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Slovenia holidays

A summer beach vacation, a winter ski resort, or floral displays when the country is in bloom, pick your perfect getaway on Slovenia holidays.

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Europe’s most versatile destination

Classed as a Mediterranean country, the coastline of Slovenia leads out to the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea where you can experience classic summer holidays in Portoroz. Head inland where its lakes and mountains forming a beautiful and picturesque landscape.

Travel up the Julian Alps where one of Slovenia's biggest and best ski resorts is found by Kranjska Gora. The resort also sits on the northern edge of the massive Triglav National Park while Lake Bled and Bohinjsko offer soothing and scenic lakeside breaks on the southern side.

Slovenia holidays present couples and families with fantastic opportunities to spend time together. Whether you're sunning yourself on the sand, skiing down a snowy mountain or sailing towards a secluded church, you'll come away with unforgettable memories from Slovenia.

Where to stay in Slovenia

Quick Tips

  • Roman Catholic
  • Euro
  • Slovenian
  • Approx 2.06 million
  • GMT +1

A tremendous holiday portfolio

Not many European countries can offer completely opposite holiday styles but Slovenia is perfectly positioned to enjoy a range of climates and terrain.

Portoroz is the postcard image of a beach holiday where bars and restaurants line the smooth sandy beach. The mountains surround the resort ensuring nature plays a big part of your holidays here but the wildlife continues to flourish as you head inland.

Lake Bled, by the town of Bled and Lake Bohinj, by Bohinjsko are terrific towns built by large and peaceful bodies of water. You're free to explore the miles of forests, valleys and mountains by the towns and hikers also love these resorts due to the various paths and trails.

Head higher into the hills during the right season and you can experience one of Europe's best kept secrets. The Snow Park is a fantastic ski facilities found on the snow-capped Julian Alps. Skiers and snowboarders of all abilities glide down the hills by Kranjska Gora and the courses are also used during the Alpine Skiing World Cup.

New identity

Despite having a presence in European history for centuries, Slovenia only became recognised as an independent nation in 1991. However, there are some terrific noteworthy attraction to find around the country with churches, castles and other structures dating back hundreds of years.

Lake Bled features two particularly noteworthy iconic buildings. At the centre of the alluring Lake Bled is a small island with a white church built on it while up in the hills surrounding the town is Bled Castle.

Evening opportunities

Amongst the lakes, valleys, forests and mountains found inland on holidays in Slovenia, the nightlife remains light with sociable settings that encourage conversation rather than screaming and dancing.

The lakes look superbly serene under the moonlight but Kranjska Gora, on the northern side of the Julian Alps, is much livelier with ski resort bars and casinos offering nightly entertainment.

Out by the coast Portoroz opens up exciting bars along the coast with music and drinks available by the beach and at the nearby old port in Piran.

Bargain hunters’ haven

Slovenia adopted the euro in 2007 but the country remains one of the cheapest destinations in Europe and you'll find that food and drinks won't set you back much at all.

More traditional towns like the ones by the lakes sell a small amount of local goods which double up as ideal souvenir opportunities. By the coast at Portoroz there are some great designer stores to find fashionable items in while Kranjska Gora has some wonderful local stalls selling home grown produce.

Slovenian cuisine

Dishes from all over Europe have helped to form the menus found in Slovenian restaurants. The Mediterranean themes are dashed with a hint of French, German and Austrian flavours to set it apart from traditional Med countries.

Various meat dishes are listed under complicated foreign names so just ask if you want to try the local options such as liver sausage, black pudding and tripe. The countrymen display their weakness for sweets come dessert with fantastic treats such as Krofi, Mlinci and Bobi.

Waterside dining is a favourite commodity offered by many restaurants here with beachside opportunities in Portoroz, lakeside in Bohinj and Bled, while dinners up the mountains in Kranjska Gora provide stunning views that stretch for miles.

Getting there

Flights from UK airports to Slovenia are ideally short. Take off from the UK and you could be landing at Ljubljana in just two hours.

The drive to your resort will depend on your chosen location. Ljubljana is at the centre of the country and the drive will take between 30 minutes and an hour.

You can travel around your immediate area thanks to buses and taxis or you can often grab a bus into the capital. If you'd like to explore on your own then you should hire a car.