Cuba Holidays 2022/2023

The largest island in the Caribbean, holidays to Cuba boast luxurious white beaches along the coast, but head inland and you'll find a landscape of rugged mountains and miles of untouched countryside dotted with tobacco fields. Cuba is a magical country steeped in history and culture, promising an unforgettable holiday.

Cuba Holiday Deals 2022/2023

The Cuban adventure starts here

Located just south of Miami in the Antilles group of islands, there’s no denying our Cuba holidays All Inclusive deals will charm you from the offset. A maverick island that has defied all attempts to be pigeon-holed, you’ll find a nation that, although economically isolated, is lifted above circumstances by music, dancing and laughter, living life in all its glory.

Cuba’s iconic identity is showcased from the busy atmospheric streets of Havana to the dramatic countryside complete with working farms and traditional villages. Its multi–layered, diverse character is presented in everything from its colonial architecture to its cuisine and culture.

Currency: Peso

Language: Spanish

Population: 11 million

Religion: Roman Catholic



Jibacoa has one of those beaches that you can rock up to and never leave. There's a coral reef nearby, stretches of sand, and not much else, just the way relaxation-seekers like it. Once you're ready to dial up the heat, Varadero and Havana are just on the horizon.


A holiday to Havana is a cacophony of sound and vision, with Cuban guitar, brightly painted buildings, grand produce markets and beautiful beaches. A trip to Cuba's capital city is about more than just cigars and rum, as this picturesque city is full of history, culture and nightlife just waiting for you to explore.


Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful spots to visit on Cuba holidays, sweeping white sands meet fluorescent blue Caribbean ocean at this chilled out resort on the Cuban coast. Spend sunny days on the shoreline and idyllic evenings sipping mojitos along the waterfront.

Cayo Santa Maria

This little peninsula is a holiday force to be reckoned with, home to 13 kilometres of coastline and some seriously gorgeous All Inclusive resorts. Days here on a holiday to Cuba are spent meeting the local wildlife, hopping from spa treatment to poolside and sunning yourself on white sand shores.

Cayo Coco

With pristine white sand beaches that stretch for miles and gently slope into fluorescent tranquil water, a holiday to Cayo Coco offers the feel of a deserted island with all the modern amenities. From boat trips to spa retreats and interesting night spots, it's an intriguing and relaxing location for anyone considering a holiday to Cuba.

Cayo Guillermo

With the Atlantic Ocean lapping the shores of fine sandy beaches, Cayo Guillermo is part of a small and tranquil archipelago off the coast of Cuba. It's what you'd expect the perfect Caribbean destination to look like – white beaches, lush greenery and exotic birds – and it's easy to see why this is such a popular spot with people planning Cuba holidays.


Gorgeous beaches aren't Varadero's only draw, as it comes prepared with a vibrant town, outdoor adventures and a whole lot of nightlife to match. For a town covering only a little sliver of land, come here on your Cuba holidays and you'll wonder how it managed to pack so much personality in.

Lose yourself in Havana

Today, Havana is an all–consuming metropolis of two million inhabitants and one of the most fascinating cities on the planet. Old Havana is a living, breathing piece of history and all the images you previously held of brightly coloured, paint peeled buildings with locals sitting in doorways smoking cigars become a reality.

Wander around the famous Necropolis Cristobal Colon – one of the largest cemeteries in the Americas – and gaze upon elaborate marble statues amid the graves of famous revolutionaries, scientists and authors. If that’s not your thing, head to the beautifully constructed cathedral and enjoy a drink at Bodeguita Del Medio, one of Hemingway and Nat King Cole’s old watering holes.

Best beaches

Cuba’s number one beach resort, Varadero, is located on the north coast and just a two hour drive east of Havana. A popular choice with those booking All Inclusive holidays in Cuba, Here you’ll find over 20 kilometres of pristine white sand beaches, 4* and 5* star resorts boasting world–class service and elegant cocktail bars overlooking the emerald sea.

Down in the south, Playa Ancon offers even more pristine coastline but has managed to keep a natural feel with palm trees and greenery creeping down to the sand. You’ll find great snorkelling and diving sites off the shoreline here, which is ideally located just outside the colonial UNESCO city of Trinidad.

A taste of Trinidad

To experience the slower pace of Cuba, be sure to head to the quaint cobbled streets of Trinidad. This UNESCO treasure is like an outdoor museum with its perfectly preserved Spanish colonial buildings. Head to the Plaza Mayor to experience the gentle hospitality of the locals or enjoy an ice-cold mojito in one of the bars lining the square.

Spend days here lazing on the long stretches of white sand or bobbing along to the obligatory salsa music. The surrounding mountainous region also makes for great hiking and horse riding. One of the most popular destinations is the Salto del Caburni waterfalls, where after an hour’s hiking over wooded terrain, you’re free to enjoy a refreshing dip in the natural pools.

Salsa in Santiago

Home to the traditional rhythms that gave birth to salsa music, Santiago is the second biggest city in Cuba. Nestled in the southeast of the island, this city has a totally different feel to Havana with a distinct African–Caribbean influence and fast paced, narrow streets bustling with people and cars.

Jump on a bus to Castillo del Morro, located at the city’s harbour, and explore this historic fort and castle complete with moats and working cannons. Once back in the centre, wander around important historical sites such as the Moncada Barracks and Revolution Plaza and dance your way into the night.

Explore breathtaking national parks

Cuba has its fair share of national parks which are dotted all over the island. Each offer their own individual canvas of forests, beaches, lagoons and caves to explore, with the added opportunity to visit working coffee and tobacco plantations.

Valle de Vinales National Park sits in the west of the island and is one of Cuba’s most breathtaking settings. Having gained UNESCO World Heritage status in 1999 for its dramatically isolated steep-sided residual hills, the park can be explored by foot or on horseback.

Frequently asked questions about holidays to Cuba

Question: What is the best month to visit Cuba?
Answer: The island has a wonderful temperature all year round, featuring sunny skies, beautiful backdrops and tropical temperatures. One of the best bits about Cuba is the beaches on the south coast tend to get the best weather on the island, so be sure to add them to your plan when booking a holiday to Cuba.

Question: What is the cheapest month to go to Cuba?
Answer: A package holiday to Cuba is generally the best bet, giving you the option to enjoy the sunshine at a fraction of the price. Visit the beautiful Caribbean destination all year round and you’ll be blown away by the stunning surroundings. Be sure to keep an eye out for offers and deals, offering you the chance to book your Cuba holiday at a discounted price.

Question: What are the best sandy beaches in Cuba?
Answer: Varadero is a hugely popular region in Cuba, with beautiful beaches, local bars, amazing scenery and transportation links. There are so many sandy beaches to choose from when it comes to a holiday to Cuba, be sure to have a look around and find your favourite beach resort if that’s what you’re looking for.

What are the hottest months in Cuba?
The hot months in Cuba tend to be at the start of the year, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the year isn’t hot. Try looking around for your best climate in cuba and book your holiday to the fantastic destination.

Question: What is the rainiest month in Cuba?
Answer: While the hottest months may be towards the start of the year, you’ll also find that these are the rainiest months too. Try to avoid the beginning of the year if you don’t want the risk of rain. However, these months can be cheaper due to the climate.