Articles about Corfu

Planning a trip to Corfu? Browse through our articles for more information on the Greek island of Corfu, including in-depth weather guides and activities for both family-friendly and adrenaline-junkie holidays. Our informative articles will tell you all you need to know for your next trip, from a play-by-play of both hotels and villas to a guide of the island’s largest waterpark.

What's the weather like in Corfu?

A Greek island where holidaymakers gather to soak up the rays on some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches, Corfu is a place where playtime in the sunshine is pretty much a given all year round.

A guide to Aqualand Corfu

You’ll have a hard time pulling yourself away from the Aqualand Resort on the island of Corfu.With a full-blown hotel attached to a full-blown waterpark, it’s basically a one-stop holiday shop.

Family activities in Corfu

Few Greek islands compare when it comes to the range of activities and ways to enjoy the sun in glorious Corfu. Consider some of our recommendations ahead of your next Corfu holiday, and you’ll find that this island has more to offer than you ever imagined.

Villas vs hotels in Corfu

The best thing about holidays in Corfu is that they tend to be so steeped in the island’s rugged green landscape and beautiful beaches that no one thing can make or break your time here. We will say, however, that choosing the right accommodations can certainly help – so if you’re deciding between one of Corfu’s peaceful villas or a full-blown hotel extravaganza, we can help ease the pressure with this easy guide.

Adventure activities in Corfu

Corfu may have a reputation as one of the quieter and more laid-back Greek Islands, but it’s also a great base for any outdoor activities, thanks to its diverse landscapes and watersport-laden coastlines.