Arillas Holidays 2024/2025

The quiet resort of Arillas spans two kilometres on the northwest side of Corfu. Made up of a golden beach with shallow, child-friendly waters, Arillas tends to attract couples and families who are looking for a more sheltered and modest holiday to Greece.

Arillas Holiday Deals

Peaceful getaway

Quiet Arillas has ample amenities in the way of bars, restaurants and shops, to keep people on Corfu holidays entertained. The stores make it all too easy to fill up the fridge in your apartment, your picnic basket, or your suitcase with all the spoils of the Greek landscape. Tavernas will serve up great Greek cuisine for you while you sit back and watch the famous Corfiot sunset.

Arillas is just 35 kilometres from Corfu airport, with connections via coach leaving regularly from the resort centre. Alternatively, details on car hire are available from both the airport and the resort. You’ll find it easy to get to the airport and the capital city of Corfu Town as well, via public transport on the island.

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  • A true beachside retreat

    Arillas beach is something a little special. It’s a Blue Flag award-winner, meaning it’s clean and clear all year round. Despite families and couples being attracted to its golden shores, Arillas beach never gets too busy. It’s always peaceful and welcoming, with plenty of room to sling down a towel or two. Visit the seafront’s bars and tavernas to get lunch or a refreshment, all with your stuff in plain view.

    There are more beaches in the Arillas area that also come highly recommended. Top of the list is Aghios Georgios North beach, which boasts the best windsurfing, water-skiing and sailing on the island due to its swift headwinds. Also check out Aghios Stefanos beach for a mile of soft sand and shallow waters – perfect for water fun and beach games.

    An island break from an island holiday

    From Arillas you’ll notice a small cluster of islands on the horizon. These are the Diapontia Islands, of which three are inhabited. The major islands – Othonoi, Ereikoussa and Mathraki – are all reachable by boat trip, one of the most memorable days out available to visitors of Arillas. You’ll find boats leave from Aghios Stefanos regularly, with options to visit one or all of the inhabited islands.

    Othonoi is very quiet and secluded, so you can feel totally alone on your very own strip of beach. From your personal patch of sand you just might see dolphins, which swim freely around the Diapontia Islands.

    Mathraki is worth a visit for the incredible harbour you come into by ferry. Just three restaurants make up the village, with the rest of the island taken up by hiking opportunities and homes for just over 300 residents. Ereikoussa has the Canal D’Amour in Sidari, a must-see natural wonder, which act as a rite of passage to its old harbour.

    The famous Arillas wine festival

    Arillas has its very own wine festival, which runs annually around late August/early September. Islanders gather from all around to eat incredible grilled souvlaki, drink local wines, Corfiot beer and dance the final days of the summer away in style. It’s very cheap – just ‚¬3 a carafe – and you can see first-hand the wine-making process with grapes being crushed underfoot.

    Visit the island's capital

    Corfu Town is just 35 kilometres from Arillas. If you’ve not hired a car while on Corfu, you’ll find buses run easily and regularly to and from the city. When you get there, the walk along the seafront to the Old Fortress is stunning. A 15th Century build, the fortress defended the city against three Ottoman sieges and still stands strong and magnificent.

    The market stalls in Corfu Town are situated within complicated winding streets which lose travellers within them. All your souvenirs are here to be found, including Corfiot olive oil, wines, beers, homeware and clothing. Plus there are plenty of bars and tavernas to get lunch and dinner in before heading back to Arillas for a nightcap and a breathtaking sunset.


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