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Best nightlife in Kavos

Kavos enjoys an infamous reputation as one of the liveliest party meccas in all of the Greek islands. The majority of the action is located along the town's main strip, making it easier than ever to crawl from one pub to the next. The tunes will begin blasting in the late afternoon to early evening, but things don't really hot up until after the clock has struck one. Clubs are open until the sun comes up, at which point many people simply spill onto the beach to continue the night's revelry and fight the onset of the inevitable hangover.

Party hard at Future Club

One of the major club venues in town, Future Club regularly hosts massive nights with world-famous DJs in attendance. Legends of the dance scene from Cream and The Ministry of Sound have commandeered the decks to put on epic shows that last well into the night. If you like your music loud and fast, this is the place to go on holidays to Kavos.

Drinks galore at Buzz Bar

Claiming to be the biggest bar in Kavos, Buzz Bar certainly generates quite a bit of hype around itself. Opening its doors at 9pm, this lively locale plays loud music set to strobe lights and cheap cocktails, attracting a young and boisterous crowd who often overflow onto the pavement.

Foam and fiestas at Atlantis

Atlantis has fantastic DJs every night of the week and regular themed nights – think foam parties, UV light fiestas and powder paint free-for-alls - so it's no surprise this club is one of the most popular choices on the island for a late-night binge. Since it doesn't really get going until the wee hours, it's the ideal destination after you've warmed up in a few other spots.

Dancing tunes at Snobs Bar

Playing a heady mix of R'n'B, dance and hip-hop, Snobs Bar is packed to the rafters pretty much every night of the week. If it's too busy for you inside, the infectiously upbeat atmosphere carries on outdoors to make for an epic street party.

Start the night at Beetle Bar

A place which can't quite decide whether it's a bar or a club, Beetle Bar has cheap fishbowl cocktails designed to help you get the night off to a good start. The DJ is open to requests and the staff are super friendly, making it a good place to get into your stride.

Debaucherous nights at JC's

JC's claim to fame is the notorious Haribo Headf!cker concoction that began life here. The clue is in the title with this one – needless to say, you'll only need a couple to really get in your groove. Indie tunes are the order of the day at this bar without pretensions at the start of the strip.

Loud and lively at Maria's Famous Karaoke Fun Pub

Owner Maria is a larger-than-life character who is certain to liven up your evening with a deliciously potent cocktail, or four, and a spot of karaoke singing. All ages and tastes are welcome and there's no pressure to croon if you don't want to – having fun is mandatory though.

Sports galore at Wembley Bar

With screens literally all over the pub – nearing 20 in total – you can be guaranteed to watch the match you want. Rugby, football, golf, cricket, tennis… even tiddlywinks! If it's on TV, you'll see it at the Wembley Bar.

Sweet beats at Streetz Café Restaurant and Cocktail Bar

By day, Streetz serves up great food and offers free Wi-Fi to all its customers, while the plethora of TV screens mean you can watch any kind of sport or even take in a movie. Once the sun goes down, the DJ comes out with an intoxicating mix of indie, hip hop and dance anthems to make sure you have a night to remember.