Stockholm Holidays 2024/2025

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, and is the largest city in the country. The city is home to the Swedish Government, the Parliament and also the official residence of the Swedish Monarch. Due to its location on the globe, Stockholm’s shortest day the capital sees a mere six hours of sunlight, while on the longest day it’s light for nearly 21 hours. Stockholm is built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges, on the central coast of eastern Sweden. Thanks to its watery location, it has 96 beaches to explore.

Stockholm Holiday Deals 2024/2025

Discover The Arts

Sweden’s reputation in the music game is pretty first class, and some of the greatest pop bands and singers have come from the city. Think Abba, The Cardigans and Roxette – all these music legends come from here and when walking around Stockholm you can see plenty of the places that helped to inspire their legendary tunes.


As with many cities around the world, you’re surrounded by art whether you choose to visit a museum or you’re just strolling the streets. Stockholm’s Old Town, known as Gamala Stan, has beautiful cobbled streets that are lined with colourfully painted buildings that give you an insight into the city’s history. Art also pops up in the most unusual places in Stockholm – the world’s longest art gallery is here and it happens to be the city’s subway network. The majority of the subway’s stations are adorned with paintings, sculptures and mosaics which welcome passengers each day. 


Fotografiska, opened in 2010, has become one of the world’s leading photography museums and one of Stockholm’s most popular attractions. Located along the quay on the north side of Södermalm, the museum occupies an Art Nouveau building that was originally a customs house, built in 1906. Fotografiska presents at least 20 different photography exhibitions per year, featuring a mix of well-known photographers and rising stars representing a variety of styles and techniques.

Beachy Keen

Due to its watery location, being built over 14 islands, Stockholm has quite a few beaches to explore nearby. Two of the most popular spots can be found right in the city centre and these are Langholmsbadet and Smedssuddsbadet. Each spot is geared up for visitors, and has spots to grab a bite to eat or drink, as well as toilets if you need to use them. In the summer, they can get pretty busy as they are so popular, so be sure to get down early to ensure you have the best sunbathing spot.

Just outside of town, a short bus ride away, you’ll find Stockholm’s largest open-air bathing place, Lake Flatensjon, which can be found in the borough of Skarpnack. If you enjoy a bit of an adrenaline rush, there’s a diving tower here ready for you to take a plunge into the waters below. There’s also a jetty you can lounge on, as well as the beach, so there’s plenty of places to kick back and relax. For fidgety little ones, you’ll be pleased to know they’ll be kept occupied by the climbing frame and mini golf that are right by the lake. 

There are also a handful of boat tours that you can enjoy from Stockholm, and one of our favourites is the trip to Sandhamn. It is the furthest island away from the centre of Stockholm, and although its beach is pretty small, it’s one of the most beautiful! It’s called Trouville and is about a 20 minute walk from the harbour, it’s well worth a visit.

Tasty Treats

Fika, otherwise known to Brits as afternoon tea, is a much-loved daily ritual in Sweden, and Stockholm’s A* food scene definitely does not disappoint when it comes to the mid-day treat. As you wander around the city, you will come across a variety of cafes that put their own twist on fika. Menus can include everything from flat whites to fruity teas, saffron buns to rye open sandwiches. 

Though not one for everyone, pickled herring is a firm favourite when it comes to Swedish holiday buffet spreads. Don’t be put off by its super smelly fermented herring cousin from Scandinavia, pickled herring comes in many forms and is a staple of Swedish cuisine. If you feel brave enough to give it a go, it’s usually enjoyed with boiled potatoes or on rye bread.

Unsurprisingly, one of the tastiest dishes to come from Sweden is the meatballs. As many Brits will know, no trip to IKEA is complete without chowing down on the meaty delights as a mid-shopping treat. When visiting Stockholm, it’s a must to try the dish in the furniture store’s home country. While meatballs may not be authentically Swedish, serving them with mashed potatoes, gravy and lingonberry jam has become a staple in Swedish cuisine.

Seeing Stockholm

If you simply can’t visit a city without checking out its shopping scene, then you’re in luck in Stockholm. Whether you’re looking for a budget friendly bargain or want to treat yourself to a high end designer piece, there’s a wide range of shops which cover all bases. Each Saturday and Sunday afternoon, you can enjoy the wares in the Hotorget flea market which has all sorts on offer from second hand clothes to books and bric a brac. Ostermalm is the place to be when it comes to pricey items – silky soft knitwear and eye-widening jewels are on offer here. 

Are you more of a laid back evening person or a lively soul who likes to party all night? Either way, Stockholm’s nightlife will definitely excite you. Fasching is Stockholm’s most famous music venue and here you can enjoy plenty of jazz filled evenings. You can enjoy a year-round programme of artists, so no matter when you plan to visit there’ll be lots of shows to enjoy. The jazz club also turns into a nightclub at midnight if you’re ready to carry the night on. Tradgarden is a popular outdoor club that brings all the best festival vibes, you’ll find it under Skanstull Bridge. You can dance the night away to live music here, all while enjoying drinks, burgers and even a game of table tennis. Of course, since it’s an outdoor venue, it’s only open in the summertime.

If you’re keen for a dose of culture, take a peek at Stockholm’s long list of museums. The ABBA Museum plays tribute to the famous Swedish band’s costumes, music and performances. The Vasa Museum is also a must-visit – it’s home to a warship with a pretty impressive backstory.


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