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Tunisia Holidays

Hot and sunny in all the right ways, Tunisia is your go-to destination for beaches with a side dish of culture. Here, UNESCO sites and waterparks tick the classic holiday boxes, while the nightlife scenes at individual resorts keep you on your toes.

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Sun-drenched and sand-specked

Tunisia might only be a sliver of a country on the North African coast, but this little spot leaves a big impression in the world of sun-laced holidays.

Although Tunisia edges along the Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert, up on the Mediterranean coast is a beach haven lined with impressive resorts, waterparks and nightlife, not to mention its fair share of history.

Each of the resorts you'll choose from for luxury Tunisia holidays, though equally warm and permeated with the country's Arabic heritage, comes in different shapes and sizes.

Hammamet is the country's original holidaymaker's haven, while Djerba stuns with classic beach-scapes and whitewashed architecture. And then there's Sousse, the shiniest jewel in Tunisia's culture crown, complete with a UNESCO World Heritage Site and museums galore.

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Where to stay in Tunisia

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Tunisia's most popular holiday resort, Sousse has all the elements for a unforgettable seaside retreat. Sun-kissed beaches, fantastic nightlife venues and superb restaurants only scrape the surface. Sousse's magnificent ancient past takes centre stage here, with a UNESCO World Heritage Medina complete with a 9th-century mosque and military castle.

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  • Islam
  • Tunisian Dinar
  • Arabic
  • Approx 10,600,000
  • GMT +1

Sandy goodness

When you get that first taste of heat on your All Inclusive holidays to Tunisia, you'll thank your lucky stars at the sight of the beaches. Djerba has some of the most picturesque shores in Tunisia, ringed with off-white sand that makes way for bright blue water.

Hammamet Beach is popular for swimming and watersports, and with thatched umbrellas speckling the shore, it's not half bad for sunbathing, either.

Sousse offers no shortage of beaches, with The Promenade, Boujaffar Beach and Hammam to its name. Here, you'll find everything from restaurants and bars, hotels and watersports aplenty. Everything holiday-centric is kept right within reaching distance from the beach, so you never have to give up your coveted spot on the sand.

Holiday favourites

The activities in Tunisia don't just stop with history and the beaches – out here, there are waterparks and theme parks to keep you busy, and that's just the beginning. In Sousse, you've got the AquaSplash Thalassa waterpark and the Acqua Palace down in Port el Kantaoui.

Over in Hammamet, you've got Carthageland, a waterpark-fun park hybrid that's especially popular for little ones. You'll also find the neighbourhood of Yasmine Hammamet here – it was designed with holidaymakers in mind, filled with tourist shops and hotels.

There are also horseback riding trips, snorkelling and scuba diving excursions and cruises on a pirate ship. If you're keen to see more of Tunisia, these activities will help you do it in a whole new way.

Tunisian spice

The cuisine in Tunisia is vast and varied in terms of flavours and origin – you can thank the country's long history of fluctuating rulers for that.

Tunisian food is known as being particularly spicy and has the distinct taste of Mediterranean fare, but with the evolution of tourism here, there's very little you can't find. French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and even popular brands like Hard Rock all have their place in Tunisia, ensuring you're well-tended to where your tastebuds are concerned.