Malta Holidays 2022/2023

An island with a heritage tracing back to antiquity, today Malta holidays transport you to an enticing destination where sun, sea and smiles are just the start. Shopping, dancing, sailing, cycling, golf, museum trips and coastal strolls - Malta is ready to welcome you, however you love to holiday.

Malta Holiday Deals 2022/2023

The beating heart of the Med

Although it’s a little island with a big personality, you may have already seen more of the island than you thought, even if you’ve never had the pleasure of an All Inclusive holiday in Malta. Film-makers flock to the country to take advantage of the heat, scenery and history. Of course, those reasons alone only scratch the surface of what Malta can offer and you can rest assured of a relaxing and sometimes surprising destination.

Located 80 kilometres south of Italy, Malta’s Mediterranean charm shines through in every morsel of its wholesome cuisine and every grain of sand on its rugged, inviting beaches. Its history goes back well before the Middle Ages, with St Paul’s Bay named for the legendary biblical figure said to have shipwrecked there.

Indeed, the island itself has been passed between Phoenician, Greek, Roman, French and British rule. Today Malta is an independent island with its own identity, which gives it more than enough charisma to warrant taking advantage of year-round Malta holiday deals.

Currency: Euro

Language: Maltese, English

Time Difference: GMT +1

Population: 413,000

Religion: Roman Catholic



Bugibba is an ideal destination for seaside holidays, with a lively atmosphere and a vibrant nightlife scene. With a sandy beach to stretch out on and plenty of activities for the kids it's also fantastic for fun family getaways.

Mellieha Bay

Sandy beaches might be few and far between during package holidays to Malta, but they're a big part of the landscape in Mellieha Bay. The area is home to the longest one on the island, not to mention a quaint, hillside village, historic churches and rustic restaurants that dish up authentic Maltese cuisine.


Built for tourism yet never at the cost of charm, Qawra is a Maltese seaside town where good food, pleasing nightlife and a host of watersports combine to fantastic effect. Make sure your next Malta holiday factors in this sensational town of characterful charisma.


Spread across a sublime stretch of Malta's coastline, Sliema is a Mediterranean seaside town that ticks all the boxes. International shopping, fine dining, laid-back nightlife and strolls along the promenade make for a sublime location at any time of year.

St Julian's

Proudly sitting on Malta's eastern coast, St Julian's is a sought after, year-round destination, providing upmarket package holidays to Malta at high-end hotels, alongside some of the most vibrant nightlife on the island. Close by are the capital Valletta and Playmobil Funpark.

St Pauls Bay

Although rich in history, St Paul's Bay is a popular tourism town due to its modern style and sunny chic. Whether you're making waves or sipping cocktails on your Malta holidays, you're sure to enjoy the stunning setting. Night-time spots and restaurants are as abundant as the watersports.


Malta's capital, Valletta may be one of the smallest cities in Europe yet it's packed with the highest amount of historic sites in the world, so much so that the entire city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Those looking for a cultural holiday where you'll learn a thing or two are in luck as Valletta has plenty of stories to tell.

Cities with spirit

If you’re all about city trips, Malta package holidays won’t disappoint. Its capital, Valletta, was named for French medieval knight Jean Parisot de Valette, yet the city itself boasts a grand mix of influences. Baroque architecture and classic Mediterranean buildings are streets apart from rustic old English-style pubs and more modern apartment complexes. As you’d expect, shopping and dining here are also superb.

For many though, it’s Sliema that ticks all the boxes. It’s a city that’s transformed in the modern era into a cosmopolitan playground for travellers from every corner of the world. The fact that it’s located right beside the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea certainly does plenty of favours for the town too, with a scenic marina and ample opportunities for a coastal stroll. Shoppers flock to Sliema and the district known as The Ferries, where fashion boutiques line the streets by the score.

Life by the sea

Malta is an island that’s often voted one of the happiest and healthiest places in all of Europe, and its relationship with the sea has plenty to do with that. While you’re going to have the chance to enjoy plenty of hidden coves and sandy beaches, the majority of Malta’s most popular shorelines actually fall on the more rugged side of the spectrum.

Rocky flats are where deckchairs congregate and sunbathers gather to immerse themselves in the hot sunny rays. Mellieha Bay and its other northern Malta counterparts buck that trend though with sandy beaches and in other parts of the island sand has been imported to provide traditional sunbathing spots.

Out on the water, sails dot the horizon, water-skiing daredevils race by and divers prepare their equipment for a sojourn beneath the surface. Naturally, you’re welcome to join in the fun.

Plenty to do

Booking a cheap holiday to Malta is a must, it might be a little island, but you can never accuse it of being a boring place to be. Golf courses, bowling alleys and parks full of cricketers and football fanatics make for an active community that welcomes the chance to test its sporting mettle against visitors.

Cultural tours are abundant too so you can take boating trips down to the Blue Grotto or the famous Grand Harbour, a military location of huge strategic importance in years gone by. You can also enjoy cathedral visits in the capital, Valletta.

You even have the chance to tour Game of Thrones’ filming locations alongside actors who’ve appeared in the series, while nature lovers will feel right at home at Malta’s falconry park or numerous nature reserves.

Evenings out

When the sun sets, the fun doesn’t stop. Nightclubs in Sliema or community pubs in Mellieha Bay showcase both party atmosphere and classic Maltese laid-back living, while you’ll have numerous chances to dance until sunrise by the shore. Cocktail bars and quirky backstreet haunts round off your choices wonderfully, so entertainment is available in Malta, morning, noon or night.