Cuba Holidays 2024/2025

The glorious destination of Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean – where the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean meet – should be at the top of your holiday list and here’s why.

Holidays to Cuba boast luxurious white beaches along the coast, while inland you’ll find a landscape of rugged mountains and miles of untouched countryside. Cuba is a magical country steeped in history and culture, promising an unforgettable holiday. A destination for everyone, with sun, sand and sea, as well as an enticing history and culture.

Despite being one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world, this stunning island offers a diverse range of affordable resorts that won’t cost you the earth. Our cheap Cuba holidays will have you on an adventure of a lifetime – get browsing!

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Cuba Holiday Deals

The Cuban adventure starts here

Located just south of Miami, in the Antilles group of islands, there’s no denying a Cuba holiday will charm you from the offset. Cuba is an eccentric island that comes alive through music, dancing and laughter.

Cuba’s iconic identity is showcased from the busy atmospheric streets of Havana to the dramatic countryside complete with working farms and traditional villages. Its diverse character is presented in everything from its colonial architecture to the cuisine and culture.

If you’re looking for a holiday that will transport you somewhere completely new and different to what you’re used to, then holidays to Cuba are for you. It’ll be like no other place you’ve been. It’s a 10 hour flight from the UK (that’s just your favourite box set back to back!) and you’ll be on the shores before you know it. To find the best cheap Cuba holidays, travel during the low season when the island quiets down between May to October.

Holidays in Cuba

Popular Resorts

Lose yourself in Havana

One of the wonders of holidays in Cuba is certainly its quirky capital. Today, Havana is a metropolis of two million inhabitants and is one of the most fascinating cities on the planet. Old Havana is a piece of cherished history and all the images you previously held of brightly coloured, paint peeled buildings with locals sitting in doorways smoking cigars really come to life.

Wander around the famous Necropolis Cristobal Colon – one of the largest cemeteries in the Americas – and gaze upon elaborate marble statues amid the graves of famous revolutionaries, scientists and authors. If that’s not your thing, head to the beautifully constructed cathedral and enjoy a drink at Bodeguita Del Medio, one of Hemingway and Nat King Cole’s old watering holes.

You’ll find there’s so much to do in Havana, places to explore, things to learn, and foods to try, you’ll need to go again and again to tick it all off.

Best beaches in Cuba

Yet another reason why Cuba holidays are a top pick is because of the magnificent beaches – and they really are incredible to see.

A popular choice for all those landing in Cuba, the number one beach resort, Varadero, is located on the north coast and just a two hour drive east of Havana. Here, you’ll find over 20 kilometres of pristine white sand beaches, 4 and 5 star resorts boasting world–class service and elegant cocktail bars that overlook the emerald sea. You’ll find a number of luxurious All Inclusive hotels here. It’s the perfect spot to relax with a cocktail in hand and soak up some rays.

Playa Ancon offers an even more pristine coastline but has managed to keep a natural feel with palm trees and greenery creeping down to the sand. You’ll find great snorkelling and diving sites off the shoreline here, which is ideally located just outside the colonial UNESCO city of Trinidad.

Cayo Coco is one of the largest resorts in Cuba and it’s beach does not disappoint. Particularly great for families, the beach here is unspoilt, and less crowded than the sands in Varadero, and boasts warm, shallow waters perfect for paddling around.

Cheap Cuba holidays offer plenty to do to suit all tastes and budgets, but one thing you’ll get in every resort, and suited to every budget is the  incredibly picturesque Cuban beaches. They’re a must for everyone.

A taste of Trinidad

To experience the slower pace of Cuba, be sure to head to the quaint cobbled streets of Trinidad in the centre of Cuba. This UNESCO treasure is like an outdoor museum with its perfectly preserved Spanish colonial buildings, so much so, it’s the whole city that’s the UNESCO Heritage site.

Head to the Plaza Mayor to experience the gentle hospitality of the locals or enjoy an ice-cold mojito in one of the bars lining the square. With so much to see and so much history and culture to take in, Trinidad is often known as a living museum.

Spend days here lazing on the long stretches of white sand or bobbing along to the salsa music. The surrounding mountainous region also makes for great hiking and horse riding. One of the most popular destinations is the Salto del Caburni waterfalls, where after an hour’s hiking over wooded terrain, you’re free to enjoy a refreshing dip in the natural pools. Now what’s really more rewarding than that?

Salsa in Santiago

Home to the traditional rhythms that gave birth to salsa music, Santiago is the second biggest city in Cuba. Nestled in the southeast of the island, this city has a totally different feel to Havana, with a distinct African–Caribbean influence and fast paced, narrow streets bustling with people and cars.

Santiago is said to be the hottest, most colourful and musical city, it’s rich in colonial history and is the educational centre of Cuba – the cultural capital of Cuba as some call it. Santiago is certainly a spot to add on your holiday itinerary.

Jump on a bus to Castillo del Morro, located at the city’s harbour, and explore this historic fort and castle complete with moats and working cannons. Once back in the centre, wander around important historical sites such as the Moncada Barracks and Revolution Plaza and dance your way into the night.

The nightlife in Santiago is packed full of live music venues with an atmosphere that’ll impress. You’ll also find outdoor nightlife where the streets will be filled with music and dancing, making you feel like you’re in a movie. The nightlife in Cuba is reasonably priced and a must for all, even those on a cheap Cuba holiday budget!

Explore breathtaking national parks

Cuba has its fair share of national parks dotted all over the island. Each offers their own individual canvas of spectacular forests, beaches, lagoons and caves to explore, with the added opportunity to visit working coffee and tobacco plantations.

Valle de Vinales National Park sits in the west of the island, not too far from Havana, and is one of Cuba’s most breathtaking settings. Having gained UNESCO World Heritage status in 1999 for its dramatically isolated steep-sided residual hills, the park can be explored by foot or on horseback – and either by guided tour or alone.

The largest National Park in Cuba is Cienega de Zapata National Park, located in the southeast of Havana. It comprises over 1 million acres with miles upon miles of trails and wetland to explore. For those keen bird watchers, this is the dream place. There’s over 28 species of bird here, that are only in Cuba! This National Park is another that can be enjoyed by guided tour or you can ponder through the grounds alone.

Frequently asked questions about holidays to Cuba

The best month to visit Cuba depends on what you want out of your holiday.

Although the island has wonderful temperatures and magical views all year round, there is a rainy season from may to November, as well as a peak season from the end of November to April.

Those looking for cheap Cuba holidays, or avoiding the busy crowds, will benefit from great deals between May and November, you just have to be happy with the potential for rain. June to October get the most rain, so May and November can be good picks!

The cheapest months to go to Cuba tend to be between May to November. This is because it’s the rainy season – although, you’ll still bask in temperatures around the thirties.

The peak tourism season in Cuba is from mid December to mid March so this is where the prices are at their highest.

All Inclusive Cuba holidays can often make your holiday that bit cheaper too, as everything is already paid for before you even fly.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our offers and deals because there’s always exclusive online discounts to be had!

The hottest months in Cuba are throughout the middle of the year, from June to August. You’ll see scorching temperatures above 30 at this time.

November to February sees temperatures just below 20℃, so it’s still an ideal destination for a spot of winter sun.

Tailor your Cuba holiday to what you’re looking for most; scorching temperatures are better for relaxing, while the cooler temperatures are ideal if you’re going to have a busy schedule adventuring and exploring.

The rainiest months in Cuba are from June to October – which also happen to be the hottest months.

December, January and February see the least rainfall.

These rainy months tend to be best for those seeking cheap Cuba holidays because there are often some bargains due to the fall in popularity.

Cuba has gorgeous beaches all over, but Varadero tends to be argued as having thee best beaches.

Varadero is a hugely popular region in Cuba for its beautiful beaches, local bars, amazing scenery and transportation links.

Holidays in Cuba offer the luxury of 3,500 miles of beach, so be sure to have a look around to find your favourite beach resort.

As with any holiday, you should do your research first regarding any travel restrictions and health warnings to ensure your holiday will go off without any mishaps. You can find out more about safety when on holiday in Cuba here.