Kanoni Holidays 2024/2025

Once upon a time, Kanoni was considered the capital and heart of Corfu. The lagoon, which forms the main body of the area, was a protected port and people would travel to and from the island regularly through this threshold. Now the lagoon is a paradise for people on holidays to Corfu, surrounded by dense vegetation and sandy shores, incredible lookouts and charming local businesses. Kanoni is a relaxing and scenic town with lots of history and two beaches.

Kanoni Holiday Deals

Countless photo opportunities

Kanoni is home to two of the most iconic attractions in Corfu – Pontikonisi Island and the Church of Pantokrator. The first of these, also known as Mouse Island, is easily accessible via water-taxi from Kanoni every day. It is said that this island was once the boat of Odysseus, but was transformed into the land mass by Poseidon. It is now a great day trip for those looking for a breathtaking escape for their Corfu holidays.

The Church of Pantokrator is the image on millions of postcards. You’ll see this little sanctuary, on a jetty stretching out to sea, in every souvenir shop in every town of Corfu. If you’re staying in Kanoni then you get to see it, picture perfect, every day. Try to make it out to the chapel without getting wet, it’s harder than it looks.

Two beaches, two different personalities

Even though Kanoni is not blessed with huge strips of sand, it is still a top Corfu seaside location. The charm and personality of the area is what attracts people to Kanoni, and this is most obvious in the beachside tavernas and bars which are locally owned and very friendly.

The two beaches in Kanoni are located on either side of the resort. The first requires a bit of a paddle to reach in high tide, but once there it is a gorgeous little strip reserved for those willing to make the journey. The second beach is located at the mouth of the Chalikopoulou lagoon and is sheltered from wind and therefore unbeatable for swimming.

A great place for plane-spotting

The Chalikopoulou lagoon at Kanoni is right at the mouth of the airport’s main runway, making the resort a huge attraction for people to come and watch the planes come in to land. If you’re standing on the dock the flights come terrifyingly close overhead – an experience you really shouldn’t miss.

If you don’t want to get too close to the aircraft then you can climb the steps up to the forest-filled cliffs where you’ll be met by a handful of gorgeous restaurants and bars with incredible views over the entire resort. This might be the best photo opportunity in Corfu, with the island, the chapel and the planes all in one shot.

Day trips to the capital

Kanoni was once the capital of Corfu, but was replaced by Corfu Town which is conveniently situated just a 10-minute drive away. The buses run regularly and efficiently from Kanoni and deliver you directly to the centre of the city, within easy reach of all the local attractions.

The old Corfu Town district is brimming with traditional tavernas and market stalls, so you can try your haggling skills on the locals. You’ll be able to pick up great souvenirs and local produce to fill your apartment or hotel fridge. If you’re looking for something a little more upmarket, the stylish and modern commercial district is ideal for shopaholics.

For history fan, the Old Fortress which overlooks the entire capital city is an absolute must-see. From way up here you can look out over a huge portion of the island. This ancient Venetian structure defended the city against three Ottoman sieges over time and still stands today as a reminder of the island’s strong culture.


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