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Kavos Holidays

Sitting at the tail end of Corfu, Kavos holidays whisk you away to an exciting resort where the fun never stops. From thrilling water sports on the massive beach to the vibrant and wild nightlife, Kavos is a playground for 24/7.

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Relax and party

Though the town is most popular with young people looking to stay up late at the many bars and clubs, there are different areas to Kavos so families can have just as much fun.

While the nightlife is the main draw here, it's not just the 18-30 crowds that will love holidays to Kavos. The outskirts of the town feature charming areas that remind you this was once a sleepy fishing village and the monastery and excellent clifftops provide great viewing opportunities from the top.

Quick Tips

  • Greek Orthodox
  • Euro
  • Greek
  • GMT +2

Excitement on the waves

The water sports along the beach are a constant temptation as there always seems to be some sort of vessel whizzing by. Jet skis, banana boats, speed boats, water skiing, inner tubing and so many more floatation devices are available to ride across the waves. You'll also hear the music blaring from a Kavos Booze Cruise so take one day to join in with this daytime party.

There is a quieter side to Kavos and this is mostly found towards the secret beach by Asprokavos. It's here where you'll find the ancient monastery structure that now stands in ruins. It's still an interesting area to explore as you can see old carvings on the walls underneath the overgrown fauna trying to hide the site.

Number one party in Greece

Kavos claims to be the number one party destination in all of Greece and it makes a good claim with the quality of pubs, bars and clubs on offer around the animated resort.

The nightclubs compete for your attention within some large and loud venues. Start out in bars like Buzz and Rolling Stone before heading to Future where there are 3 rooms with great tunes and there are often world famous DJs running things. Over the summer there are a number of events held like paint parties, drinking challenges (careful) and colour powder parties.

There are quieter places to take it slow as well. The La Scala lounge is a cool place to enjoy a cocktail away from the rowdy nature of the main strip while The Rose Tree is a quiet pub that serves wine made in local vineyards.

Kavos keepsakes

There are great shopping facilities to browse through on Kavos's main strip. This area sells all of your holiday essentials like beach gear and sun cream but there are also clothes shops as well as locally made goods and jewellery.

Corfu Town is the place to find the best retail selection in all of Corfu and an hours trip north will allow you to browse the many shops, boutiques and markets found here.

Comfort foods

Kavos is a popular destination for Brits and other Northern Europeans so the food encompasses the favourites from these countries as well as Greek delicacies.

The British pubs will serve Sunday roasts and curries while places like Terry's Greek & International Cuisine will serve a variety of flavours. There are plenty of places to try typical Greek kebabs, salads and other local favourites within the tavernas of Kavos.

By Kavos's pier and right along the water front there are many restaurants that offer delicious seafood dishes that have been freshly caught off of the coast.

Get around by foot

After flying into Corfu Airport, the transfer down to Kavos could take over an hour.

Getting around the resort itself is very easy as the majority of facilities and attractions within Kavos are just 15 minutes away by foot. If you're sick of flip-flopping around the town then there are mopeds for hire as well as taxis.

If you'd like to explore the island of Corfu further then there is a cheap local bus service that runs all the way up to Corfu Town.

Best time of year to visit

The days reach an average high of 31C during the summer months in Kavos while the nights settle at a comfortable 19C.

The resort stays very hot from May until October so any of these months are suitable for a beach holiday full of excitement and tanning. The clubs and bars host their season of parties between these months too so the 18-30s should descend upon the island at this time.