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Ibiza Holidays

A little island with a big reputation. More than just clubs, cocktails and coastline, there's a wealth of natural attractions and culture to experience too on Ibiza holidays.

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Beaches, parties and relaxation

This island has something to appeal to everyone thanks to the variation of holiday experiences that can be had in Ibiza. Not just a place to let loose, there are the natural areas of the north, quaint villages inland and countless beautiful beaches that surround the coastline.

For the young and the lively, holidays to Ibiza needs no introduction. There are towns which appeal to their wilder side with the promise of world famous nightclubs and 24 hour party atmospheres.

Families and couples can enjoy the friendlier side of this island with many resorts catering specifically to the needs of a group who want to chill out. Family friendly hotels, fascinating attractions, and fun natural and tourist activities means everyone from the kids to the grandparents will love holidays in Ibiza.

Where to stay in Ibiza

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  • Roman Catholic
  • Euro
  • Catalan
  • 132,500
  • GMT +1

Rolling forested hills before the sandy shores

From secluded, sandy coves to spectacular sunsets, Ibiza is an island of natural beauty. Away from the bright lights and booming beats of Ibiza's clubbing hotspots there is so much to see and do. For beach bums, the island's jagged coastline hugs over eighty beaches and secluded bays, backed by villages of whitewashed houses tumbling down a lush landscape dotted with olive and pine trees.

The largest beach on the island is found at Playa D'en Bossa but many other resorts feature several smaller beaches for tourists to sample and enjoy.

Ibiza Town’s past

The cultural hub of the entire island is found within the capital Ibiza Town. The entire old town of Dalt Villa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which protects and preserves the history from further development and commercialisation. Walk through its cobbled streets and explore its medieval architecture and authentic shops and bars. Make sure you climb to the top and visit the castle, before turning round and admiring the spectacular panoramic view across the new town and coastline.

The island has a history that was initially formed by Greek Roman influences and affected by North African pirates. Now though despite the Roman architecture, the feeling of Ibiza is distinctly Spanish. The clubbing areas however take on all sorts with visitors from all over the world rushing to join the party.

World’s best party island

Ibiza's nightlife is world famous. The DJs, the venues, the events and the atmosphere are all sought after from casual clubbers to hardcore music lovers.

There are three main party destinations in Ibiza: San Antonio Town which is populated predominantly by Brits, Ibiza Town and Playa D'en Bossa which are close enough to share many popular clubs including Pacha and Space.

Playa D'en Bossa features long daytime parties at the Bora Bora Beach Bar where you can enjoy music and cocktails in the sun. You'll have your stamina tested because most clubs and some bars stay open until 6am.

The party season usually lasts from around May to October and many clubs and bars often close for the winter after this time.

Familiar tastes

The food offered on Ibiza holidays is typically Mediterranean with Spanish traditions on offer too. Paella is widely served with seafood or chicken variations while there are terrific wines served throughout all restaurants.

You'll still find unique dishes in Ibiza with flaons, cottage cheese filled pastry, bullit de peix a fish stew, and arròs de matança, rice with pork.

The majority of resorts cater for tourists with internationally favoured meals with Italian and Chinese options while there is often a British pub never too far away.

Hippy markets

If you love shopping for local souvenirs then you won't be left disappointed by Ibiza's markets. The most popular to see on the entire island is Es Cana's Hippy Market. Held every Wednesday, the cultural tradition sells a wide array of original art, jewellery and ornaments as well as hosting live music and entertainers while you shop.

For something more thorough and recognisable, San Antonio is home to the island's only department store, which is four storeys tall, while Ibiza Town has a terrific selection of independent sellers and boutiques.

Getting there

The flight from the UK to Ibiza takes approximately 2-3 hours depending on where you fly from.

The island is small and the furthest transfer time from Ibiza Airport is 40 minutes. It will take less than 20 minutes to reach Ibiza Town or San Antonio on the west coast.

Car hire can be useful but Ibiza has a very thorough and well-priced public bus service running through the island. Several run from the airport and almost all resorts include a convenient way to travel to the capital, Ibiza Town.