Caribbean Holidays 2024/2025

Caribbean holidays offer year-round warm weather, delicious local cuisine, bright white sands and warm seas. Choose to sit back and enjoy the views, embrace the culture and watch a carnival, or drift off to the soothing sound of the waves. Made up of a variety of picture perfect destinations, holidays to the Caribbean are dreamy for all holidaymakers.

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Caribbean Holiday Deals 2024/2025

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Holidays to the Caribbean offer something for everyone, with each of the islands having their own unique personality and qualities.

Opt for the lush beauty and serene nature of islands like St Lucia, swim in the warm seas through the large coral reefs in the Dominican Republic, or enjoy miles of white sands and rum punch in Barbados

Despite being the tiniest of the Caribbean islands, Aruba and Antigua are certainly just as enticing, and we haven’t even mentioned the famous Montego Bay in Jamaica

You’ll find a huge array of things to do on holiday in the Caribbean, so whether you’re planning to drink and dance, hike or snorkel, or simply lay back and relax, you’ll be having the holiday of your dreams. The Caribbean Islands truly are a paradise – you’ll soon find out

Holidays in the Caribbean


Holidays to the Caribbean all year round

Covering the Caribbean Sea and reaching all the way to the eastern tip of South America, the Caribbean islands have an average summer temperature of 30°C. In the cooler months it hovers around 27°C, making it a favourite ‘unwind and recharge’ destination all year round – the perfect winter sun holiday! The rainy seasons do vary between the islands so be sure to check when these are when booking holidays to the Caribbean.

Rejuvenate on the golden sands

If you’re craving some much needed R&R then a Caribbean holiday is the right thing for you. You’ll have the best time simply watching the world go by as you lay out next to the pool, or watching the sun hit the sea from the soft sands of a beautiful beach. 

Holidays to the Caribbean are a beach lover’s emporium with hundreds of incredible sandy stretches scattered across the region. The beaches and coves range from family-friendly to secluded havens where you can spend the whole day in peaceful solitude working on your tan.

Both the tiny island of Aruba and the larger, more well-known Dominican Republic offer pristine white sands, and Cuba’s Varadero Beach was even crowned as one of the best beaches in the world!

For those who enjoy beaches with a side of adventure, there are plenty of beaches that offer a variety of water sports for all adrenaline lovers. Caribbean holidays may be perfect for tranquillity and serene views but they can also have you flying across the water airborne or being pulled at high speeds behind a boat – at least you can take in the views from there.

Holiday in the Caribbean the right way with multi-stop tours

The gorgeous Caribbean Islands are not too far from each other, it can be super easy to tick more than one off with just one holiday. Create your own multi-stop tour made up of day trips and excursions to the neighbouring islands and see all the sights of the Caribbean – because why choose one when you can get them all!

Your holiday to the Caribbean could start out relaxing at an All Inclusive hotel in Jamaica, followed by exploring the luscious jungle landscape and exotic sea life of St Lucia. Finish off in laid-back Barbados exploring the fascinating colonial history, sipping on cocktails and watching the sun go down. Barbados nightlife has plenty to offer to bring your evening to a close with beachfront clubs, cool cocktail bars and some of the very best jazz music.

Incredible Caribbean cuisine

Holidays to the Caribbean mean delicious, flavorful cuisine. Each Caribbean island has its own unique cuisine so it’s worth exploring the local eateries to sample what’s on offer – and we promise you it’ll be worth it. With plenty of variation among meat and fish, spices and all round incredible flavours, there will be something for everyone.

Of course, rum certainly is one of the first things you think of when talking about the Caribbean – it’s practically synonymous with the Caribbean islands. They have a long and famous rum-making history, it’s very much part of the island’s culture. Take a sip of Mount Gay Rum straight from the distillery in Barbados, or try some Old Jamaica Rum at the Appleton Estate in Jamaica. You’ll have never tasted a mojito quite like it!

Caribbean chocolate is also a must try, with Caribbean cocoa beans being another famous attribute of the islands. St Lucia offers a fine chocolate tour of the Rabot Estate, and you can even learn about the history of the Trinitario cocoa bean in Grenada. Did you know there was so much to learn on holiday in the Caribbean?

Caribbean carnivals and festivals

Many of the Caribbean islands have carnivals and festivals throughout the year with extravagant floats, live music and delicious street food. Plan ahead to join in the fun and ensure your holiday to the Caribbean includes a carnival date. 

Crop Over in Barbados is a summer long carnival that rounds off on the first Monday in August with the biggest party and celebration. It has been around since the 16th Century and is always an energetic and colourful spectacle you won’t want to miss.

Across the water in St Lucia, the first carnival occurred just after WW2 ended. It started off as a small group of people parading the streets and banging on glass bottles, to what is now an incredible celebration of freedom and religion every July. It kicks off with an extravagant opening party and everyone is encouraged to join in with their own flamboyant headwear while dancing and listening to the traditional Caribbean sounds of drums, calypso, reggae and banjos. There’s even a carnival queen selected every year!


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Frequently asked questions about holidays to the Caribbean

The best time to go to the Caribbean depends on what you want to do. If you’re simply looking to relax on the beach and top up your tan, the hottest and driest months are most ideal, between February and May, but if you’re not too worried about the risk of rain, you can get even hotter temperatures from July to November. 

December to April is the peak season for tourists, so choose to avoid this time if you don’t want the busy crowds.

The hurricane season in the Caribbean runs between June and November, but all islands can vary slightly within these months. September and October tend to be the rainiest months for most of the islands, while July will often remain free of tropical storms.

There are 13 independent countries in the Caribbean – while there are actually over 700 islands, reefs and cays. 

Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago.

Holidays to the Caribbean are for everyone, whether you like laying out and catching a tan, chasing adrenaline, seeing the sights or tasting new dishes. Every island offers something different so be sure to read a bit about them before booking your Caribbean holiday.

Between May and June, and then November, can be the cheapest months to go to the Caribbean. This is when the rainy season has either just started or is just finishing, therefore there’s less crowds and you can bag cheaper deals.

To ensure you’re grabbing the best deal you can, be flexible with your dates and duration for your holiday – and even your airport choice.

Aruba is well known for its amazing beaches and waters. If you’re looking to unwind, relax and take everything in then Aruba is the place to go. 

Cuba’s Varadero beach is certainly worth checking out as it’s ranked one of the best beaches in the world!

There’s so many beaches to choose from across the islands though so be sure to do your own research too.