A guide to the best beaches in Corfu

Known as The Emerald Isle and Flower Island, Corfu‘s interior is famously blessed with an abundance of greenery. Edging this beautiful landscape, the coastline of the island is fringed with over 50 beautiful beaches. With so many options to choose from, it’s little wonder that many people choose holidays to Corfu specifically to enjoy the coastal attractions of the destination. Here is a selection of some of the more attractive stretches of sand on the island to choose from, catering for holidaymakers of all types.


Arguably the most famous beach on the island, Paleokastritsa is a small but well-developed rocky-edged cove on the west coast of Corfu. Here, you’ll find everything you could imagine in terms of facilities, bars and restaurants on hand, though its popularity means space can be limited during peak times.

Aghios Georgios

With conditions equally as desirable as those found at Paleokastritsa, Aghios Georgios is less busy than its more illustrious counterpart. Furthermore, it’s considerably bigger in size, meaning there’s always enough room for everyone to bag a sunlounger and mark out their territory. Favourable windsurfing conditions prevail at one end of the beach, while calmer waters make for the perfect swimming spot at the other.


Author Lawrence Durrell once claimed that Myrtiotissa was ‘perhaps the most beautiful beach in the world’. There’s no denying the three beaches alongside one another have a certain charm, seized upon by many an alternative vacationer. The most western of the trio is currently the favoured nudist spot on the island, while a range of counterculture stalls and shacks have sprung up along the coast selling bracelets, garments and snacks to visitors.


Only accessible by a steep descent down a multitude of stairs, Longas is often glossed over by travellers who are keen on a more tourist-friendly beach for their Greek island holiday. Indeed, you won’t find any bars, restaurants or facilities here, but what you will find is an unbeatable view of the sun dipping beneath the waves in the evening. The rugged red cliffs that fringe the beach shade from the morning sun and, come sunset, they provide quite the spectacle.

Sidari Canal d'Amour

Translated as ‘The Channel of Love’, this delightfully isolated inlet is perhaps the most photographed beach in all of Corfu. It has sheer cliff edges on either side, topped by greenery, so makes quite the dramatic snap. Legend has it that couples who swim the length of the channel will find themselves in wedding regalia before long.


As the location for Bond classic ‘For Your Eyes Only’, Issos is a charming option on the south coast of the island. Its exposed position means it receives favourable conditions for all types of surfing, while, if you scale the immense sand dunes, you’ll be afforded with great views of the sunset. It’s long and wide enough to accommodate plenty of visitors and there are adequate facilities provided, as well.


Nissaki is an ideal choice for families. It has a gently-sloping gradient into the sea and irregular rock formations around the beach providing some shelter from the winds. The remarkably clear turquoise water also offers snorkellers the chance to see a plethora of marine life. While the beach itself is quite small in size, it’s far enough away from the town and main roads to never be all that busy.