Cultural Holidays

Fly away to beautiful historical cities, embrace new cultures and ways of life, and see amazing ancient ruins – cultural holidays can transport you in time and in mind.

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From the magic and romance of Venice to the bustling street markets of Thailand, you can delve into the heart of countries on our exciting cultural holidays.

If you want to be immersed into history, Dubrovnik will take you back to as early as the 7th century when it was founded. This Adriatic port was targeted by invaders many times in the past but still stands strong today. When a group of creatives brought the Renaissance to the city it turned into a hive of arts, science and beauty. Buildings like the Church of St Blaise can still be ogled in their full glory. And Croatia is also a great sunny destination so you can work on your tan while wandering the historical streets.

For a first-hand experience of how the other side of the world works, Thailand is on hand. From beautifully decorative temples to floating markets, and traditional long boats to giant Buddha statues, this Asian beauty is full of mystery and magic. See a new way of life with every Thai destination you visit. From Krabi you can explore the secluded Railay Beach, only reached by boat, this unspoilt beach will have you feeling like a local – rock climbing and sea kayaking are brilliant here too.

Looking for a mixture of sun and exploring? Mexico holidays have you covered. When you’re not relaxing in your swanky hotel, visit one of the New Seven Wonders of the World – Chichen Itza. And the sight-seeing doesn’t stop there, with a whole host of ancient Mayan ruins, you can revel in fantastic and curious views. Pyramids, statues and cities are scattered all over the country so, if you can drag yourself away from the lovely white beaches, you’ll see something spectacular.

Travelling as a two

Take a voyage of discovery with the person you love most. There’s nothing better than sharing the most amazing experiences together and one thing’s for sure, you’ll leave with endless memories.

As one of the most romantic destinations in the world, Venice is a hotspot for couples looking for a special adventure. From the best gelato you’ve ever had to taking a gondola ride through picturesque canals, this enchanting town is a real Italian treat. When you’ve exhausted all the more touristy things to do, Venice is full of Renaissance architecture and art just waiting to be appreciated. The summer brings beautiful sunny weather but even in the winter fog the mystery of the city will lead to love.

If you’d prefer a different type of culture, Morocco is ready to accommodate. The souks in Jemaa el-Fnaa square will throw you right into the thick of it. Taste local delicacies, barter with market owners, and let the fabulous belly dancers memorise you. It’s not all about bustling cities though, jet off to Agadir, Morocco’s most famous beach resort and take in the African sunsets and warm sands.

Cultural Holiday Destinations

Take the kids with you

If you’re looking for just the right destination to keep the kids entertained and your appetite for sight-seeing satisfied, Greece could be the answer. With short flights paired with top-notch hotels and more ancient sights than you can count, holidays to Greece are fun for every type of holidaymaker.

In Rhodes you’ll find huge All Inclusive resorts with kids clubs, family activities and endless fun. Don’t worry, there’s plenty for you to do outside your hotel too, with Lindos’ archaeological site featuring hidden cafes, cobbled streets and whitewashed walls. And it doesn’t stop there, take an afternoon to wander UNESCO protected Rhodes Town’s castle walls or relax on Kalithea’s beach. One thing’s for sure, a family holiday to Rhodes will be full of fun.

Crete is another of Greece’s bigger destinations and will definitely have something to keep the kids entertained – in fact Cretan life is all about family so you and your little ones will fit right in. A site founded in the Bronze Age, Knossos, is thought to be Europe’s oldest city so head down there for a little bit of history. Waterparks can be found all over the island so if you need a break from the hot summer sun, slap on some suncream and make a splash together. Don’t forget to really embrace Cretan culture with afternoons out of the sun with a cool drink and, of course, having a giggle as a family.

The great thing about holidaying in Greece is you can hop to another island for the day. You can check out famously beautiful Santorini or head over to the mainland and see the ancient wonders of Athens, with over 1200 Grecian islands, your choices are limitless.

Get a good deal

To grab a steal of a cultural holiday, take the risk and be spontaneous. Booking last minute – anything less than eight weeks before you fly – can really give you the best prices. Hotels and airlines want their holidays to be full so with the run up to departure day you’ll typically see prices fall. Some holidaymakers might have to cancel last minute too which can free up spaces with amazing prices – definitely worth keeping an eye on!

If your dates are flexible, make sure you check out midweek departures, the majority of the time weekends are a little more expensive due to high demand. There’s no better way to spend a Wednesday than jetting off somewhere sunny.

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