Holidays to Vienna 2024/2025

Ohhh, Vienna! There’s a reason this spectacular city made it into one of the biggest songs of the 80s. Known as the City of Music, this charming destination continues to inspire today. Dripping with a delightful mix of the old and the new, you’ll be blown away by an impressive skyline serving up pristine palaces, majestic museums and dreamy views of the Danube.

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Breathtaking Buildings Galore

You get the best of both worlds in Vienna – a collage of gorgeously green vineyards and magnificent buildings that stand tall and proud above the narrow cobblestone streets.


Every bit of architecture is more amazing than the last – lying right in the heart of the city, the gothic St Stephen’s Cathedral dominates the skyline with it’s majestic towers and is widely accepted as the symbol of Vienna. The number of picturesque palaces on offer is seemingly endless too – with Schönbrunn, Belvedere and Hofburg being some of the most popular to visit.


With a rich history and amazing repertoire of art, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which museums and galleries to meander through. You’ll find an abundance of stylish coffee bars to reflect in afterwards, as well as cute and quaint shops to pick up a souvenir or two.

A city of Symphony

Vienna’s legendary musical status has only continued to grow to unprecedented levels with each passing century. Home to one of the best and most prestigious orchestras in the world – the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra – it’s now known by many as the ‘capital of classical music’. 

With a music scene that has been shaped by the likes of Beethoven and Mozart, it’s safe to say music lovers will leave this city feeling more than a little inspired. It’s a given that you should try and catch a concert or two during your time here – the Orchestra’s New Year Concert draws in an audience from all around the world and is certainly a spectacular way to see in the new year.

It’s not just classical music that’s the big hit here though – jazz fans will be in their element too with unique concerts at the Porgy and Bess Jazz Club. And those into their dance and electronic music can even dance the night away on the Danube Canal – this unusual underground scene is the place to be for lively nights and flashing lights.

A sophisticated food and drink scene

It’s not just the streets that look sophisticated in Vienna, the delicious dining opportunities are second to none too. From tasty local cuisine (you just have to try one of the national dishes, schnitzel) to the likes of flavour-infused Japanese restaurants and even hearty Italians, your taste buds will be spoiled for choice.

Traditional Austrian restaurants are plentiful here, with menus that read like a stroll through the culinary history of Europe. You’ll find a range of ways to try out local dishes, from food stands to bistro pubs and even avante garde establishments unique in both design and flavour.

When it comes to drinks, Austria’s wonderful wine scene has earned worldwide recognition, with Vienna’s winding vineyards especially being known for producing some of the finest wines in Europe. The country’s cool climate lends itself to ideal grape growing conditions, so prepare to sip on a number of vibrant varieties from Sauvignon Blanc to Riesling and Merlot. 

If beer is more your thing, there’s certainly no shortage of breweries to visit! Ottakringer is probably Vienna’s best-known beer, and a visit to their brewery will have you discovering Austria’s age-old brewing traditions and new craft offerings resulting in unusual flavour creations.

Need we say more?

For a city break bursting at the seams with splendid sights, rich history and extraordinary experiences, Vienna is the perfect choice.


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