in the Old Town just off the port. With luxurious yachts creaking in the harbour, this is the pinnacle of a high class atmosphere. The bar itself however has a personal feel with friendly people meeting and greeting each other with beers in hand and smiles on their faces.

Lumber Jacks, Ipsos

Lumber Jacks is an open-air bar in Ipsos, with a warm and friendly ambience. There are fantastic DJs here most nights because lots of local talent come by to practice their new sets before heading over to the mainland. So if you’ve got a taste for electro, you can get your ears on some of the best new music first.