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Cape Verde Islands


Cape Verde Holidays

This 10-island, mid-Atlantic archipelago offers year round sunshine so is great for a winter getaway. The endless glistening beaches and sapphire-coloured sea, in which to spot turtles and whales, are major draws. Conditions are also prime for hiking in the mountain ranges and taking advantage of the winds for watersports.

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Island heritage

Located 500 kilometres away from mainland Senegal in West Africa, these volcanic islands are diverse, but they also have many things in common.

The previously uninhabited Cape Verde archipelago was first discovered by the Portuguese in the 15th century, creating what was the first European settlement in the tropics. Today, African and Brazilian influences are evident in everything from the food to the architecture and dance. And while the official written language used on the islands is Portuguese, a local Creole language is also spoken.

Where to stay in Cape Verde Islands

Boa Vista
Boa VistaView on Map

With 55 kilometres of beaches, a desert landscape and sand dunes, you'll be amazed at what you see. This is a tranquil island that's great for relaxing and for discovering the wonderful marine life famous in the area, including humpback whales and loggerhead turtles.

SalView on Map

One of the most popular of the Cape Verde islands, Sal offers near-permanent sunshine glazing over some seriously swoon-worthy beaches. Holidays here are laid-back in nature, spent sharing the shores with wind surfers, floating in salt ponds or marvelling at the spooky natural sites you'll have to see to believe.


Quick Tips

  • Roman Catholic
  • Escudo
  • Portuguese
  • Approx 500,585
  • GMT - 1hr

The alternative Caribbean

If you're looking to relax on sandy beaches with clear blue water, this is the place for you. You can always island-hop once you're there, but one of the most popular destinations for a bit of sun and sand is the fishing port of Santa Maria, located in the south of the island of Sal.

This bustling area with its palm trees, cobbled streets and colourful houses is filled with cafes, restaurants and boutiques. But it's the eight-kilometre stretch of fine sand, appearing to disappear off into the distance, that is the real attraction. At a fast walking pace, it takes around an hour to get from one end to the other.

Enjoy the views of this paradise island by putting your feet up on a sunlounger with a glass of rum – Aguardiente is the traditional tipple and available at most beach bars.

Sal is actually Portugese for 'salt', as this is a former centre for salt production. If you head to Pedra Lume Salt Crater, you can lie back and experience the strange sensation of floating Dead Sea-style in the warm volcanic water. You can even indulge in a medicinal clay bath afterwards.

Sea life

The Cape Verde islands offer a fantastic array of marine life. You can whale-watch between May and September, go snorkelling and diving, or experience some turtle-watching on Sal and Boa Vista. Boa Vista – the name means 'beautiful view' – has 55 kilometres of uninterrupted sandy coastline which is abundant with creatures.

The archipelago is one of the most important nesting areas in the world for big loggerhead turtles. You can take a night safari to see the turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs, but do try to pick a reputable conservation company to guide you.

If you're a nature-lover and want to see the many species inhabiting the islands all in one place, take a day trip to Santiago. It's the largest island in this archipelago, and also boasts green, or verde, valleys, unusual given Cape Verde's proximity to the Sahara desert.