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Turkey Holidays

The accommodating climate, spectacular natural beauty and selection of modern hotels makes choosing Turkey holidays the best decision you can make this year.

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Six months of summer

This Mediterranean country has developed a terrific tourism industry over the last 20 years and it's not hard to see why. The beaches, the landscape and the history are worth the visit alone but now there are also hundreds of comfortable and accommodating hotels popping up to further entice you into visiting the country.

There is a fantastic selection of resorts across the coastal regions of south east Turkey with Izmir, Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman providing you with dozens of choices of where to stay.

If you're looking for a beach holiday then look no further than Turkey. Families will be spoilt for choice with the amount of kid-friendly hotels and exciting attractions while couples travelling alone will also find plenty to enjoy about the country. Within each region there is at least one town with a major offering of nightlife so the 18-30s crowd are provided for too.

Where to stay in Turkey

Dalaman Region
Dalaman RegionView on Map

Dalaman features some of the most traditional resorts in Turkey but each also provides plenty of tourist facilities and comforts for visitors.

The beaches are plentiful in this region but some spectacular ones stand out like the loggerhead turtle inhabited Iztuzu Beach and Olu Deniz which surrounds the Blue Lagoon.

The Dalyan River is a spectacular boat trip offered here that sees you sail by ancient rock tombs carved into the side of hills. There are plenty of shopping, dining and nightlife opportunities around Dalaman too.

Izmir Region
Izmir RegionView on Map

The Izmir Region will take you to a part of Turkey that is shrouded in natural beauty and fascinating history.

As well as the ancient city of Ephesus, Kusadasi is home to modern hotels, attractions and a total of eight great beaches. The large town also features three waterparks where the whole family can play, slide or swim with dolphins. Travel up to Izmir where the Wildlife Park is home to a range of exotic animals too.

The region also offers some fantastic shopping and dining options with Izmir cuisine often lauded as one of Turkey's best.


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Beaches, harbours and marinas

Almost all of the hotel resorts within Turkey are conveniently close to the beach. Many hotels in the Bodrum region and some within Antalya offer private beach spaces which are solely for the use of hotel guests only.

Between the Aegean Sea and the Gulf of Antalya there is a massive amount of potential for sailors, divers and water sport riders to get out on the waves. Boat rides can take you underneath streaming waterfalls by Antalya, down the historic and scenic Dalyan River in Dalaman or across to the Greek Island of Kos from Bodrum.

Bridging cultures

The country that bridges the gap between the East and the Western world is in some ways a mash up of several cultures. The ruins and relics found around the country are ancient Greek and Roman sites, the food is a blend of Mediterranean and Arabic and the tourism industry has implemented a distinctly European feel into some towns.

Each of the four holiday regions are home to ancient structures. You can choose to stay in the historic town of Side in Antalya, visit the ancient city of Ephesus in Izmir, tour Fethiye and Dalyan in Dalaman, or gaze upon the prominent Bodrum castle in its namesake region.

Go wild or get pampered

Aside from the nature and history there is plenty of fun to be had both day and night on holidays to Turkey. The whole family can have fun together as each region features at least one but often several waterparks and animals parks to enjoy.

If you're looking to relax after a long day then you'll want to seek out the world-renowned Turkish spas. Often offered by your hotels, you can enjoy a wide range of facilities and treatments. One unique refreshing area is found by the Dalyan River were the natural hot springs have formed a revitalising mud bath.

Those looking for an exciting night out need look no further than the largest town in each region. Though there are plenty of opportunities to unwind and let loose across dozens of resorts, the highlights are found in Kusadasi in Izmir, Ayaka and Marmaris in Dalaman, and Bodrum and Antalya's eponymous cities.

Turkish bazaars

Marketplaces styled like ancient Turkish bazaars are a common sight across many towns. Each seems to host a weekly market if not a daily one. Even if you don't buy anything, just walking and watching the locals buy, sell and barter is a cultural experience.

The Saturday market at Turgutreis, the stalls at Mamaris which sit in the shadow of the town's castle and the market at Izmir's Synagogue Street are said to be some of the best markets in the country.

Larger towns and even some of the big hotel complexes do offer modern shopping facilities where you can buy brand names, high-end fashion and jewellery.

Turkish cuisine

Turkey touches several cultures from its position at the end of the Mediterranean Sea and its cuisine reflects this blend.

Within Mediterranean themed and locally owned restaurants the menu will include the likes of fried vegetable dishes, meze plates, seafood and various roasted, marinated and stewed meat dishes.

A popular accompaniment to meals in Turkey is the soft drink Ayran. This foamy beverage is a cold yoghourt mixed with salt. It may not sound appealing but millions of locals can't be wrong, give it a try.

Getting there

Flight time from the UK to different airports around Turkey usually takes around four and a half hours if you're flying direct. Since Turkey is such a large country the transfers to your resorts can take up to an hour and sometimes even longer.

You can hire a car, rent a bicycle and hail a taxi in Turkey but many people choose to take the famed Dolmus bus service.

These small minibuses run constantly on set routes and will drop you off wherever you need to be along the way. Always available at cheap prices, be warned that Dolmus does mean squashed taxi though so expect to share the trip with locals.