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Morocco Holidays

From the stunning shores of Agadir to the colourful markets of Marrakech, Morocco holidays are an exciting cultural experience that's quite different from any other vacation destination.

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On the tip of North Africa

Morocco is a tantalising tagine of cultures, languages, traditions and religions inherited from African, European and Arabic influences. The result is an intriguing mix, where increasingly western ways slip seamlessly in with an age-old way of life. The blend will hit home when you see men plodding past on camels whilst chatting on the latest smartphone.

Despite being just one hour south of Spain, Morocco is a whole world away from the western European culture we're so used to. It's a refreshing change of scenery, and a way of life that both intrigues and delights, especially when you're being pampered in a luxury Moroccan riad. Additionally, with a flight time of just three hours, you'll be waving goodbye to the wet weather at home and stepping out into the sizzling African sun in no time.

Where to stay in Morocco

AgadirView on Map

Lined with a 9km long beach that is the perfect chill out spot to spend a hot summers day in Morocco, Agadir is a modern resort that is packed with holiday essentials.

Just behind the golden sands there is a fresh boardwalk that is filled with restaurants, shops, cafes and bars. Hop into the Atlantic Ocean offshore and enjoy a popular surf spot that attracts riders from all over the world.

The city is home to a fun nightlife with a mix of touristy clubs at the hotels and local joints further into the town.

MarrakechView on Map

A large historic city in the heart of Morocco, Marrakech will entertain, enlighten and relax you within one holiday.

With plenty of luxury accommodation to choose from, you can enjoy the scorching summer sun poolside before you head out into the city and experience a distinctly Moroccan day and night.

Most of the activity and fun is found in the Djemaa el-Fna centre square as this busy area hosts snake charmers, food stalls, musicians, dancers and more.

For the days you want to take it slow, there are dozens of museums, ancient buildings and ruins to investigate.


Quick Tips

  • Islam
  • Moroccan Dirham
  • Arabic, Berber and French
  • 32 million
  • GMT - None

From sunbathing to skiing

The most popular resort in Morocco for soaking up the rays is Agadir. Perched on Africa's north west coast, the resort's toes dip into the warm waves of the Atlantic as it basks under 300 days of sun. With its European-style hotels, restaurants and bars, Agadir is the perfect place to gently ease you into the Moroccan way of life. Despite its lively and bustling nature, there'll always be a spot for you to roll out your beach towel on Agadir's 9km of golden sand.

From long stretches of sandy beach to desert dunes and rolling hills, you may be surprised to discover quite how diverse Morocco is. For example from the city of Marrakech, on one side you could trek through the scorching sands of the Sahara and on the other you could ski down the snowy peaks of the Atlas Mountains.

Moroccan nights

Your resort entertainment will depend on which destination in Morocco you choose.

In Marrakech the narrow streets of the souks lead to Djemaa El Fna square. By day there's the odd snake charmer and a couple of stalls. Turn up at sunset though and you'll witness a dramatic transformation as the square comes to life with everything from storytellers to acrobats and belly dancers. There's also a huge food market which is popular with tourists and locals alike.

If you're enjoying a beach holiday in Agadir then many of the resort's hotels are home to fun and safe sources of nightly entertainment. The party's here are thrown specifically for you ensuring you enjoy your evenings just as much as the fun in the sun.

Plenty to get your teeth into

The most popular Moroccan dish that is enjoyed worldwide is couscous and the meal is even more delicious at its source. The country's meat of choice is beef and it's enhanced when boiled in a tagine stew with a number of vegetables.

Deserts usually take the form of seasonal fruits but one pastry based desert to try is the sweet tasting Gazelle's Horns. Zucre Coco (coconut fudge cakes) and Halwa Shebakia cookies are more after dinner options to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Markets, souks and bazaars

Holidays to Morocco will provide an authentic shopping experience thanks to the abundance of market stalls spread throughout the country's cities. Locally grown fruits, vegetables and spices are readily on display while African jewellery and Arabian artefacts are sure to catch your eye.

Be prepared to barter for the best price as the sellers expect to haggle. If you like your prices non-negotiable then there are still plenty of standard shops in the cities that sell the latest fashion brands as well as souvenirs.

Getting there

A one way flight from London to Morocco will take just over three hours. Both Marrakech and Agadir have conveniently located airports that minimise transfer times once you land.

When travelling around the confines of your resort, the public bus services have improved in recent years to offer a great travel experience. Taxis are readily available but do have a reputation for taking advantage of naïve tourists so agree upon a price before setting off.

There is a train service that runs throughout Morocco, linking all the major cities. There is no train in Agadir but Marrakech is well connected.

Many worldwide car hire services are available in Morocco and they are more expensive, but reliable, than the services offered by the national companies.