Turkey Holidays 2024/2025

When it comes to sun, sand, and fun, Turkey holidays have a great deal to offer for all. With endless beaches, ancient ruins, and a vast selection of foods to try, a holiday to Turkey can be the ultimate combo of both adventure and relaxation. Whether you’re venturing with the family, whisking your loved one away, or on the hunt for beach bars with pals, Turkey has a lifetime of attractions with everyone in mind. 

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Turkey Holiday Deals 2024/2025

The Turkish Riviera

Breathtaking doesn’t even begin to define Turkey’s southwestern coast. The sands are kissed by both the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea and there’s miles and miles of beach with bath-water temperatures perfect for swimming. Plus, the unmatched weather conditions make holidays to Turkey even better with the scorching sun and dreamy blue sea.

Known fondly as the Turkish Riviera, with sleek marinas and eye-poppingly blue water, the Antalya region is what beachy dreams are made of. The shores are lined with stunning hotels and well serviced sand spots with plenty of bars, sun loungers and umbrellas. 

And it’s not all about just kicking back and relaxing – though there’s plenty of that – you’ll also find diving centres, an abundance of watersport rental facilities, and fun-packed boat cruises for those thrill seekers. Your holiday to Turkey can be the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation – just the way you like it.

Then, in Marmaris Marina you’ll be in awe of the luxury yachts – the kinds we all dream of having –  and enticing boutiques and charming cafes. Try a Turkish tea or grab a bite to eat in one of the divine restaurants as you look out across a spectacular view.

Holidays in Turkey


Wonders of the Ancient World

The wonders of Turkey aren’t just its beaches – Turkey is full of magnificent natural beauties scattered along the coast as well. Home to 13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as two Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – the Mausoleum of Mausolus, found in Halicarnassus near Bodrum, and the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, near the region of Izmir, in Turkey – there is plenty to keep your mind buzzing.

Fethiye and Dalyan, in the Dalaman Region, are full of history, plus, there’s ancient castles in Bodrum and Roman ruins in Side. Here, Greek amphitheatres and fascinating museums detail Turkey’s long and winding past. Turkish history extends thousands of years back before the Turkish Republic was founded in 1923 and there’s plenty to learn about it.

Of course, the world-renowned Turkish baths deserve a mention too. Unsurprisingly, these are found around nearly every corner in Turkey, offering a divine experience, a plush robe and a hard-knuckled massage. Turkish baths are a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation which dates back to 1897 and with the fast pace of life nowadays, it’s important to take time out and reserve it for oneself.

Luxury Turkey holiday packages

With a plethora of 5-star accommodations offering cuisine from all four corners of the world, on-site Turkish baths and hook-ups to some of the best activities in town, you’ll be treating yourself 24 hours a day with our Turkey holiday packages. 

There are plenty of luxury Turkey holidays to choose between, opt for marbled floors, magnificent dining areas, and unique Turkish tradition.

If you’re looking for budget Turkey holiday packages, don’t worry, we also have stylish and cheap options to suit all. Holidaying on a budget doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice all the nice things, and with a holiday in Turkey, you certainly won’t have to. You’ll have all the sun-drenched attractions and delicious dishes you could want at affordable prices.

Turkish delights

Speaking of delicious dishes, Turkish cuisine is a fabulous blend of Mediterranean and Arabic flavours, with enough homemade raki to last a lifetime. At traditional restaurants – locally known as meyhanes – you’ll be doted on with fish caught from the nearby sea, fresh produce and a smattering of mezze plates to help you get your feet wet with the local food. 

Cuisine in Turkey guarantees great meals but it doesn’t have to all be local dishes. Alongside the Turkish restaurants, you’ll find a healthy helping of British pubs, along with Greek, Indian, Chinese and American food. Whether you love to try new things and be adventurous or you like sticking to the things you know, a holiday to Turkey will have it all.

Nightlife in Turkey

Once the sun sets in Turkey, many resorts become anything but sleepy. You’ll especially find this in the more metropolitan towns like Kusadasi in Izmir, Marmaris in Dalaman, Bodrum city and Antalya city. You’ll find everything from quiet waterfront couches to lively cocktail bars, all the way to neon-lit dance clubs.

You may not immediately think of Turkey as a clubbing destination, but rest assured, if you go to the right places, the music is loud, the drinks are flowing and the dancing is unmatched. Marmaris has two bar streets, one in the centre and one along the beach so you can choose the kind of night you’re looking for and mix it up during your holiday.

Bazaar wanderings

Don’t be fooled by the term ‘ancient’ Turkish bazaars – they’re alive and well in Turkey’s popular holiday regions, and actually quite modern. Most towns will host weekly markets, if not more. Markets are always a top holiday activity and especially on a holiday to Turkey.

The best finds can be uncovered in the massive market at Turgutreis, or the stalls found in the shadow of Marmaris’ castle. Even just wandering through the stall-lined lanes is an experience in itself. Merchants manning these local markets are always up for some friendly haggling, so make sure you bring your ‘A’ game when shopping here.


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Frequently asked questions about holidays to Turkey

From June to August you’ll find the hottest temperatures in Turkey, soaring well above 30 degrees – a holiday in Turkey will certainly keep your tan topped up.

Turkey is such a great destination because you can choose to stick to a budget and holiday on the cheap without compromising on your Turkey experience, or you can choose to pay a little more to get those extra luxuries. At Holiday Hypermarket we have Turkey holiday packages that cater for everyone.

Going All Inclusive can always be super helpful when trying to stick to a budget because all your food and drink will already be included before you even depart. This will stop those hefty bar bills racking up without realising!

The best time to go to Turkey is between May and September as you’ll enjoy the hottest temperatures and least rainfall. 

June to August are the hottest and tend to be the busier months so if you’re trying to avoid the crowds, May and September may be better for you. 

Even April and October tend to be warm but in the low twenties and crowds are very minimal at these times.

The best holiday resorts in Turkey depend on what you’re looking for.

Dalaman, Antalya and Bodrum offer the main attractions. These places offer scenic views, fantastic food and an amazing atmosphere that is unrivalled. 

You’ll find a selection of All inclusive and Self Catering hotels across all these resorts, so there’s something for everyone.

Istanbul offers more of a city break feel with museums and UNESCO sites at every corner – although, you will find beaches here too!

Since March 2nd 2020, you no longer need a visa to travel to Turkey. This makes booking and paying for your Turkey holiday that much easier – what are you waiting for?

As with all holidays, you should do your research first regarding any travel restrictions and health warnings to ensure your holiday will go off without any mishaps. You can find out more about safety when on holiday in Turkey here.

The flight time from the UK to Turkey is usually around 4 hours. Just queue your two favourite movies and you’ll be there before you know it!

The currency in Turkey is the Turkish Lira. 

Turkey is 3 hours ahead of the UK – so whether you’re travelling for work or fun, it won’t cause too much disruption to your sleep or work.