Nuremberg City Breaks 2024/2025

Nuremberg is Bavaria’s second largest city after Munich is world famous for its rich history and Bratwurst. Nuremberg is a city on the River Pegnitz on the Rhine–Main–Danube Canal. It has an oceanic climate which is influenced by its inland position and higher altitude. Winters are changeable, with either mild or cold weather, while summers are generally warm.

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The history of Nuremberg

The city of Nuremberg has been through a lot, from being one of Europe’s most important trade centres between 1050 to 1571, then suffering a brief decline before becoming the main German city to Nazi rallies and speeches. Nevertheless, today, Nuremberg is an extraordinary city and with the introduction of driverless trains in 2008, it has shown the world that things can run better without a leader.

One of the greatest things about Nuremberg city is that they are honest about the sensitive  legacy. You can visit the Documentation Centre, an area once used by the Nazis for Hitler’s speeches and rallies, then after you can learn how justice was finally served at the Memorial Nuremberg Trials. This was the courtroom where vast Nazi officials had to answer for their horrendous crimes and is still used as a courtroom to this day.

Tasty treats to enjoy in Nuremberg

Nürnberger Bratwürste is a Nuremberg speciality that you must try when in the city. These slim, char-grilled sausages are usually served in a bun and are often served in high-end restaurants as well as street stalls. Another savory specialty to try is the Nürnberger Klösse (potato dumplings) that soak up your meat sauces delectably!

How about a sweet treat to finish off? Lebkuchen, similar to gingerbread, is available all year-round but gives you a taste of Christmas with their honey-sweetened, lightly spiced flavouring.

Christmas market memories

Nuremberg’s Christmas Market goes back to the 16th century and is widely considered the most famous in the world. The market is locally known as Christkindlesmarkt, and is a major seasonal highlight. It takes place in the Hauptmarkt, the central square in Nuremberg’s old town, and makes for a tasty scrum of spiced mulled wine, roasted almonds and chocolates.

After you’ve bought a souvenir for the folks back home, you shouldn’t miss the delicious treats at the market! Original Nuremberg gingerbread and Nuremberg bratwurst are a must, of course. On Hans-Sachs-Platz there’s a Christmas City just for children. At the Children’s Christmas Market, little visitors can bake cookies, paint glass, write their Christmas wish list or take a ride on the nostalgic carousel or Ferris wheel.


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