Canary Islands Holidays 2024/2025

Canary Island holidays offer the beaches, resorts and temperatures to send every visitor home with a glowing tan and a smile on their face. This set of Spanish islands is comprised of Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, La Gomera, La Palma, Lanzarote and Tenerife. These are six gorgeous islands that have something for all, whether booking your Canary Islands holiday for the family, with a group of friends, or with that someone special. Plus, cheap holidays to the Canary Islands are the perfect way to make magical memories at a fraction of the price.

Canary Islands Holiday Deals 2024/2025

Something for everyone

If you’re looking for a short haul holiday destination that’s hot, hot, hot all year round and cheap, holidays to the Canary Islands are perfect. The Spanish culture and African climate is a winning combination that will keep you coming back year after year. What’s more, flying in the off season for a spot of winter sun is an ideal way to bag a bargain Canaries deal.

Highlights include the attractions and nightlife of Tenerife, the vineyards of La Palma, Gran Canaria’s miles of golden dunes, the mountain ranges of Fuerteventura and the Fire Mountains of Lanzarote.

There is such variation of destinations that the Canary Islands can be enjoyed by everyone. Older couples can relax in a quieter resort like Maspalomas while young groups can enjoy the nightly mayhem of the Playa de las Americas nightlife.

The majority of resorts across the Canary Islands are also ideal for a family or a couple’s getaway with plenty of activities and attractions dotted around the natural and tourist-centric surroundings. Take advantage of one of our Canary Islands holidays All Inclusive deals to get the most out of your budget. Water parks, daily tours and duty free shopping are just some of the perks enjoyed across these Spanish islands.

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    As well as the sun kissed beaches…

    The main attraction for all of these islands is the phenomenal coastlines that feature stunning beaches, packed promenades and wild water sports.

    The Canary Islands aren’t all about the beaches though as the archipelago is actually the tips of an underwater volcanic mountain range. The islands have exclusive endemic species that inhabit offshore reefs as well as unique volcanic formations including caves and underground galleries that are a wondrous experience for tourists.

    Although it’s all too tempting to touch down in the Canary Islands and head straight to its dramatic streaks of volcanic black and gold beaches, these idyllic Spanish islands offer so much more than sun-drenched shores, all of which can be explored in a multitude of affordable ways. Bagging an amazing cheap Canary Islands holiday deal with us means you’ll have plenty of spending money to explore!

    Fun in the sun

    Days and nights are taken care of right across these popular shores with plenty of manmade tourist attractions and facilities built to compliment the presence of the natural beauty of each island.

    No matter where you choose to stay, you’re never too far from a beach which offers a packed selection of ocean activities. These can include Jet Ski rentals, banana boat rides or scuba diving trips. As well as all this, the warm Atlantic Ocean is one of the world’s best locations to find some of the rarest aquatic animals so be sure to take a dolphin and whale watching trip.

    You’ll find white knuckle water slides in Tenerife’s water parks while Fuerteventura has a more family friendly one. Gran Canaria and Lanzarote host fun theme parks which are also great days out for kids and parents alike.

    La Palma is a smaller island which focuses more on the beauty of the island. Across most of the Canary Islands you’ll come across many hiking trails across the mountains but La Palma features gorgeous green surroundings through the forests as well as its volcanic features. Similarly, La Gomera is extra special with a more laid-back vibe and more traditional villages around.

    Early and late nights

    Nightlife in the Canary Islands can be as wild or as tame as you want them to be. Many resorts offer places to relax in the open air of a beach bar, cafe or restaurant while watching the sun go down. Exquisite meals and delicious wines and cocktails can be expected within the resorts with many destinations featuring hundreds of wonderful evening venues.

    For those who want to let their hair down, dance the night away and meet new people; the Canary Islands nightlife is second to none with a great selection of energetic, lively and dynamic nightclubs.

    Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura offer the best neon lit parties but the star of the show is Playa de las Americas in Tenerife. The Veronicas Strip hosts world class DJs with dozens of clubs that are busy all year round and stay open until the sun comes up; this is the place to be for the 18-30s holidays. Booking events and parties in advance can be a great way to keep your cheap Canary Islands holiday within your budget.

    Canarian cuisine

    The Canary Islands are ready to welcome all tourists as they feature a vast selection of restaurants that cater for almost every appetite imaginable. In the busier areas you’ll find plenty of English pubs for your homesick taste buds but you’d be missing out on some traditional treats that are offered elsewhere.You’ll find a huge variety of eateries across the islands, all of which are reasonably priced – although if some fine dining is on your holiday wishlist, you’ll find a few upmarket joints too.

    A popular dish across these Spanish islands is papas arrugadas, potatoes boiled in seawater, drizzled with mojo sauce, a green garlicky tasting accompaniment. Alongside this there are some sumptuous island wines to wash it down with such as Abona and Valle de Güímar from Tenerife or Teneguía from La Palma.

    Duty free shopping

    It would be foolish to visit the Canary Islands and not take advantage of the territory’s duty free products. Tobacco, alcohol, perfumes and eau du toilette’s are all goods that are offered at a slashed price but be careful on how much you stock up on. There are often changes to the rules on how much you are allowed to bring back to the UK with you, so make yourself aware before you return.

    Within the busier resorts there is a larger selection of designer brands and jewellery stores alongside souvenir shops and boutiques while some of the smaller resorts have quite limited offerings. From start to finish your holiday to the Canaries can be a right steal!

    Getting there

    You can set off from the UK and touch down to the warm Canary climate in around four and a half hours.

    Once you land, the journey to your desired resort will take between 15 minutes and an hour depending on where you choose to stay.

    Hire cars are available from all of the islands and taxis are also on hand to take you to surrounding attractions and resorts. Then it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy – after all, you bagged an amazing, cheap Canary Islands holiday!


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