A guide to food and drink in Corfu

Food in Corfu is a one-of-a-kind culinary marriage of the Mediterranean habits of Italy with Greek cuisine and some dishes that are uniquely Corfiot. The result is a blend of delicacies that make use of the region’s incredible landscape, farming culture and fishing heritage with their ingredients. Expect traditional Greek specialities with local twists, aperitifs of ouzo and often dancing after dinner.

Exploring Corfu's delicacies

Connections to Venice have given Corfu’s cuisine a delicious edge over traditional Greek meals, best found in bianca, which is a creamy white seafood soup, and sofrito, which is sliced veal flavoured with parsley, garlic and vinegar.

They also love pairing their lighter bites with a good feta cheese, although their equivalent of parmesan can be found in kefalotiri, which is similarly crumbled over dishes for extra flavour. Pasta as a whole is popular here, specifically orzo, which is thin and has the consistency of rice. See if any of these regional treats emerge on your plate on your holidays to Corfu.

Atmospheric evenings at The Sunset Restaurant, Kaiser's Throne

The Sunset Restaurant is located at the top of one of Corfu’s mountains, next to the famous lookout known as Kaiser’s Throne. Sat high above Glyfada beach and Pelekas village, the food and views at The Sunset Restaurant are both memorable for all the right reasons.

Their menu is full of Greek specialities, as well as some international favourites to keep the kids happy. What really tops it off though is its namesake – the sunset – which goes down every evening to rounds of applause from diners. This restaurant’s west-facing terrace has unquestionably the best view on the island.

Chill-out time at Jimmy's, Pelekas

Pelekas village is a charming, authentic Greek town which has become the second home of many retired artists, musicians and writers. The hippie vibe of the area makes it perfect for a night out meeting new and exciting characters, and there’s nowhere better to do this than at the village’s best restaurant.

Jimmy’s is a traditional Greek taverna which has been run by the same family for generations. The waiting staff are always good for a long chat about the area if the restaurant isn’t busy, and when it is you’ll be shocked at how well they keep all their guests happy. As the most popular dining option in Pelekas, they’ve had a lot of practice.

Truly authentic Archontiko, Moraitika

One of the most visually stunning restaurants in Corfu, Archontiko is an authentically-designed taverna with old-style architecture and interior decor. The menu reflects the aesthetic, with only the best and most loved Greek recipes to choose from. The Greek Salad is one of the best on the island and it goes great with their Saganaki.

Choose a table and settle in for a long night at Archontiko, because you won’t want to get up in a hurry. Surrounded by olive groves, with misty mountains and twinkling lights in the background, you might be lucky enough to be shown to one of the romantic little round tables that are set out on the terrace with a terrific view.

Wine and dine at The Three Brothers, Astrakeri

Another of Corfu’s finest looking restaurants, The Three Brothers is a fish tavern first and foremost. Set looking out to sea, Astrakeri casts a romantic atmosphere over the diners, with a gentle breeze blowing in to cool them down after a day in the sun. The owners welcome you extravagantly with one, two or three of the brothers all coming up to recommend you their catch of the day.

The fish is the freshest and best prepared of anywhere on the island according to locals and visitors alike. Plus, white wines and retsinas flow like water to compliment the seafood so you’ll be able to sample a few of the local Corfiot wines. Who knows, maybe you’ll go home with a bottle.

All of the good stuff at Anthos Restaurant, Corfu Town

If you’re heading to the cosmopolitan capital of Corfu Town – which you definitely should be at some point – you’ll undoubtedly need somewhere to stop for a bite to eat. You’re more likely to stumble upon Anthos than find it, as it is nestled in the back streets somewhere between the Catholic Church of Lontziadas and the Orthodox Church of St Basil.

This restaurant serves Greek classics, with an excellent Moussaka and Greek salad. Anthos will also recommend you a great red or white Corfiot wine, many of which are sourced from the surrounding local vineyards. You can even try a delicious retsina, which is a peasant wine made from the resin of trees.