India Holidays 2024/2025

Vast, sunlit, surprising and exciting, India is a country of contrasts. Its huge size doesn’t make it any less personal a trip though, and from beaches to city breaks to authentic cuisine and sumptuous shopping, you’ll find it a country with lots to offer.

India Holiday Deals 2024/2025

The trip of a lifetime

It’s no secret that India travel has picked up the pace in the last few years. This beautiful, culturally rich country is no longer the mainstay of backpackers and soul-searching solo travellers. Today, India’s vastness and warmth welcome visitors of every sort, from couples to families or adventurous spirits looking to tame the wild.

And what wild landscapes these are. Kayaking or white water rafting the Subansiri, paragliding over the beaches and rolling hills of Goa, windsurfing past Baga Beach and much more make this a huge landscape of adventures.

It’s worth planning ahead as the activities available can vary depending on the time of year, but whether you’re planning to drink and dance, hike or snorkel, or simply lay back and relax, it will be easy to keep yourself entertained and happy wherever you go.


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    Culture and community

    Indian culture in all its colour and upbeat glory is felt across the world today, from the movies of Bollywood to the music, fashion and cuisine that makes India so inspiring. While you may see India in your mind’s eye as a sunlit land of landmarks like the Taj Mahal and jam-packed cities like Mumbai and Delhi, the real story is far more deep and intricate.

    Although there are no shortage of places to visit in India, holidaymakers appreciate locations like Arpora. This seaside town boasts beautiful beaches, but also plenty of tradition and real Indian spirit. Nowhere is that more alive than its food or its bustling Saturday night market, where haggling and bargain hunting after dark draw locals and visitors each week.

    Coastal charm

    Holidaymakers fall in love with India’s beaches as soon as their soles touch the sand. Rich, vibrant shores are this country’s speciality, with beautiful blue water underneath an equally pristine sky. From the secluded beaches of Candolim in Goa to the active party spirit of the Malabar Coast in Kerala, these are stretches of shore unlike anywhere else in the world.

    Yet for all their tropical flavour, they offer lots of variety. You’re free to lay back and sun yourself with the best of them, but can also get to grips with some scuba gear or water-skis and brave the waves. Boat trips are another popular pastime, and with history as rich as India’s, it seems every wave and waterway has a new tale to tell.

    Unforgettable food

    While we all like to think we’ve sampled good Indian food in our time, nothing prepares you for the sensational flavours found right where it all began. Far more than poppadoms and curries, Indian food is a rich tapestry of spiced meats, flavoursome fruits and wholesome baked goods.

    Holidays to India promise a heady mix of sublime street food and select dishes carefully prepared in family restaurants, as nourishing as they have been for generations. Better yet, tours can often whisk you through the rice fields and tea gardens that make these flavours possible.

    Look deep enough and you’ll also find that India’s got a love of world cuisine, so you can expect dishes from China, Italy, France, Japan and beyond to be winging their way to your plate if you choose.

    Back to nature

    Some of the most vivid and memorable sights in the world await you in India, from its wildlife to is varied landscapes. For instance, you can ski down or spot nature on snowy peaks here if you please, thanks to mountain ranges that offer untamed winter wonderlands where rare snow leopards wait to be discovered.

    The majestic Indian beasts for which the country’s found fame though, like Bengal tigers and towering elephants, can be seen up close and personal at destinations like the national park in Periyar, Kerala. This intricately kept protected space is a walk on the wild side to be savoured, especially if you opt to tour it on a bamboo raft.

    You’ll find nature trails and specialist tours wherever you roam in India though, as well as more off the beaten track pursuits like cave exploration and paragliding. It’s up to you to uncover its secrets, although you’re just as welcome to lie back with a good book and soak up the sunshine in this stunning and evocative country.


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