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Roda holidays

Families are invited to enjoy this peaceful village and its massive beach on Roda holidays.

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Comfortable cultural settings

Roda is an old fishing village that now acts as a terrific tourist destination. There isn't a commercialised feel within this peaceful destination but there are plenty of facilities and amenities to make visitors settle in with ease.

The town's beach features enough room to give everyone space even at the height of tourism season and there is also a great selection of restaurants and nightspots to enjoy too.

All members of the family will find something to love in Roda. The casual activities keep things fun while thrill seekers can visit nearby towns that host waterparks and watersports.

Quick Tips

  • Greek Orthodox
  • Euro
  • Greek
  • GMT +2

Walking the circumference of Roda

The beach is fantastic and the village is homely but the nature that forms the makeup of Roda is beautiful. You can view the coastline on Spiro's Voyager Boats and drive your own boat along the coastline, spotting cliffs, forests and other resorts along the way.

Back on land the area that surrounds Roda remains untouched and presents a spectacular opportunity to go on long hikes and horse rides. Venture through forests, olive groves and even on the beach to inhale the natural aura found in this part of northern Corfu. You may even stumble across the ruins of a temple that was dedicated to the Greek God Apollo.

If you're looking for fun and activity then Acharavi's part of the beach features a larger selection of watersports. The town also hosts the Hydropolis Waterpark where the slides are suitable for all ages and you can enjoy food and drinks included in the price of an All Inclusive ticket.

Two tones to your nights out

Typically there are two themes offered throughout the nightlife of Roda. There is the modern, upbeat tempo found within the bars by the beachfront, and there is the casual laidback vibes experienced within the bars and tavernas in the old village settings.

You can choose to enjoy whichever tone you're in the mood for at both with the majority of places serving meals and an array of alcoholic drinks. Relax in the cool settings of the Boathouse or enjoy the live entertainment often hosted by the Drunken Sailor.

Roda’s shopping options

Roda offers a good selection of gift shops and jewellery stores throughout the town with some especially traditional items sold within the shops of the old village area. A popular place to shop for handcrafted necklaces, scarfs, bags, bathing suits and more is Queen's Accessories.

Guests who chose Self Catering holidays in Roda will be thankful for the supermarkets found throughout the resort where simple souvenirs, food and drinks can be purchased.

BBQ trips

The spectacular eateries found in Roda are spread between the beach front and the village settings. Ninos on the Beach is a beautiful spot by the coast that serves a range of Greek and European foods while the Roda Park Restaurants serves local delights outside in vivid green surroundings.

The food on offer in Roda is as scrumptious as anywhere else but there are often special BBQ trips available where you set sail from the coast to taste terrific flavours across Corfu and other islands.

Bus station by the beach

The drive from Corfu International Airport to Roda should take less than an hour but a coach transfer to your accommodation may take slightly longer depending on drop-offs at other resorts.

Car hire is the easiest way to get around from Roda with Acharavi and Sidari slightly further along the coast. You could also take public transport around Corfu with the Roda Bus Station being found right by the beach.

Best time of year to visit

Summer is Roda's most popular tourism time with temperatures regularly reaching the thirties in degrees Celsius. Average highs tend to stay around and above 20°C from April until November.

Roda feels much livelier when families visit during the summer holidays. The restaurants, bars and attractions, like the Hydropolis Waterpark, usually shut down for a winter break before opening up again to welcome the influx of tourists.

Roda holidays

Families are invited to enjoy this peaceful village and its massive beach on Roda holidays.