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Rhodes Holidays

Once named the sunniest of all of the Greek islands, Rhodes holidays offer more than just phenomenal weather with a coastline filled with beaches and many towns brimming with major historical attractions.

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The road to Rhodes

The great weather seems to never let up in Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese Islands. The island gives visitors the opportunity to relax on the beaches, adventure across the waters and even go wild in the great party venues.

Rhodes was once home to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world but now still has many notable areas of ruins that are fascinating to tour around. The Greek food here is of a quality to rival any other Greek destination and there are also many places to buy locally made goods.

Holidays to Rhodes can be enjoyed by all members of the family, by couples and by 18-30s depending on which resort you choose to stay at. Rhodes Town is a romantic and educational resort, Faliraki is great for night time parties and Kalithea provides plenty for all ages.

Where to stay in Rhodes

Quick Tips

  • Greek Orthodox
  • Euro
  • Greek
  • Approx 116,000
  • GMT +2

Sands and rocks along the coast

Every resort in Rhodes has a great coastal setting with the majority offering spacious and smooth sandy beaches. There are many European Blue Flags flying across the bays which mean there are plenty of family friendly spots to enjoy a safe day out by the beach.

There are also many rocky patches along the Rhodes coastline creating many coves and rock pools which adds a twist to the usual beach holiday formula. These areas are fun to explore and places like St Paul's in Lindos and Oasis Beach in Kalithea are great for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Historically beautiful

Rhodes has a long history that is wonderfully portrayed by the amount of historic monuments, ruins and relics on display. Rhodes is very much a Greek island in nature and personality but over the years there has been Roman influences as well as Turkey (due to the close proximity). Much of Rhodes long history is explained fully within the converted museum at the Palace of the Grandmaster of Knights in Rhodes Town.

The first language is of course Greek but thankfully English is widely spoken within the resort towns in Rhodes.

Chill out or party hard

When it comes to purest form of fun and entertainment, Faliraki is the island's best destination. It doubles up as a family friendly town with great accommodations and a major waterpark as well as a lively nightspot for the 18-30s.

Across the island, the majority of resorts hold a quiet atmosphere on an evening with tavernas and cocktail bars aplenty. Some towns allow you to let loose with a couple of late night party spots like Kalithea's Paradiso Beach Club and Lindos's Amphitheatre. Nowhere can compare with the vibrancy and late nights of Faliraki's Bar Street and Club Street though.

Greek food galore

Greek tavernas are a common theme across all resorts, towns and villages in Rhodes and you'll be spoilt for choice with where to dine wherever you choose to stay. Some of the favourite Greek dishes include deliciously served souvlaki on a stick and gyro meat while a serving of soutzoukakia meat balls is another local delicacy.

The usual alternatives to the local selections include seafood restaurants, Mediterranean cuisine and a number of Italian eateries.

Rhodes Town retail

The majority of resorts have a good selection of souvenir shops where you can purchase locally made products like leather goods and ceramics.

Rhodes Town is the island's retail capital with a strong offering of boutiques and commercial brands too. Around the modern shopping areas you'll find brand names such as Versace and Armani while the old town is the place to shop for locally made foods, drinks and other goods.

Getting there

The flight from the UK to Rhodes International Airport will take you approximately 4 hours.

The transfer to your hotel will vary from 20 minutes to 1 hour. The capital, Rhodes Town is the closest while Lindos, Lardos and Pefkos take longer to reach further down the east coast.

If you choose not to hire a car then there is a public bus service that runs from Lindos up to Rhodes Town and to other resorts in between.