Dusseldorf Holidays 2024/2025

Dusseldorf is one of Germany’s true gems. It’s a bustling city on the western side of the country that has everything from world-class fashion and mesmerising architecture to electric nightlife and a vibrant art scene. Walking the modern streets of Dusseldorf, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in the cool city lifestyle and fascinated by grand buildings and landmarks around every corner.

Dusseldorf Deals

A Fun and Diverse City Break Destination

Your city break to Dusseldorf will give you days packed with activity and nights you’ll never forget. If you’re into history and art, there are endless museums and galleries to visit. Those who are big on food will love exploring the many restaurants and food stands around the city. And if you’re someone who loves to shop, there aren’t many places in the world that can top Dusseldorf! Whatever your favourite pastimes, you’ll have the time of your life here.

The scenery in Dusseldorf is fabulous. The glistening Rhine River snakes through towering, beautiful buildings and there are hundreds of pretty streets and squares to discover. If you’d like to see the city from above, you can visit one of Dusseldorf’s most famous landmarks, the Rhine Tower. This tower offers an observation platform with its own bar and lounge where you’ll be treated to vast, breathtaking views over the city.

A Fashion Lover's Paradise

One of the things most associated with Dusseldorf is fashion. It’s known to be the fashion capital of Germany, with hundreds of shops from high-end designers to small, independent boutiques. A famous spot not to be missed on your visit to Dusseldorf is the iconic Königsallee, a sweeping street lined with all kinds of stylish stores. It’s totally beautiful and has endless treasures to discover!

Along with an impressive selection of shops to browse, there are also hundreds of showrooms in Dusseldorf presenting unique couture creations from a wide range of designers. It’s especially exciting to visit during fashion week, but don’t be mistaken – there are plenty of exhibits available to visit all year round.

Amazing Art & Culture

Especially in recent years, you’ll find art all over in Dusseldorf. Alongside impressive exhibitions and galleries (some popular spots include Museum Kunstpalast and Kunstsammlung), there are little artsy details you’ll spot when you’re simply just wandering around. For example, there’s a contemporary art venue tucked away inside an automobile tunnel.

You’re never short of culture to soak up in Dusseldorf. It’s known to be a wealthy city, and that’s reflected in the likes of lavish galleries, theatre, opera and ballet, world-class architecture and more. There are days’ worth of activities to enjoy and so much German culture to soak up – you’ll never be bored! Keep an open mind and you never know what you might come across.

The Longest Bar In The World

We couldn’t give you an overview of a German city without referencing a nice cold beer, could we? It’s what the country is known for, and Dusseldorf is certainly no exception. You can try any number of crisp, tasty pilsners at Dusseldorf Altstadt, said to be home to the longest bar in the world. The old town boasts around 260 buzzing pubs and bars to explore – perfect for those who like a tipple on their travels!

Alongside a huge range of traditional pubs and bars, you’ll find plenty of quirky and unique places to grab a drink and have a dance in Dusseldorf. There are places catering to all music tastes when the sun goes down, from lively jazz joints to hard rock bars and everything in between. However you like to spend your evenings, you’re bound to enjoy every moment of them on your trip to Dusseldorf.


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