Vietnam Holidays 2022/2023

The ultimate Asian experience in the most fascinating location, Vietnam holidays are as diverse as the landscape. Combining hidden beaches, floating markets and ancient temples, few destinations will compel you quite like this one.

Untouched hybrid landscapes

When it comes to Vietnam’s colourful backdrop, nothing quite compares. And by that we mean, breathtaking scenery with an off-the-beaten-track feel. Home to sun-lit rice fields, soaring mountains and peaceful bays, Vietnam is a landscape of extremes.

This captivating country is also home to its fair share of world heritage sites including the famous Ha Long Bay, which is adored by many for its emerald-coloured waters, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, which is home to over 300 caves and Phu Quoc’s where you’ll find stunning white-sand beaches and coral reefs.

Currency: Vietnam Dong

Language: Vietnamese

Time Difference: GMT +7

Population: Approx 94.44 million


Ho Chi Minh

No holidays to Vietnam are complete without spending time in the thriving city of Ho Chi Minh. With a rich culture and evocative history, Ho Chi Minh City is unlike anywhere else in the world. The city itself is an intoxicating combination of serene temples, majestic architecture, vibrant streets and loud markets. You'll see everything from traditional ways of life to shiny new skyscrapers – with a lot in between. Ho Chi Minh City holidays are full of exciting things to do and see, so it's worth using this guide to plan your trip, and ensure you fit everything in!


Holidays to Vietnam are loud, colourful and full of culture and traditions. Nowhere is this more evident than in in the lively city of Hanoi. The capital of Vietnam, Hanoi has plenty on offer for the thousands of holidaymakers who wander through its streets every day. From aromatic, delicious street food to centuries-old entertainment, Hanoi, Vietnam holidays are exciting, interesting and guaranteed to be loved by everyone. You can explore the country's intricate history, see its fascinating natural wonders and discover the secrets of its bustling city.

Ganh Dau Beach

Tucked between two magnificent mountains and hidden by towering palm trees lies one of the best shores on the island of Phu Quoc. Ganh Dau Beach brings pristine sands, unspoilt nature and picturesque views. Located in the north-west of the island, it is still being discovered by tourists, meaning you can enjoy its beauty in the ultimate peace and tranquillity. Make your holidays to Vietnam memorable by embracing culture, tradition and natural beauty.

Duong Dong

Vietnam's largest island, Phú Quoc, lies in the Gulf of Thailand off the coast of Cambodia. It's an island of white-sand beaches and popular resorts, especially along the southwest coastline. Phú Quoc National Park covers more than half the island, meaning that tropical jungles and mountains are the main features of the landscape. The biggest attraction of holidays to Vietnam is getting to hike through idyllic areas and seeing a range of exotic wildlife. The island's largest town is Duong Dong, a lively and bustling place where you can soak up traditional Vietnamese island life and explore a fascinating history.

From street food to authentic restaurants

Food is a huge part of Vietnam’s culture, and the more authenticthe better. The colours alone will are enough to tempt you, whether it’s vegetable-laden soups like the iconic Pho or melt-in-the-mouth spring rolls known as Pho Cuon – you’re in for an appetising trip.

If you want to truly immerse yourself in the cuisine, head to the streets. With stalls on almost every corner, all you have to do is pull up a stool and you could be gauging on everything from the freshest seafood to the quirkiest fruits and the tastiest dipping sauces.

A sit-down meal won’t break the bank either – in fact, there are plenty of local restaurants which are extremely affordable. As well as popular local dishes, you’ll also find restaurants serving up tastes from all over the world including French favourites and Indian specialities.

A country worth exploring

As a multi-ethnic state, Vietnam is intriguing to say the least. Although there are some apparent Chinese and French influences, the country still has a number of distinct differences. From motorbike-jammed roads to an abundance of coffee shops and countless market stalls – you’ll get a real sense of culture just by walking the streets.

Like the rest of Southeast Asia, the locals are a huge part of the country’s culture. As soon as you arrive, you’ll be struck by one thing, smiling locals. Known for their outstanding hospitality, the locals here are always happy to help and seem genuinely interested in getting to know you.

Bustling cities meet laid-back beaches

Vietnam offers a mix of stunning shorelines and lively cities – so, depending on your preferences it’s all about picking the right resort. Most of the best beaches are situated in the south of the island due its drier weather, and one spot that stands out is Phu Quoc. This resort is perfect for those looking for a peaceful beach escape and has even been described as the country’s hidden gem.

When it comes to sand spots they don’t get much better than those on Phu Quoc Island, with some even comparing to the beaches belonging to its Thai neighbour. With its 10 kilometres of white sand and glistening sapphire waters, Nha Trang is another hotspot for beach-goers.

If you’re looking for more than far-stretching sands on your Vietnam holiday, there are also plenty of cities to explore. As the country’s largest metropolis, Ho Chi Minh City is one of Vietnam’s most exciting spots. The city is full of attractions – so get ready to delve into the country’s interesting past with a visit to Ho Chi Minh City Museum, learn about different religions as you explore Thien Hau Temple or test out your bartering skills with a trip to Ben Thanh Market.

A turbulent past

Vietnam’s war-torn history has left a lasting mark on the country with everything from museums, historical buildings and underground tunnels at your feet. That said – the country’s past is one of the many reasons people come here from all over the world.

Among the main attractions are the Cu Chi Tunnels, a network of underground passages and War Remnants Museum where you’ll find a mix of weapons, shatterproof vehicles and touching photographs. Both of these attractions can be found in bustling Ho Chi Minh City.

When you’re not delving into the Vietnam War there are also thousands of temples to discover. All reflect the country’s diverse range of religions and can be found in most of the big cities. As the country’s cultural and religious centre, Hue is worth a visit as many of its monuments have made it onto the UNESCO World Heritage list.