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Dubai Holidays

The combination of luxury, city landscape and white beaches make up the one of a kind place that is Dubai. Where else can you lay on the beach, ski, shop and sail all in the same day?

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A palm tree seen in space

Raking in over 14 million visitors in 2015, Dubai is fast becoming a feature on many jetsetter's bucket list. Since the 1980s Dubai has massively transformed, building not only record breaking skyscrapers and the world's largest shopping centre but also the biggest manmade island the planet has ever seen.

Built in the shape of a palm tree, Palm Jumeriah is famous worldwide not only because there's nothing else like it but because it took nearly 100 million cubic metres of sand to build the archipelago. So whether you'd like to soak up some sun on the white sand, stay in one of the luxury hotel suites or show off your wild side by skydiving directly over it, the Palm has lots to offer.

Quick Tips

  • Islam
  • Emirati dirham
  • Arabic
  • GMT + 4

Luxury in a city of neon lights

It's said luxury is Dubai's middle name. It's no wonder with the air of elegance settling over the city, don't be surprised to spot an ATM dispensing actual bars of gold or the local police driving around in a Lamborghini, its nothing odd in the playground of the rich and famous.

Don't worry if you don't fall into either category though, you can still find yourself staying in a beautiful seven star hotel and living the high life just like the millionaires. Dubai offers all types of accommodation, activities all ages can enjoy and a huge variety of cuisines to keep even the fussiest of eaters happy.

Not to mention exploring the city is free. If you're craving some old-time Dubai culture you should head to the Bastakia Quarter. Filled with quaint retro buildings, courtyards built for wandering and quirky shops to browse, you could spend a day discovering all this old quarter has to offer. As you're almost there, you could also pop to the Dubai Heritage Village to take a walk down the Arabian memory lane.

Enjoy a mojito on the 123rd floor

It comes as no surprise that Dubai has quite a few sky view bars. The skyline threatening to pierce the clouds – if there was any – is forever growing and there's nothing like sitting back with a cold drink people watching from the roof top bar. Snug in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, beautiful sunsets make the perfect backdrop to the City of Gold so you can enjoy the views as well as the fruity drinks.

A wide range of cocktails are served on the 123rd floor of the Burj Khalifa. The contemporary At.mosphere Bar offers cosmopolitans, martinis and mojitos and a place to rest your feet with big sofas and low-level lighting. You have a clear view of Dubai Fountain Show's dancing waters and a chance to see most of Dubai's landmarks in a completely different light.

Go big or go home

Is it a shopping centre or a mini city centre? If you ask us, we'd say both. The Dubai Mall is like nothing we have here in the UK, in fact, the mall's total area is the size of 200 football pitches! If 1,200 shops to peruse weren't enough, then the ice rink – yes, an ice rink in the middle of the desert – the centre's aquarium and the underwater zoo should do the trick. There's also a huge choice of food and restaurants, including a cafe with over 50 types of cheesecake.

One the main things Dubai is famous for is shopping so make sure you take a look at the downtown markets as well as the wide range of designer shops.

Right in the middle of the desert

Despite Dubai being packed to the brim with things to occupy you, some things are worth venturing out for. There are a bunch of excursions you can do just outside the city.

You can go snorkelling with sharks in Fujairah, relax in a mineral-rich hot pool in Khatt Springs, or maybe a four-wheel drive tour across the sand dunes is more your style. You could spend a day hiking the Hajar Mountains or visit a frozen-in-time town, Khaimah. Whatever you choose to do, there's no shortage of adventures in the United Arab Emirates.

Beware though, it gets really hot here during the summer, on average June through to August its 45°C. This means October to March is a much better time to holiday in Dubai as temperatures stay in the low 30s.

A few nicknames

Dubai didn't earn the nickname 'Vegas of the Middle East' for being boring, no, Dubai is the land of the biggest, the best and definitely the glitziest. So it should come no surprise its popular with tourists from all over the world. That said, to be The City of Superlatives you have to be wild but also respect your native traditions, to find out more please visit www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/united-arab-emirates.