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Caribbean Holidays

The Caribbean has year-round warm weather, delicious local cuisine and offers bright white sands and warm seas. Sit back and enjoy the views, watch a carnival, or drift off to the soothing sound of the waves.

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Year-round relaxation

Covering the Caribbean Sea and reaching all the way to the eastern tip of South America, the Caribbean region has average summer temperatures of 30°C. The temperature hovers around 27°C even in the cooler months, making it a favourite 'unwind and recharge' destination all year round. There are a wide variety of holiday options for the sun seeker, adventurer and nature lover here, as well as activities of cultural and historical interest.

Where to stay in Caribbean

ArubaView on Map

A small island just off the South American coastline, Aruba enjoys ideal weather, idyllic beaches and a buzzing tourism industry; it's no wonder it's known as the Happy Island.

Luxury hotels and accommodation has sprung up in Aruba over the last few years making this resort one of the trendiest in the world. This country enjoys Dutch origins which add a new twist to the Caribbean charm with perks such as a windmill on the beach.

Families can relax here but couples and adults can enjoy the romantic restaurants and evening entertainment at the many bars and casinos.

BarbadosView on Map

One of the quietest but most enjoyable islands in the Caribbean, the phenomenal coastline boasts miles of golden beaches. Built on a huge coral reef formed millions of years ago, it's no surprise that Barbados also offers top notch diving.

Barbados is the go-to island for the rich and famous with plenty of beachside hotels and property being blessed with an unrivalled climate to relax in.

Packed with historical sites and excellent music bars and restaurants, Barbados runs on rum and calypso. It's all about having a good time.

CubaView on Map

The most famous Caribbean island in recent history, much of Cuba displays proud traditions from the 1950s era.

A seasoned favourite among honeymooners, Cuba enjoys great year-round weather, versatile surroundings and is bathed in rich culture.

In the city you'll see Cadillacs cruising the streets filled with cafes and restaurants while the Cayo islands are the perfect image of paradise. In either location, you'll be tempted to sit back with a mojito in one hand, Cuban cigar in the other and watch the Caribbean sunshine glide across the clear sky.

Dominican Republic
Dominican RepublicView on Map

A fantastic all-rounder, the Dominican Republic has it all, from beaches to weather to water sports, and the island is so affordable that it's become one of the most sought-after destinations in the whole of the Caribbean.

Over a dozen beach resorts are spread throughout the north, south and east coast of the country with spectacular nature distributed among each. Off the coast, the Dominican Republic is blessed with dreamy islands as well as the humpback whale mating season which sees thousands of the creatures visit the shores.

This country offers family resorts, destinations for singles as well as romantic couple's getaway spots.

JamaicaView on Map

The home of reggae, rum and relaxation hardly needs an introduction. It's culturally rich and more laid-back than a fully reclined sun lounger.

If you like cities, you can explore the likes of Kingston, Montego Bay and Negril where friendly locals enhance your holiday as much as they can.

If you're after calmer surroundings, then spend your time on Seven Mile Beach and listen to smooth island beats before tucking into the island's succulent cuisine. Aside from the beaches, there's also adventures and exploration to be enjoyed throughout the island's jungles, forests and waterfalls.


Quick Tips

  • See individual islands
  • Spanish, English, French, Dutch
  • 39 million
  • GMT -4 to GMT -5

Take your pick of the islands

Each of the Caribbean islands offers its own unique personality and qualities, making it easy to select one that ticks all the boxes on your personal holiday wish list. You could opt for one of the the vibrant, music-filled party atmosphere islands, such as big and bold Cuba, or enjoy the lush beauty and serene nature of islands like St Lucia.

It's worth planning ahead as the activities available can vary depending on the time of year, but whether you're planning to drink and dance, hike or snorkel, it should be easy to keep yourself entertained wherever you go.

Beaches for family fun, or some quiet solitude

The Caribbean is a beach lovers emporium, with literally hundreds of prime quality sandy stretches scattered across the region. Beaches and coves range from family-friendly zones to secluded havens, where you could spend the whole day in peaceful solitude while working on your tan.

The tiny island of Aruba and larger and more well-known Dominican Republic both offer pristine white sands, and Cuba's Varadero Beach is known as 'the best beach in the world'.

Mix and match with multi-stop tours

With so many destinations in fairly close proximity to each other there's also the option to create your own multi-stop tour. This is a great way to get a deeper sense of the character and variety of the Caribbean and take home some great memories.

You could start out relaxing at an All Inclusive hotel in Jamaica, then hop over to St Lucia and feast your senses on its luscious jungle landscape and exotic sea life. And finish off in singer Rihanna's home of laid-back Barbados, all while enjoying a classic Caribbean cocktail and watching the sun go down.

Enjoy a taste of local cuisine

Each Caribbean island has its own unique cuisine, so it's worth making an effort to eat out locally and sample what's on offer. The Caribbean also has a long rum-making history.

Take a sip of Mount Gay Rum straight from the distillery in Barbados, or try some Old Jamaica Rum at the Appleton Estate in Jamaica. St Lucia offers a fine chocolate tour of the Rabot Estate, and you can even learn about the history of the Trinitario cocoa bean in Grenada.

Take in some nature, history or culture

There's plenty to see and do between chilled out beach days. Cricket fans can watch a match at the Kensington Oval in Barbados. In Jamaica you can visit Bob Marley's birthplace at Nine Mile and his former home in Kingston. You can get a taste of wild nature with whale-watching in the Dominican Republic or taking a hike in the stunning Pitons of St. Lucia.

Join the fun of carnivals and festivals

Many of the islands have carnivals and festivals throughout the year with floats, live music and delicious street food. Plan ahead to join in the fun. The Caribbean offers a real treasure chest of things to see and do to suit families, couples and groups. With its balmy temperatures even in winter, it's the perfect getaway option at any time of the year.