Las Vegas Holidays 2022/2023

Bright lights and glitz define this world famous city, making visitors here feel that little bit more extravagant. Yet Las Vegas holidays also offer hidden depths, such as world-class shopping and food, plus the Grand Canyon nearby.

Las Vegas Holiday Deals 2022/2023

The City of Lights

Like many of the world’s most impressive cities, Las Vegas has come a long way since it was first named by colonists from Spain who were making their way across frontier America. The name means ‘The Meadows’, given for the lush green landscape that identified Las Vegas in the sprawl of the Nevada desert. Yet it was the dawn of the 1900s that saw the city truly make its name, and the 1930s when its commitment to globally renowned entertainment and bright lights took off.

Las Vegas remains just as famous today for its street of glamorous casinos and entertainment complexes, known as the Las Vegas Strip. It comes complete with casino hotels exhibiting exuberant themes covering Paris, Venice, castles and circus, as well as those whose themes are plain luxury.

Yet if you think that southern stretch of fun and excess is all there is to Las Vegas package holidays, think again. Some of the world’s greatest dining, shopping and adventures can be experienced in this truly multifaceted town.

Currency: US Dollar

Language: English

Time Difference: GMT -8

Population: 590,000

Religion: Roman Catholic

Luck be a lady

Las Vegas touts itself as the Entertainment Capital of the World and is pretty convincing in doing so. The world’s most defining gambling and gaming complexes are a heady mix of the classic venues you’ve seen in the movies and new, sprawling glass buildings where your happiness is a priority. Each of the massive resorts is connected via tunnels, avenues and streets, so you can lose yourself amid the revelry for as long as you choose.

Of course, enjoying yourself responsibility is a big part of life in Las Vegas, so you don’t need to worry about going to excesses. With friendly staff, top tier entertainment and a range of slick bars and panoramic balconies, Las Vegas is ready to surpass your expectations.

Decked out in style

Whether you dress to impress or prefer cosy comfort, the fashion and clothing stores dotted around Las Vegas offer everything from the leading brands in the world to the more down to earth apparel we all know and love.

Shopping here is a true delight that should be savoured, with aisles and avenues of retail therapy beckoning as soon as you step foot off the plane. You’ll find something for everyone, from technology gurus and comic book fans to clothes and souvenirs for the folks back home, with plenty more besides.

Don’t forget, some of the most impressive shopping malls in the world call Las Vegas home. There’s seemingly infinite variety at Caesar’s Palace and shops mixed with classic river rides at The Venetian, which boasts the best gondolas this side of the Venetian Riviera.

Savour every flavour

If you’ve never tried a sushi burrito, you can in Las Vegas. Both traditional flavours and fusion cuisine call the city home, with hundreds of options dotted about. Vegans and vegetarians will find a host of venues ready to give them good food that’s both nourishing and delicious, while steakhouses in the style of definitive Americana are very much par for the course.

The best and the brightest culinary minds flock to see their restaurants flourish in Las Vegas. Sugarcane & Raw Bar Grill is a fantastic example of the definitive dishes of Cuba, finding new home and purpose in the City of Lights. Located nearby, Morimoto is a Japanese cuisine specialist with a following so devout that the restaurant’s recent arrival in the city sent trills of excitement through even the most hardened food critic.

Beyond the city limits

If the bright lights and steady bustle get a bit much on your cheap Las Vegas holidays, you’ve always got the opportunity to get out and reconnect with nature. We’re not just talking any kind of nature either, but the grandeur of Nevada, including the majesty of the Grand Canyon. It’s a natural formation that not even professional photographers can really do justice, so make sure you take the opportunity to see it for yourself when you visit Las Vegas.