Oslo Holidays 2024/2025

Oslo city breaks are packed full of art, culture and amazing sights. There are plenty of museums to explore, art galleries to uncover and natural habitats to enjoy, and thanks to Oslo’s not-so-large size, you will get the chance to do everything on your Oslo bucket list! Whether you want to dip your toes in the fjord or cast your eyes over world famous paintings, you’ll find the perfect way to spend your time in Oslo.

Oslo Holiday Deals 2024/2025

Relaxing Waters

Taking to the waters during your visit to Oslo is a great idea as you can take in the city’s beautiful skyline and scenery from the comfort of a cruise across the fjord. Many of Oslo’s buildings are very angular and futuristic, but you’ll also see the more rustic side of this waterside city.


Oslo’s waterfront location means there’s a scattering of beaches, most of them around half an hour from the city centre. However, one of Oslo’s most-loved tourist sites is Sorenga Sjobad, a manmade jetty where people go to swim and sunbathe. This popular waterfront hangout comes with shallow swimming areas and sunbathing spots.


There’s also a fantastic secret beach called Paradisbukta, which is a remote bay on the western edge of the Bygdoy peninsula. The sand is soft and fine, and the waters are beautifully clear, and with plenty of amenities on offer, this is a great spot to visit during the summer months.

Tasty Delights

Skolebrod is a perfect pastry snack to grab while you’re on the go in Oslo. It’s a type of Norwegian sweet roll that’s filled with custard, covered with delicious icing, then dunked in grated coconut. The name translates to ‘school bread’, because it was usually put in school lunch boxes as a dessert. This is a must-have treat if you spot one during your travels!

In Oslo’s Fjord, one of the most delicious treats can be found – prawns! These net-to-plate delights are some of the freshest prawns you can get, and are a delicious summery treat. Lots of the fisherman who catch prawns on this huge expanse of water have got cooking equipment onboard their boats. If you head to the Radhusbrygga dock area during the warmer months, you’ll be able to try the freshest prawns straight from the fjord. It’s worth stopping by a delicatessen for bread and a bit of mayonnaise if you fancy making a real meal of it.

For those of us who love a tipple – you can’t visit Oslo without trying Aquavit. It’s also known as the spirit of Scandia, this alcoholic beverage is distilled from grain or potatoes and tastes a bit like vodka. It’s typically served on the rocks, and it’s typical to say “skaal!” – or “cheers!” – before you drink it.

Art Attack

There are plenty of paintings, sculptures and exhibitions to explore throughout the city. In fact, Oslo has more than 50 museums to discover, all with amazing pieces of art that’ll capture your attention. On your hit-list, we definitely recommend the Kon-Tiki Museum, which showcases the ocean adventures of explorer Thor Heyerdahl, and Munch Museum, dedicated to the life and works of the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. It’s also where you can see his most famous painting, The Scream.

Another fantastic spot is the Nasjonalmuseet, the National Museum. It holds, conserves, exhibits and promotes public knowledge about Norway’s largest collections of art, architecture and design. The National Museum has been formed through the merge of several other museums, and is new for 2022, so you’ll be one of the first guests to experience the wonder!

At One With Nature

Oslo’s a green city and was named the European Green Capital in 2019, so it’s a popular pick for a holiday with sustainability at its heart. You’ll find that much of the centre is car-free and there are lots of activities that put green-living first, like swimming in the fjord! We recommend you try it first thing in the morning, like the locals. 

There’s also a fantastic bee highway. This is a safe passage built for bees to fly through Oslo. It’s a plant-and-flower-studded route, which goes from Holmenkollen in the north all the way to Lake Noklevann in the south.

You can also soak up nature on one of Oslo’s walking trails. Nordmarka is one of the most recommended spots, it’s a pine forest to the north of the city and is only a 20-minute ride away via the local Metro. It’s teeming with wildlife, from huge moose to teeny tiny termites. The forest is also peppered with lakes that are great for a mid-hike dip. If you visit in winter time, there’ll be a thick blanket of snow, so the summer months are best for walking, unless you’ve got your skis at the ready!


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