Last Minute Holidays

Looking for the perfect last minute holiday? Sunny breaks, ways to beat the winter blues and sensational trips to far-away climes are yours for the taking. We have thousands of late holiday deals departing in the next eight weeks to destinations all over the globe. 

Browse the last minute holiday deals below to see where you could be jetting off to.

Last minute deals

What is a last minute holiday?

Last minute holidays are cut-price package holidays, often travelling within the next eight weeks. They’re a saviour when you need a quick getaway or a relaxing break. There’s no compromise on any aspect of the holiday – you can still enjoy two weeks sunning it up on a beach in Cyprus or hiking through beautiful lakes and mountains of Italy, you’re simply booking for a date that’s within 8 weeks. 

No-one likes a long holiday countdown so get convincing your travel partner they need a holiday soon and browse our fantastic last minute holiday deals now! The countdown will be so short, you’ll be jetting off before you know it.

Deals leaving soon

Top tips for booking the best last minute holiday

At Holiday Hypermarket we do everything we can to bring you the cheapest last minute holiday deals, but there are a few things you can do to ensure you get the best deal possible for you.

Last minute holidays can offer you great prices but availability will be limited so it’s always beneficial to be flexible. This could be flexible around departure dates, holiday duration, and even your preferred departure airport. 

Often the day before or after, an extra day on holiday, or a different airport can have huge price differences – you’ve got to have a play around with each factor and compare the deals.

Keep an open mind about your holiday destination. You may have an original plan or idea, but there could be somewhere new to explore that offers a much better price. In life, it’s often the unexpected things that are the best.

Like booking any holiday, once you think you’ve found the best deal, ensure you read all the information about the hotel and destination to see if it ticks all your boxes. It’s all well and good to grab a bargain but it’s no good if it has nothing you want! 

After you’ve found the late holiday deal for you, visit our holiday extras page for all those little bits that you may have forgotten about, such as airport parking and travel money.

Last minute holiday deals for all

Last minute holidays cater for everyone, whether you’re travelling as a couple, a family or a group of friends. 

It’s super helpful for those who have to book their annual leave in advance but don’t know where they want to travel to yet. You can browse the late deals as the dates get closer and snap up a bargain. 

No matter the holiday you’re looking for, whether it may be a sunny beach break, a week on the glistening white slopes, or a long weekend exploring a new city, you can benefit from a last minute holiday deal. Indeed availability is limited, but that’s why you follow our top tips to maximise your chances and tick all your boxes.

If you book a destination with a kids’ club you’ll still be able to gain access to these facilities, as well as if you book a SplashWorld, all the water slides will still be open to you. There’s plenty of TUI Blue for Families holidays all across the globe that will please every member of your family and the bank!

Frequently asked questions about last minute holidays

It can often work out much cheaper to book a holiday last minute. This is because airlines and hotels tend to have cancelled bookings or seats still available on soon-to-take-off flights, and so operators will reduce their prices to try and fill these spots. 

That’s what makes last minute, or late deals so handy because they benefit both hotels and airlines by ensuring that they are booked up. Of course this also lets you grab a bargain and an amazing holiday.

It’s good to note that booking a last minute holiday will mean you’ll pay the full amount upfront rather than a deposit and then spreading the cost. Sometimes it can be handy to be able to spread the cost across a few payments, but ultimately it’s likely your last minute holiday will work out cheaper overall.

Booking last minute holidays doesn’t mean there needs to be a compromise, so of course you can certainly still book a marvellous last minute All Inclusive deal. One of the major benefits of booking All Inclusive for a last minute trip is you don’t need to cram in any meal planning or sort out your daily budget for food shopping – you can just pack your suitcase and take off! 

Going All Inclusive is another way to make big savings. Everything is paid for upfront so there will be no sneaky surprises – you wouldn’t have to spend another penny if that’s what you wanted. The price paid will include your flights, transfers, accommodation and food. All Inclusive timings and alcohol selection can vary between hotels so be sure to read all the hotel information before you book.

Knowing that everything’s paid for before you depart can be a huge helping hand in making sure you’re able to relax and make the most of your holiday.

You’ve got to admit, a last minute holiday does sound good!

You could book a holiday for 24 hours later if there is a flight available. Although, our top tip would be to look for a holiday in 48 hours to avoid disappointment due to limited availability. A spontaneous last minute holiday could be the best decision this year!

Last minute holidays are available all over the globe with some really great short-haul, mid-haul and long-haul destinations. In popular tourist hotspots accommodation is never in short supply. 

If you’re looking for a sunny European beach break, destinations such as Spain and Bulgaria top the bill. In Spain, head to the sun-kissed Costa Brava for miles of golden beaches, family-friendly activities such as water parks, and towns with quaint historic centres. 

Meanwhile, on Bulgaria’s stunning Black Sea coast you’ll find a range of nightlife hotspots, family friendly resorts and numerous Blue Flag beaches

If you’re thinking of heading further afield, the Canary Islands are a great place to score a last minute holiday deal. Fun-loving Tenerife is particularly popular, thanks to its golden bays, striking volcanic landscape and lively resorts. The sun shines year-round here, so it’s the ideal last minute holiday all year round.

During the winter months, escape the cold with a last minute holiday to the Caribbean. With its world-class beaches, reggae and rum bars and mountains and waterfalls, Jamaica is one of the best places to banish the winter blues and make the most of any remaining annual leave.

Popular Last Minute Holiday Destinations