Kos Holidays 2024/2025

Holidays to Kos pack it all in, with historic Grecian structures, a lively nightlife scene and family-friendly attractions. For a small island, there’s plenty to see and do. Whether you’re looking for a quiet stretch of beach or a bustling shopping centre, there’s a resort for you.

Kos Holiday Deals

From beaches to bars

The 40-kilometre long island of Kos is bursting with activities and attractions for holiday-goers, including striking white beaches, historic ruins, exciting water parks and vibrant nightlife.

Most of the small resorts here focus on relaxation and provide a quiet getaway. But for those who are looking for a livelier experience on their Greece package holiday, Kos’ capital Kos Town and the resort of Kardamena are thriving metropolises. Both towns have an active nightlife scene and bring young people from all over Europe who want to experience their 24-hour bars and clubs.

Holidays in Kos

History to uncover

Kos can trace its history back to the 11th century BC. Its deep Grecian roots are still displayed today, with historic ruins and castles scattered around the island. Near Kardamena, you can visit the Antimachia Castle. Built by the knights of St. John in the 14th century, the outer walls of the castle still stand strong today and you can take in spectacular views of the Aegean Sea and other tiny Greek islands.

Another must-see for history enthusiasts is the Castle of Neratzia. This massive structure is perched on a small island joined to Kos Town by a bridge. It was constructed out of local stone by the same knights of St. John. Other historical attractions around Kos include the Hippocrates plane tree, the Roman Odeum, and several excavation sites.

24 Hours of fun

There are numerous beaches around Kos’ coastline, all with a wide variety of watersports available, including windsurfing, scuba diving and snorkelling. Plus there are rental boats and sailing tours you can take advantage of in order to explore the island and discover the wonders of the Aegean Sea with your experienced Greek guides.

Kos’ Aquatica Water Park is a huge tourist destination for families enjoying a Kos All Inclusive hotel stay. Even big kids at heart will want a wild day out on the epic slides, kamikazes, and tube rides. The nightlife in Kos is diverse and varies from resort to resort. The smaller town’s quiet taverns and beach bars give you a chance to unwind under the stars with a glass of wine and nibbles of baklava.

For a more upbeat nightlife scene head to Kos Town and Kardamena where you’ll find an array of venues open to the wee hours of the morning, like wild nightclubs and karaoke bars. Kardamena’s well-named Bar Street is a great place for your pre-drink venues, and when these begin to close just make your way to the harbour’s busy nightclub strip.

Culinary delights

Kos is an island soaked in Greek culture and tradition and this resonates throughout its culinary dishes and restaurants. A large percentage of the eateries here are authentic Greek tavernas that serve up traditional meals like souvlaki and moussaka.

There’s plenty of choice around the island for where to eat, especially in the larger resorts where you’ll be able to find Italian and British cuisine as well as endless seafood joints and several Mediterranean restaurants.

Shopping excursions

Kardamena and Kos Town are the places to visit if you’re looking for a large shopping district. Kos Town’s Eleftherias Square is home to numerous gift shops and locally-owned boutiques stocked with clothing and souvenirs. The large indoor market next door makes a great afternoon of browsing through handmade crafts, jewellery and locally-grown produce.


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