Monaco Holidays 2024/2025

Monaco is a tiny principality on the Mediterranean between the coasts of both Italy and France. As a matter of fact, Monaco is the second smallest sovereign state after the Vatican. Home to the Monaco Grand Prix, a holiday to Monaco will bring you nothing less than luxury and extravagance, but with Holiday Hypermarket, you can find some amazing deals and great prices.


Feel like a celebrity on holiday in Monaco

Ever flowing champagne, luxury hotel towers, and grand casinos are just a few of the extravagant sites you’ll see on holiday to Monaco. Although it is the world’s smallest country Monaco certainly makes up for its size in glamour, attracting the richest and those who want to live lavishly.

There’s something for everyone looking for their token of luxury, whether it be rolling the dice in the grand Casino, strutting your stuff along Monte Carlo beach or cruising around in a super yacht. Monaco isn’t the destination to get back to nature, but if you head to the Princess Grace Rose Garden you’ll be able to see over 150 different roses. All of these destinations guarantee selfies that your friends will swoon over!

Monaco’s famous festivals

Bask in the Monaco glitz and glam throwing being part of the infamous Monaco festivals and events. In April you can catch the Tennis Masters Series then in May, of course there is the Grand Prix! The Monaco Grand Prix stands as one of the most glamorous and famous races within the Formula 1 world and offers a unique experience you can’t get anywhere else.

Perhaps sports aren’t quite what you’re looking for, then the Monte Carlo Opera, Monaco International Non Violent Film Festival or the annual Spring Arts Festival are just as excellent too.

Monaco food and drink

Don’t expect anything less than the best when it comes to food and drink in Monaco. With cuisines and wines from all over the world you can enjoy local delicacies like barbagiuan (pastry with rice and pumpkin) or Stocafi (dried cod in tomato sauce), as well as top tier Italian dishes that taste like nothing you’ve had before. Service and standards are exceptional in Monaco making it the perfect destination for a special treat or celebration.

What’s the weather like in Monaco?

A holiday to Monaco pretty much guarantees sunny weather with around 300 days of sunshine a year! The high season in Monaco falls between June and September where glorious temperatures soar into the late twenties. April to June and October are also great months reaching into the twenties, while the winter months can see a drop to around 13 degrees. The cooler temperatures make it easier to explore and see all the sights so it’s really up to you and what is on your to-do list!


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