Mauritius Holidays 2024/2025

Famed for its white sand beaches, 5* resorts and magical lagoons, Mauritius is a luxurious holiday destination packed with culinary delights and an eclectic culture. Away from the beach, visitors can explore sugar and tea plantations and abundant national parks, colonial houses and gardens.

Mauritius Holiday Deals 2024/2025

Marvellous Mauritius

Aside from the wonder of its coastline, which boasts breathtaking cobalt blue water and fine, clean sand, Mauritius All Inclusive holidays give you a wonderful range of activities on offer. You can hike through rainforests surrounded by sugar cane fields in Bois Cheri and play on idyllic golf courses offering panoramic views of the striking landscape in beautiful Belle Mare.

The diversity of cultures on the small island is best expressed through its cuisine. You’ll find everything from Indian to European dishes in local canteens, as well as gourmet restaurants where you’ll be met with friendly locals, excited to share their unique lifestyle.

Packed with history, visitors can explore the distinctive colonial buildings in the vibrant capital, Port Louis. Plus there are museums where you can learn how the island’s past has contributed to its present day identity.

Holidays in Mauritius


Tuck into Mauritian street food

Outside the confines of your resort, you’ll find some of the most diverse street food in the world on your Mauritius holidays. Fusing Creole, French, Chinese and Indian cuisine, tantalise your tastebuds with French dishes mixed with Indian spices, Mauritian style dim sum and an abundance of seafood cooked anyway you want it.

If Mauritius had a national dish, dholl puris would probably be it. You’ll find street vendors across the whole island serving up these delicious Indian inspired flatbreads stuffed with ground yellow split peas and served with bean curry, atchar and chutney. If you’re interested in trying Mauritius’ delicious seafood, Grand Baie’s fisherman’s market takes place every afternoon on Grand Baie Beach. Here you’ll find the region’s catch of the day displayed on trestle tables and ready for frying.

Explore tea and sugar plantations

You’ll enjoy stunning views of inland Mauritius as you navigate the narrow, winding roads on an interesting excursion to Bois Cheri Tea Plantations. Take a guided tour through the fields before enjoying a refreshing brew in the restaurant with panoramic views.

Alongside the tea, you’ll find an abundance of sugar cane fields. With miles and miles to choose from its easy to take a stroll among the crops. But for the best experience head to L’Aventure Du Sucre, a museum dedicated to the history of sugar with its own fields, where you can sample a variety of sweet produce.

Soak up the sun

Edged with glorious beaches, Mauritius’ coastline varies from small coves shaded by casuarina trees in the north to long stretches of white sand, gently shelving into the calm, blue Indian Ocean in the east. The south offers a more rugged landscape with bigger waves, ideal for surfing, and over on the west you’ll experience breathtaking sunsets.

Cheap Mauritius holidays offer a variety of watersports including snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing and parasailing. But, for a unique underwater activity, head to Belle Mare for a spot of helmet diving and walk along the ocean floor in a space-style helmet as you observe the wonders of the sea bed.

Explore Chamarel

Just outside of the seaside resort of Le Morne are the hills along the western coast of the island, home to beautiful Chamarel. It’s here you’ll find The Seven Coloured Earths. Protected by a wooden fence, the Seven Coloured Earths is a small area of sand dunes with seven distinct colours of sand, which boast a surreal, striped appearance from brown to purple.

Tucked away into the nearby Black River Gorges National Park, you’ll find the magnificent Chamarel Waterfall where you can take a dip alongside the lower viewing platform. The park offers 60 kilometres of hiking trails through the rainforest where you’ll discover plenty of native birds, flying foxes, giant tortoises and wild pigs.

Discover Port Louis and beyond

With influences from India, France, China, Africa and the Middle East, Port Louis is an eclectic capital bursting with culture and things to do. From old colonial buildings to bustling markets filled with brightly coloured spices and fabrics, you can’t escape this unique city’s heritage and vibrant atmosphere.

Beyond the central market is Champ de Mars, the oldest racecourse in the southern hemisphere. There are also a handful of interesting museums and plenty of cobbled streets and squares lined with artisan restaurants where you can sample the local cuisine.

Less than an hour’s drive away from the capital is one of Mauritius’ top holiday destinations, the seaside village of Flic en Flac. It’s home to many of the island’s top luxury hotels, located right along the shoreline, giving incredible views out towards the Indian Ocean. Flic en Flac also boasts the best underwater diving scene in all of Mauritius, a must-visit spot for any marine lovers.


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