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Dominican Republic


Dominican Republic Holidays

One of the Caribbean's most popular islands, Dominican Republic holidays combine a heady mix of Latin spirit with the laid-back Caribbean beach life.

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Affordable luxury

The Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispanola with its closest neighbour, Haiti, but that's pretty much where the similarities stop. Unlike Haiti, the Dominican Republic is all about relaxing, exploring and sipping rum cocktails within luxury beach resorts.

Golden sands, clear ocean and gently swaying palm trees are a clich├ęd image of paradise that becomes a reality on this country's shores. Whether you're looking for a touristy place with fun and games to be had on the beach, or a secluded desert island experience, you'll find a location perfect for you in the Dominican Republic.

Where to stay in Dominican Republic

Bahia Maimon
Bahia MaimonView on Map

Bahia Maimon is a secluded hotel complex that is a fantastic location to enjoy a holiday in the sun. Within walking distance of the resort you're treated to one of the finest beaches in the world across an 800 metre arch of golden sand and shallow shores.

The entertainment and facilities within the accommodation are second to none. Add in the nearby Caribbean Street which is home to even more shops and restaurants, you'll find it hard to pull yourself away from the luxury.

For the days where you want to get back to civilisation, the city of Puerto Plata offers a great day out just a short drive away.

BavaroView on Map

Holding the biggest personality in the Punta Cana region, Bavaro has a lot to brag about and this destination raises the bar when it comes to holiday fun.

Bavaro Beach stretches for ten miles and is the most popular patch of sand found along the glorious east coast. Countless days are enjoyed here thanks to the activities, bars and shops that keep guests fed and entertained.

If you haven't expelled your energy on the beach or one of the inland adventures then get ready to enjoy a night at one of the resort's exciting bars or clubs.


Quick Tips

  • Roman Catholic
  • Dominican Peso, US Dollar
  • Spanish
  • 10 million
  • GMT -4

Fantastic beach resorts

Resorts have sprung close to the capital, Santo Domingo, in Punta Cana in the east and in the popular north western district of Puerto Plata. The climate is warm all year round, making Dominican Republic a great destination no matter when you fancy taking a holiday.

While every resort offers tropical beaches right on your doorstep, taking a boat trip could help you discover even more phenomenal sands to relax on. Just off the south coast lie Isla Saona and Isla Catalina with both shores displaying untouched beauty in abundance. Boat trips can be regularly taken from the La Romana's ports to these different examples of Dominican paradise.

A natural wonder

When Christopher Columbus discovered the Dominican Republic way back in 1492, he thought the country was so beautiful that he claimed it as his own. The country gained independence as a nation in 1844 but has only been a major tourism destination since the late 20th century.

The country is full of natural beauty. Waterfalls tumble into deep, blue lagoons, and mountain peaks rise from lush, green forest. There are so many ways for you to explore the Dominican Republic's stunning scenery too, such as a boat ride through the caves in Los Haitises National Park, a zip-lining safari through the jungle, swimming in the rock pool below Salto del Limon waterfall and whale watching in Samana.

Relaxing or exciting evenings

Holidays in Dominican Republic offer two very different but equally sought after evening experiences. The beaches are even more serene and tranquil come nightfall and the hundreds of beach bars in the country are perfect venues to sip a rum cocktail as the sun goes down.

Alternatively, certain resorts are home to some bouncing nightclubs that keep you partying until the early hours. Nowhere parties harder than Sosua which is a popular destination for singles. In this northern resort tourists and locals mingle along the town's popular neon-lit main street until the sun comes up.

There are a number of late night parties to be found in Bavaro's nightclubs while La Romana is known to throw popular beach parties hosted by the nearby hotels.

Dominican dining

Being a popular tourist destination, there is plenty of options when it comes to meal times. The majority of resorts keep things varied with an array of international themes inside bars and restaurants.

Seafood is plentifully sold in many of the beachside venues while the country's Spanish and African ancestry is acknowledged by the tapas and spicy foods available.

A typical Dominican meal will include rice as a side while snacks and deserts utilise the land's exotic fruit. One of the country's most famous exports is rum and coffee, so depending on the time of day, remember to sample some of each.

Island originals

If your Dominican pesos are burning a hole in your pocket then make sure to go hunting for a holiday memento at one of Dominican Republic's quaint shops, markets or boutiques. When you go shopping, you are likely to stumble across knock-off brand names that can often pass for the real thing.

Popular products on sale that hold distinct Caribbean vibes are the handmade arts and crafts as well as Dominican and imported Cuban cigars. Locally grown coffee beans and genuine island rum are popular products and another great way to take the Dominican flavour home with you.

Getting there

Flight times from the UK to the Dominican Republic often take around ten hours from take-off to landing. Fortunately the country is home to a good number of international airports meaning that transfers to your accommodation are relatively short.

With so much natural beauty and charming towns to discover outside of your resort, hiring a car is the most convenient way to explore.

If you take a taxi anywhere on the island, it is recommended to always agree upon the price and destination before setting off. The cheapest and perhaps most fun way to get around is to take a ride in a guagua bus.

If you thought a holiday to the Caribbean would break the bank, think again. Despite its lavish lifestyle, the Dominican Repubic is very affordable, owing to the great value package holidays on offer. So what are you waiting for? Stop dreaming and start booking your perfect holiday to the Dominican Republic today.