Messonghi Holidays 2024/2025

One of Corfu’s most popular tourist resorts, Messonghi is separated from its neighbour Moraitika by little more than a winding river which flows out into the clear blue ocean. The beaches are golden, clean, packed full of fun and fronted by bars, restaurants and luxury hotels, making this an ideal choice for Corfu holidays.

Messonghi Holiday Deals

A place to relax

Despite its popularity, Messonghi never feels noisy and overcrowded. The resort’s golden sands are guarded from the rest of the island by olive groves and pine trees, hiding it away and giving it a serene atmosphere. Here, you can pitch up on the beach with your towel and book, take a dip, and pop into a taverna on the seafront for lunch.

If you’re looking for a little more excitement during your time on the shores of Corfu then Messonghi caters for you by offering watersports opportunities, including parasailing, pedalos and water-skiing, which provide great alternatives to what your cheap All Inclusive holidays to Greece already include. Messonghi’s beach is ideal for couples or families looking to have an adventure or you can hire a boat and see the island your way.

Sit atop Kaiser's throne

Less than 10 miles from Messonghi is the famous Kaiser’s Throne, a lookout above the beautiful village of Pelekas which offers visitors a full panoramic view of Corfu. Take a leisurely stroll up to the summit to soak up all the authentic Greek culture on the way.

Make the climb and have dinner at the Sunset restaurant at the Hotel Levant. Its seating at the terrace tables looks over the famous sunset and provides a real show to go with their tasty dinner. If you’re up for the walk there, you’ll be greatly rewarded, and the walk back down is much easier.

A buzzing nightlife

Despite the peaceful vibe of Messonghi, it’s far from dull. The evenings are consistently set alight by a handful of bars which offer a broad range of music and alcohol to suit all tastes. With ambient environments for customers to dart between on a night out, if going home after dinner isn’t really your style, then Messonghi’s got you covered.

If you’d like to sample some of the raging nightlife elsewhere on the island then you’re conveniently located halfway between Corfu Town and Kavos. These two areas are considered the party capitals of the island, with Corfu Town offering a slightly more tame and stylish side to the island and Kavos going all-out crazy.

A day trip to a cosmopolitan city

The capital, Corfu Town, is just 30 minutes away by car, or you can easily catch a bus. The public transport services run regularly from both Messonghi and Moraitiki, stopping at a number of resorts on the way if you’re looking to visit your neighbours.

Once in the centre of Corfu Town you can choose whether you want to explore the commercial district and browse the boutique fashion and jewellery stores, or head to the Old Town to try your hand at bartering with the local traders.

The market stalls in the winding historical streets are busy and extravagant, with local produce and crafts changing hands constantly. Traditional tavernas are dotted around the alleys, with smiling waiters offering you great deals if you’ll sit and dine at one of their tables.

Above the bustling streets of Corfu Town is the Old Fortress, which once-upon-a-time protected Corfu from three Ottoman Empire sieges. For history nuts this is a great place to learn about Corfu’s Venetian occupation and rich cultural heritage. The fortress is open to the general public all day, with tours offered by guides at the entrance.


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