Montenegro Holidays 2024/2025

Rugged mountains, medieval villages, a forest drenched landscape and Adriatic beaches make Montenegro holidays a memorable trip to one of the best looking Balkan countries going. It’s not all charm and chill out though, as Montenegro also offers some truly kitted out tourist resorts that are ideal for a memorable family getaway.

Montenegro Holiday Deals 2024/2025

A picturesque Riviera

The Budva Riviera is a region set in the south of Montenegro, cloaked in pine woods, waterways and craggy canyons. It also has its own 320-kilometre strip of coastline, which is split into 100 separate beaches. Amid the picture-perfect scenery are treks for the intrepid and terracotta towns just waiting to be explored.

The capital of the Riviera, Budva, is a medieval build. Think of it as a labyrinth set out beside the sea, welcoming visitors to take a trip back in time as they scramble over the battlements of the citadel. Meanwhile, the nearby holiday hotspot of Becici is a fashionable destination for the wealthy, with luxury hotels and boutique markets.

Holidays in Montenegro


The sleepy south

Head further down the coast and you’ll find Petrovac, a dozy, down-tempo fishing village. Nestled coolly in the shade of a Venetian fortress, Petrovac is popular because of its beach, yet never gets overcrowded. Rest and relaxation comes first in this south-westerly resort, so be sure to bring a book or two.

Lake Skadar is located in southern Montenegro, just inland and is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Balkans. The waters are backed by towering snow-capped mountains, while just metres from the bank sit lily-pads that stretch out into the water like a field of grass. Among the many spots along the bank of Lake Skadar, one of the most picturesque is Kator Bay. Here you’ll find rows of terracotta roofs and a sandy beach which is ideal for swimming.

You can even take a boat trip on the Golden Frog, the tiny wooden cruiser that takes visitors on trips past the many sights and sounds of the lake. Choose a cruise that suits you, with shorter and longer sailings available and a variety of tour guides who are all very friendly and knowledgeable about their surroundings.

Climb the highest mountain

Reaching a whopping 1,749 metres high, the Lovcen Mountains are located just an hour’s drive from Becici. A trip up to the top yields remarkable views of 6,000 square-metres of national parkland. If you can brave the 461 stairs that lead to the mausoleum at Lovcen’s highest peak, you’ll see exactly why Petar II Petrovic Njegos, second ruler of Montenegro, chose to be buried here.

A cultural hub

Budva is a creative centre, hosting events which are fuelled by local and international artists. One such gathering is the Theatre City Festival, during which the entirety of the Old Town opens up to creatives who roam the streets, displaying their work and often blurring the lines between reality and performance.

One of the most popular Mediterranean music festivals kicks off in that same city every year. Sea Dance welcomes musicians from all over the Med each July to perform to crowds of revellers and is extremely popular with those enjoying Balkan holidays during peak season. While in September, Petrovac opens its venues up to the annual Jazz Festival, spreading music all throughout the country.

Escape to a hidden coast

Holidays to Montenegro aren’t complete without taking in the area’s countless beaches, each boasting its own unique charm. Among these is Mogren, the hidden stretch of sand which got its name after Spanish mariner Mogrini was shipwrecked on its shores centuries ago. Once you see this idyllic strip you’ll wonder why he ever left.

The beach, which is split in two by a rocky passage, is one of the quietest spots in Montenegro, yet one of the most loved by those in the know. If you want a true escape from the world, Mogren is the place for you. Do expect to pay a euro entrance fee though, as this helps the upkeep of the beach and stops it from becoming over crowded.


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