Cape Verde Holidays 2024/2025

Cape Verde holidays offer you year round beaming sunshine, endless glistening beaches and mountain ranges prime for hiking. This 10-island, mid-Atlantic archipelago is great for a winter getaway to banish those blues.

The Cape Verde Islands are fast becoming the go-to destination for a slice of paradise at affordable prices. Browse our cheap Cape Verde holidays and get your slice, today.

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Cape Verde Holiday Deals

Where is Cape Verde? A brief introduction

Located 500km away from mainland Senegal in West Africa, the volcanic islands of Cape Verde are incredibly diverse from one another, but they also have many things in common.

The previously uninhabited Cape Verde islands were first discovered by the Portuguese in the 15th century, creating what was the first European settlement in the tropics. Today, African and Brazilian influences are evident in everything from the food to the architecture and even dance styles. And, while the official written language used on the islands is Portuguese, a local Creole language is also spoken.

The islands boast a warm climate where the the hottest months are August and September, when you can expect average temperatures of around 28°C. With January, the coldest month, still sizzling at around 23°C, holidays are enjoyable all year round. In fact, many prefer the cooler temperatures for vigorous pursuits and sightseeing. You’ll also find these winter months will be the best for cheap Cape Verde holiday deals.

So, holidays to Cape Verde are nothing short of beaming sunshine, rich culture and a fascinating heritage to experience and learn about.

Holidays in Cape Verde


Cape Verde; the alternative Caribbean

If you’re looking to relax on sandy beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters, holidays to Cape Verde are the ultimate choice for you. One of the most popular destinations in the Cape Verde islands is the fishing port of Santa Maria, located in the south of the island of Sal.

This bustling area with its palm trees, cobbled streets and colourful houses is filled with cafes, restaurants and boutiques. It’s such a picturesque destination, you’ll be in awe the whole time.

But, it’s the eight kilometre stretch of fine sand, appearing to disappear off into the distance, that is the real attraction. At a fast walking pace, it takes around an hour to get from one end of the beach to the other. A lovely morning stroll along the shore followed by an afternoon of sunbathing – it couldn’t get much better, could it?

Holidays in the Cape Verde Islands offer so much to all kinds of holiday goers, so whether you choose that stroll along the beach, the sunbed calling your name, or the adrenaline fuelled watersports bouncing across the waves, it will feel like paradise.

Sea life in the Cape Verde Islands

Cape Verde holidays also offer a fantastic array of marine life to go with all that pristine sand and sea. You can whale-watch between May and September, go snorkelling and diving, or enjoy turtle-watching on both Sal and Boa Vista. The crystal clear waters of Cape Verde make snorkelling and diving an incredible experience that can’t be matched – be sure to take an underwater camera for some jaw dropping photos!

In Cape Verde you’ll learn that it’s one of the most important nesting areas in the world for big loggerhead turtles. There’s plenty of excursions available so you can enjoy this incredible phenomena. For example, you can take a night safari and watch the turtles come ashore ready to lay their eggs – adorable. It’s worth researching for these excursions to get the best price possible.

Delicious cuisine

The rich and varied culture across Cape Verde hugely includes Cape Verdean food. Influenced by Creole, African and Portuguese flavours – it’ll be nothing like you’ve tasted before.

Most of the produce used in the dishes you’ll try – onions, tomatoes, cabbage, dried beans and kale – is all home grown across the islands. Fresh locally caught fish is incorporated into much of the food, and you can even watch the fishermen sell their day’s catch on the piers!

A dish you must try is the Capucha rice: a slow-cooked stew with marinated tuna, beans, mashed corn and vegetables. It’s Cape Verde’s national dish, so it would be rude not to!

Another way to immerse yourself into the Cape Verdean culture is to visit the traditional African markets where you’ll get the chance to try an abundance of different flavours. But, if tasting the local delicacies doesn’t tickle your fancy, you’ll also find plenty of other delicacies on the islands – including the universally known and loved pizza. Even if you’re staying All Inclusive it’s worth trying a few different restaurants for the full experience.

Of course, your Cape Verde holiday wouldn’t be complete without a glass of rum – Aguardiente is the traditional tipple and available at most beach bars – and doesn’t cost much either! A cheap holiday in Cape Verde with your feet up drinking rum, pretty good, right?

Cheap days out exploring

Cape Verde holidays are perfect for a bit of island-hopping, because why only see part of this paradise when you can see it all! Every island has an alluring history and beautiful beaches you’ll be keen to experience, and most of the time, they won’t cost a thing.

For starters, an interesting fact is that Sal is actually Portuguese for ‘salt’, as it was once a centre for salt production. If you head to Pedra Lume Salt Crater, you can lie back and experience the strange sensation of floating Dead Sea-style in the warm volcanic water. You can even indulge in a medicinal clay bath afterwards.

Boa Vista – meaning ‘beautiful view’ – is another popular spot, with 55km of uninterrupted sandy coastline which is abundant with a plethora of beautiful creatures, plus, with 350 days of sunshine every year it’s all the more pleasant to explore.

In Sal Rei, the capital of Boa Vista, there are colonial buildings as well as an impressive church, which serve as a stark reminder of the islands’ slave trade past. These make fascinating spots for history buffs and those who can appreciate great architecture.

Nature lovers choose holidays to Cape Verde for a reason – there’s just so much wildlife to see. Take a day trip to Santiago to see as many of the island’s inhabitants as possible. It’s the largest of the Cape Verde islands, and also boasts green, or verde, valleys, which is a special sight given its proximity to the Sahara desert. Capturing pictures here will make for a magical scrapbook!

Frequently asked questions about holidays to Cape Verde

With hot temperatures and sunny skies all year round, there is no best month to go to Cape Verde. You can relax and enjoy the white sandy beaches that surround these islands any time.

Depending on if you want to see the turtles nesting, July to October can give you the best chance for this.

The winter months can be the best months for cheap Cape Verde holidays.

Cape Verde is hot all year round, but the hottest month is September where temperatures reach around 28. Although, this also happens to be the wettest month.

With temperatures averaging between 24 and 30 degrees most of the year, you’re guaranteed sizzling sun no matter where you are.

Cheap Cape Verde holidays are more than doable – especially with Holiday Hypermarket.

A great way to find the best deals is to be flexible with your departure dates and duration, as even one day later could save you hundreds.

Also, keep an eye out for discounts and offers to help reduce the price even further.

Choosing an All Inclusive holiday to Cape Verde can help keep the cost down too, and prevent overspending while you’re away. All Inclusive packages include flights, luggage, transfers, hotel stay and food and drink in your hotel, all in the price you pay before you fly.

Sal and Boa Vista offer the most popular beaches with gorgeous golden sands, extensive coastlines and incredible views.

Sal can be more popular for those looking for a beach heavy holiday, while Boa Vista can be more for those looking to explore.

Cape Verde is a great holiday destination for all.

With so much to do and explore across the Cape Verde Islands, plus the beaming sunshine year round, Cape Verde makes a great holiday destination for couples, families, friends, or a solo break!

There are some incredible hotels in Cape Verde, and there are plenty that offer a variety of amenities for children, in particular, RIU Funana has a gigantic pool for plenty of swimming and splashing around, plus, Hotel Riu Touareg looks like a castle!