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Jamaica Holidays

The birthplace of Bob Marley, reggae and rum, thousands of tourists choose Jamaica holidays each year to experience the island's unique culture and Caribbean coastline.

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Smiling faces and reggae rhythms

If you're looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life then hop on a plane to Jamaica. Touch down in the world's capital of calm where you'll soon slip into the laid-back rhythm of life.

Boasting miles of soft, sandy white beaches lapped by gentle turquoise waves, Jamaica's beaches are the perfect place to relax. Close your eyes and listen to the infectious reggae rhythms as they drift out from brightly painted beach bars, and breathe in the salty sea air.

The people of Jamaica are known for their friendly manner, and there's something about that distinctive accent that makes you feel right at home. Locals here know how to chill out better than anyone else, so take a palm leaf out of their books and follow suit.

Where to stay in Jamaica

FalmouthView on Map

Caribbean cruise liners sailing through the islands always make sure to dock in the historic town of Falmouth.

This resort has maintained its traditional vibe which has been maintained across its streets for centuries creating an environment that can't be matched anywhere else in Jamaica.

With golden beaches on the coast and swamp or river cruises inland, Falmouth offers excitement of the laidback variety, allowing you to enjoy your getaway in the sun at your own pace.


Quick Tips

  • Christianity
  • Jamaican Dollar
  • English
  • 2.8 million
  • GMT +5

An island of adventure

But don't be fooled into thinking Jamaica is all about the relaxation. If you can drag yourself away from the miles relaxing tropical beaches you will be rewarded with an array of activities.

For adrenaline junkies there is plenty on offer, from white water rafting along the Rio Grande to whizzing over the stunning scenery on the Caribbean's longest zip-line.

Jungle Touring will see you splashing down the river on an exciting adventure through Jamaica's untouched jungle terrain, whereas a full PADI course will get you discovering world-class reefs and spooky shipwrecks in no time.

Nature lovers can hike up to Blue Mountain Peak, to the tune of tropical birds, and admire the beautiful Jamaican landscape from up high, or from down low whilst climbing the stunning Dunns River Falls.

Get into the groove on the Bob Marley experience and visit his museum in Kingston or for something a bit different take a boat trip out to Pelican Bar for a game of dominos with the locals. When you're all chilled out and need to cool down, Pelican Bar's also a great place for snorkelling.

Nights on the coast

Holidays in Jamaica, no matter which resort you stay in, promise to provide you with the coolest and most laidback evening you've ever had. In Jamaica where there's a beach, more often than not, there's a beach bar and they are ideal locations to watch the sun go down and enjoy a cocktail or two.

If you want to kick things up a gear then Negril, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios have venues to keep the party going all night with some great nightclubs. The beautiful beach resort of Negril in particular is becoming increasingly popular as a party destination and is welcoming more and more Americans during Spring Break in March.

Exotic dishes

After all of that excitement you're sure to be hungry. If you enjoy a bit of Reggae Reggae Sauce or a good piece of Jerk Chicken, you'll love the food in Jamaica. Dishes are full of flavour and make use of a variety of spices.

Local delicacies include the national dish of Ackee and Saltfish and the somewhat-Cornish-pasty-like Jamaican Patty. The Caribbean also influences Jamaica's cuisine, and some of the Caribbean's best chefs flock to work in the island's restaurants.

As for drinks, Jamaica's Blue Mountains grow the world's finest coffee beans. In fact, the popular liqueur Tia Maria is a product of Jamaican coffee beans. The local beer, Red Stripe, and 'Bellywash' limeade are great for quenching thirst.

Duty free shopping

Before you head home don't forget to indulge in a bit of retail therapy because holidays to Jamaica are heaven for shopaholics. Boutiques here sell everything from sparkling jewellery to perfume, leather goods and liquor. There is so much choice you could shop till you drop, or at least until you reach your luggage allowance.

Jamaica enjoys duty free tax on alcohol, tobacco and perfume products so you can bring the island lifestyle home with you in the form of classic Jamaican rum. If only the Jamaicans could bottle and sell their laid-back vibe for us to take home.

The Big, little island

Direct flights from the UK take around ten hours so you'll be glad to hear that travelling to your resort from the airport should not take longer than 90 minutes.

Most tourists land in Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay on the north west coast of the island. From there you can actually take a domestic flight across the island but the airport also provides taxis, shuttle services and plenty of car hire companies to help you get to your chosen resort.

Busses are the cheapest way to get around most resorts and many hotels provide transport services to outlying attractions. Taxis in the larger resorts of Jamaica are federally run and will charge a set price from zone to zone making sure that the tourists are never overcharged.