Warsaw Holidays 2024/2025

Poland’s capital city is a fabulous place to visit, whether you’re looking for an escape jam-packed with fun and activity or you want to simply take your trip day by day, soak in the culture and learn about its fascinating history. From stunning inner-city parks and museums dedicated to famous historical figures to rooftop bars and even pub crawls, Warsaw’s a city that’s got something for everyone.

Warsaw Deals

Discover The Phoenix City

Warsaw is known by many as the Phoenix City. This nickname comes from a dark part of history – World War Two – when the city was almost completely destroyed. With the help of the rest of Poland, Warsaw rose from the ashes and was built up into a thriving place home to over 1.7 million people. The resilience of the city and the union of its fabulous people will really shine through on your Polish city break.

You could spend days on end taking in the wonders of Warsaw, so be sure to plan ahead and make a to-do list when you book your trip. Some things to do in Warsaw we’d recommend include visiting the Palace of Culture and Science, grabbing a bite in the Old Town Market Square, seeing the Royal Castle and browsing one of the many incredible museums scattered across the city – we’d note the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

No Place Better To Wine & Dine

Indulging in delicious food and drink is one of the best parts of any city break, right? Foodies and those who love a tipple or two on their holiday will simply love the food and drink scene in Warsaw. In the centre of the city, you’ll never be too far away from a divine steakhouse, a cool lunch joint, a swanky cocktail bar, a traditional pub or even a food market where you can really explore what Poland has to offer.

The most famous dish in Warsaw is Pierogis – a delicious form of Polish dumplings. They can be served in many different ways, so there’ll surely be some to satisfy all appetites. For example, you can eat them with meat, potatoes and vegetables or you can opt for another type of meal entirely and try pierogies with fruit or different types of cheese. However you like your food, you’d be a fool not to try this tasty delicacy on your trip to Warsaw!

Vast & Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

Whilst there are so many great indoor places to visit in Warsaw (museums, bars and shops to name a few) there are also endless gorgeous places to enjoy the outdoors. You can wander through serene greenery at many parks in the city, our favourites including Skaryszewski Park, Saxon Gardens, Krasiński Garden and Park Ujazdowski. We’d also recommend a leisurely stroll by the rippling Vistula River – there’s a pretty promenade here with waterside bars and cafes to enjoy.

Perhaps the most famous park in Warsaw is Lazienki Park. This flourishing corner of the city was acquired by King Stanisław August Poniatowski in the 1700s and turned from a hunting ground into a beautiful garden home to a royal palace, an ampitheatre and plenty of wildlife – it’s known for its peacocks and squirrels. Since it became a public park in 1918, this gorgeous place has wowed visitors from around the globe.

History Like Nowhere Else

There is so much history attached to this spectacular city. The Old Town in Warsaw is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it’s at the top of most tourists’ to-visit lists. When you see the colorful and vibrant streets today, it’s hard to believe the level of devastation that was left by bombings during the Second World War. You will fall in love with Warsaw as you walk the cobblestone alleys and pass by the reconstructed medieval buildings. There’s always someplace lovely to go here, from summer concerts to fancy restaurants.

Many historic figures have put Warsaw on the map over the years, notably Marie Curie, who was born in the city in 1867. She is one of the most famous scientists of all time and the only woman to have won the Nobel Prize in two different sciences – physics and chemistry. You’ll find a museum, park, statue and even a street name in Warsaw to honour her. Furthermore, Warsaw is the home city of legendary pianist and composer, Chopin. You can visit his museum or go to one of many venues that continue to showcase his work on your trip.


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