Acharavi Holidays 2024/2025

Acharavi is a popular yet laid-back resort with a beautiful beach, its own waterpark and an interesting folklore museum. The town’s strip has a number of restaurants, bars and shops, which line the crystal blue ocean and lightly pebble-dashed sands of the Ionian Sea. The seafront is often alive with tourists, but if you venture deeper into old Acharavi village during your holidays to Corfu you’ll find a more traditional area. Acharavi is particularly suited to couples and families looking for one of the quieter areas of the island.

Acharavi Holiday Deals

Everything on your doorstep

Acharavi is at the most northern point of Corfu and is known as the capital of the area due to the great range of shops, supermarkets, bars and restaurants. The food – which offers menu after menu of Greek culinary specialities – is all too good to pass up. Just close your eyes and pick at random and you’ll most likely be satisfied.

Being close to fishing villages and marinas makes it easy for restaurants in the area to get hold of fresh fish. Farms on the island also grow succulent fruit and vegetables to compliment any local dish. If you’re after something a bit different, you’ll find there are places which specialise in international food too.

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  • Its own cultural history

    Acharavi has its own folklore museum in the Agios Stefanos district. This is an interesting place to pop by if you’ve got a bit of spare time. The museum gives a great insight into the cultural history of the Greek people in the area, with examples of clothing, tools and artefacts from past Acharavi residents.

    The fee is very reasonable, and the level of information is good, so you can learn about the area without it hurting your holiday budget. However, if you feel like shelling out after the trip, there are a number of unique hand-made souvenirs available to purchase upstairs in the shop. You can be certain that no one back home will have one.

    Off the beaten track

    Just out of Acharavi there are plenty of lesser-known villages to visit during your Corfu holidays. One way of exploring these is by foot, marvelling at the beautiful old architecture and greenery. Corfu, being West of Greece, boasts a climate which is closer to Italy than Greece. This means it is more luscious and verdant than other islands in the Aegean Sea.

    Options include heading up to Vathi or enjoy horse riding at St. Spyridon beach. You could take a trip south and climb Mount Pantokrator to reach the little monastery at the top. This is the perfect photo opportunity, with magnificent views of Corfu against the backdrop of nearby Albania.

    Wash it all down

    No holiday is complete without a waterpark, and Acharavi has its own. Hydropolis – one of the better named splash parks – has a selection of thrilling slides which are nestled cosily in the deep green landscape.

    If you’re staying in Acharavi, this is a great way to entertain the little ones if they’ve had their fill of the paddling in the shallows of Acharavi beach. Race each other down the slides, bathe in the sunshine, or just enjoy one of the on-site ice cream parlours and bars.

    Further afield

    If you want to get out and explore then you’ll find everything on Corfu is easily reachable, despite your northerly position. If you’ve hired a car, then Corfu Town is highly recommended. You can stock up on produce from the market, experience the beautiful, fortified old town, or enjoy a walk along the seafront.

    If you’re relying on coaches, buses and taxis to get around, then have no fear, you’ll find information of public transport timetables in the centre of Acharavi, or at one of the local resorts. Key beaches, towns and the airport are all within reach, so even if you don’t have your own car, you’ll be able to make a day of it and still get back in time for dinner.


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