A guide to the best restaurants in Roda

As a popular and developed Corfu tourist hub, Roda is well-equipped with a wide range of restaurants and cafes to cater for the holidaymakers who seek out holidays to Corfu here each year. Predictably, the emphasis is on Greek cuisine, which uses much olive oil, honey and grains in its recipes to garnish the fresh selection of fish, meat and vegetation grown on the island’s lush interior. To sample some fine meals on your Corfu holidays, check out this rundown of 10 of the best restaurants in Roda.

Greek with a twist at Roda Park Restaurant

Situated down a narrow side street off the main strip, Roda Park’s hidden location doesn’t seem to have kept the lid on its secret – it’s invariably packed full of tourists and locals. Only the freshest ingredients and most devoted care are put into these tasty twists on traditional Greek favourites.

Quality seafood and more at El Mar Restaurant

Although perhaps slightly pricier than some of the other locales in its vicinity, El Mar makes up for the added outlay with the exquisite quality and beautiful presentation of every dish. As the name suggests, the place excels in seafood but is not restricted by the boundaries of the ocean in its menu.

Romantic rooftop garden at Alexandros Restaurant

In addition to the freshly-made succulent fare on offer, Alexandros’ main selling point is the picturesque rooftop garden. Perfect for a romantic evening meal, the view across the bay while you enjoy your meal is not to be beaten. The attentive staff will even bring you a blanket if the weather turns chilly.

Beachside dinner at The Old House

Perched at an enviable location right on the beach, The Old House is a great place to watch the sun slip beneath the waves during dinner. With excellent food, efficient but not pushy waiters and competitive prices, it’s no wonder The Old House is so popular with returning customers.

Thursday night traditions at Nikos Restaurant

This family-run affair will make you feel like a member of the household yourself by the time you leave. A hearty welcome and even heartier meals make a night at Nikos one to remember – especially if it’s a Thursday, when plate smashing and fire dancing are regular occurrences.

Greek and international food at Coral Restaurant

Another establishment offering themed Greek nights, Coral boasts an international and varied list of dishes without neglecting the staples of its own cuisine. As such, there’s something for everyone on the menu – and the pleasant and eager-to-please staff will ensure your party doesn’t want for anything.

Pirate themed entertainment at Pirates Bar

If you like your dinner to come with a healthy dose of entertainment, Pirates Bar might be for you. In addition to the swashbuckling theme inside, there is also karaoke and live bands playing throughout the week, while the full English breakfast is the perfect tonic when you’re hankering for fried food.

Mountains of Mexican food at La Madera

If you fancy a change from all those moussakas and souvlakis, La Madera is a lovely authentic Mexican restaurant serving up huge portions at cheap prices. With a long and varied menu, there’s sure to be something for everyone in this simple but delicious eatery.

Alfresco Italian dining at Pixida

With an open-air seating area, a wood-fired pizza oven and a mouth-watering selection on their menu, Pixida is a delightful Italian alternative to the multitude of tavernas and Greek restaurants around town. The staff are incredibly accommodating and will even do their best to satisfy dietary requirements if advised in advance.

Breakfasts and late-night snacks at Yummies Sandwich Bar

Being geared towards sandwiches, waffles and crepes, Yummies is perhaps more suited to a breakfast or lunch occasion. But since it’s also one of the only places in town open until 3am, it also makes for the perfect late-night snack to soak up some of that alcohol. Owner Nikos is ever-present behind the counter, always happy to chat with his clientele.